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Carta Bella ‘Cool Summer’ Lemonade Card

*sluuurp*… I have a delicious card to share today! A nice tall refreshing glass of lemonade!

I think this is one of my favorite cards I’ve made! It all came together so well with the cute Cool Summer collection. I added a cluster of brads and buttons, which I LOVE. I love ‘clumping things’.. Unless it’s milk.. yuck. No clumpy milk please. *barf* Brings me back to the baby/toddler days when I use to find hidden bottles or sippy cups with milk in them that were a week or two old.. Forget washing them.. I would toss them out. Lazy? Maaaaybe.. Totally creeped out by clumpy sour milk that looks like it’s moving towards me when I look at it. Absolutely.

Not quite sure why I am going on and on about nasty milk from talking about brads and buttons.. So. Yeah.. Moving on.


For more details on how I created this card, you can check out the Carta Bella blog post.

Totally makes me want a frozen lemonade.. spiked, of course.. with some BBQ.. and a pool. Summer, are you here yet?! Although, with summer brings wasps around here. Every year we have a problem with them. They like to make their nests on our back porch, egh! Then yesterday my little monsters came running in the house screaming that there was a wasp nest in their play house.. Happy Mother’s Day to me, lol. We’ve got to figure out how to get rid of these things. They literally harass us. Gah! Just talking about it gets me all itchy.. and I am pur-ty sure I hear buzzing behind me *looks over shoulder*..  I am quite traumatized because some attacked me one summer. I was stung (bit?) on my head numerous times. I freaked out and it caused one to get tangled in my hair.. nightmares are made of this, seriously. I called my husband crying to come home from work and help me. Maybe a bit dramatic, but I was convinced I was going to die, lol


So… enough milk and wasp chit-chat. I’d love to hear what you think! Have something you’ve created with the ‘Cool Summer’ collection? We’d love to see it! Simply upload it to the Carta Bella Facebook page HERE to share it with the rest of our online community.

Thanks for stopping by!


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“Trick or Treat, smell my feet… Give me something….

…. That I can smash on your furniture and carpet!”

That’s exactly what Play-Doh is! Not only does it smell cruddy, it’s a total pain to get out of the carpet. My kids love the stuff, but someone ALWAYS gets it smushed somewhere. I always tell them to stay on the play mat with it, but someone has to come and show me their creation and a little ball of salty dough mess falls on the ground and gets stepped on.

I always love to give little goodie bags to my girls’ classmates and friends.. They usually include candy, pencils, erasers, plastic spiders, sticky hands/body parts, stickers, maybe a cookie… and PLAY-DOH. Kids love it, most parents hate it.. and I like to be evil, so I send Play-Doh just to get the parents riled up LOL!

The kiddos and I stayed in jammies all day! I know, we’re so nasty! I won’t tell you the last time I showered.. LOL j/k. Another boring day at home lead me to gettin’ crafty and I made some treat bag toppers to show you how cute and SIMPLE using print and cut is! This is going to make school party favors and such go by SUPER fast! I REFUSE to paper piece 60 treat bags/boxes for my girls’ classmates. Nope.. not gonna happen! Thank that crafty Gods for this amazing little machine!

All ya need is a little free time (I know.. FREE time? Most mamas don’t know what free time is anymore. I can’t even go have a potty break in peace!).. *sigh*…. You also need some awesome Halloween paper/digital paper and some spookingly cute Halloween clipcart! There are TONS out there, but I LOVE Jazzy Patterns! She has a little Etsy shop and she designs some fabulous stuff! She (Tatjana) is sweet as sugar too! If you happen to chit-chat with her, let her know I sent ya!

Here’s what I made with her ‘Happy Halloween’ collection!



Yeah, just Play-Doh.. no, I am not quite that evil to send several containers of it, I just don’t have any Halloween candy.


I mean, How cute are those graphics? And as usual, the Silly-butt did an awesome job cutting them out!



See that amazing Halloween twine? That’s from Trendy Twine! <—— That’s the Facebook page! Go say “Hi!”…..  I love my Halloween twine!


I used my Epiphany Crafts Shape Tool for the candies! Made them look 3D and shiney! Oooooh… Shiiiiney! I love my shape tool!

I know what you’re thinking… I ‘LOVE’ a lot of things.. It’s a problem I have, seriously. I love you, too.. Just sayin’! <3 *wink-wink*


Wanna make some?…


  • Get the pretties all ready for print and cut in Silhouette Studio.. or whatever program you use, lol.
  • I didn’t keep track of all my sizes, but I do know the children were cut around 2.80″ and 2.50″ high. So you can size them from that and then kinda size the rest however you think it looks best. That’s pretty much what I did.


  • Once you print ‘em out.. run them through the Silhouette and watch it do it’s magic..
  • On a side note.. that little witch girl from this angle looks a little scared..


  • Cut out a shape to fit over the bag. I use Ziploc sandwich sized bags that are 6.50w. I made my covers 6.60w and 6.25 high. Score at 3″ and fold. Use the 3.25″ side as the front. Add a scalloped trim like I did if you want.
  • Yep, I changed my mind and went with the orange diamond print instead of the green. I wanted to switch it up a bit from the witch one.
  • I used Tombo adhesive to stick it to the bag.
  • Thread some twine through the top if you’d like!
  • Easy peasy! Now just decorate them!

Fun and simple! The kids would probably enjoy doing this project too! Use some 3d foam adhesive to add dimension.. ink the edges if you’d like.. add ribbon, tags, glitter.. go for it!

Until next time!

Oh, Silhouette.. how I love thee… (Bonus: Random Cricut project!)

I got a chance to play around with my Silhouette today! I did another fun and simple print and cut project! I am just LOVING this feature! I made this card in less than 30 minutes after everything was cut out! *high five*


I am going to do a basic print and cut tutorial soon for anyone interested. It’s a little different than my last tutorial. I know there are plenty out there.. but there isn’t one from ME.. lol!

Well, I don’t have much time to chit chat right now… Awww, don’t be sad.. You will be exposed to more of my randomness soon enough!  I am working on a FUN project for the Summer SVG Shindig blog hop AND getting a cute project done for this coming Monday over at Paper Dolls!

So.. on to the card! This is a basic 5×7″ card base.





Cuteness?.. Yup! This was SO simple, but the printed graphics add so much to the look of the card.

If you want to make one, you’re in luck! Because I’m nice enough to tell ya how to do it!….. No, please.. no need to thank me!

You will want to snag THIS set from JazzyPatterns on Etsy! *If it’s sold out, just go to her shop and look for it. It’s called ‘Fun at the Beach’*

In the Silhouette Studio I sized them to the following sizes:

  • Fish – 1.930w
  • Sun – 2.500w
  • Umbrella – 3.000w
  • Starfish – 1.300w

The card is a 5×7 with the printable paper trimmed and layered over it. The ‘wave’ trim was print and cut as sized, however, it will hang off of the mat. This is fine, just go ahead and print and cut. :)

That’s it! I added some stitching and inking and used foam squares to give some depth.

If you are unsure how to print and cut, stay tuned!


Now, time for the bonus random Cricut project! I am still buying cartridges, even though most people who read my blog are kinda anti ‘bug’ now since the lawsuits. I personally don’t give a crud, and I like all those cute cartridges! When had their recent sale, I picked up a couple new cartridges, one being the Disney Toy Story one! So cute! My son is SO into Buzz Lightyear! And although he has tons of Buzz toys all over the place, I knew he would love this one that mama made! When he woke up from his nap he was so excited to see this guy on my desk!


I mean, he IS pretty exciting! And a total pain in the butt! (like any man, really..) LOL! I cut everything out, and kinda stared at it for a bit. It took about an hour to assemble. Well worth it.. until he had it in his hands for 10 minutes.. he pulled the wings off. *thud* SERIOUSLY, CHILD!!! I took Buzz away to fix him and asked Austin (my son) if he can live in Mommy’s craft area.. he said, “OK.. but where is him’s bed?!”

Have a great weekend, friends!

Silhouette Video Tutorial – Coloring cutable files to create print and cut graphics!

Hey there! It’s my first video tutorial! Whoo-hoo! LOL! This is the tutorial I did the other day for our Paper Dolls blog, and I thought it would be easier to have a video to watch. I hope you all enjoy it.. I’m not very good at this video thing.. YET! LOL! Also, my micorphone isn’t the best.. sorry!

Anyhow, this tutorial will show you how to color in these fish cut files and make them printable for print and cut! Enjoy!

You can click the full screen button in the bottom right if you want.. Might be easier to see!

And here is the actual link CLICK ME!

P.S… not sure why I ‘yelled’ the color orange! LOL!

My first Silhouette project!

Happy Saturday!

I got a chance to play around with the Silhouette a bit more! I made a simple card with some cute sea critters from the Silhouette store! Nothing too exciting, but the cuts are super cute! No sentiment or anything.. mainly because I didn’t have a stamp that would work well with this card. Looks like someone needs to go SHOPPING!

Here it is!






It was kind of a rush job.. afterall, my mom is here visiting for the weekend so I didn’t want to sit over here too long ;)

Here are the files I used:



Next time I will keep track of sizes and details to share so you all can replicate something if you’d like! This was simply a post just to share! I have found the Silhouette software very easy to use!


The craft present fairy in the big brown truck came yesterday!

… And left me this box..


“My goodness, Tamara.. what on earth is that?” (Yes, I’m speaking for you.. deal with it.)

Its my brand new, small but amazing…. SILHOUETTE! *insert crowd cheering here*

I’m just waiting for my printer to get here and then it’s print and cut time, baby!!

Just had to brag… heehee.. no, really.. I am SO excited! I couldn’t pass up the price with overstock’s 20% off code! Ya-hoo! If I wasn’t afraid of breaking my legs or whacking myself in the head with my own boob (yes, I just said… eh.. wrote that..), I would totally be jumping in the air and clapping my heels together!!

Prepare for awesomeness as soon as my printer gets here!

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