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Saddle bags, here I come!

Oy.. this holiday season got me up 2lbs!! Eeeeks! Tisk-tisk. I wanted to share these two delish recipes with you all!

A tradition in our house for breakfast Christmas morning has been homemade cinnamon rolls! Oh… my…. Love me some cinnamon rolls.. and um, homemade right from the oven? *drool* Complete with cream cheese frosting. I don’t ‘do’ cream cheese but this frosting is to-die-for! I use THIS RECIPE


Mine might look a  little odd… but, that’s because I ate the outer part of the roll before taking a picture, LOL.

I follow the recipe but I do make extra frosting! Also, a little tip! After the come out of the oven, flip your baking dish upside down with the rolls inside. This let’s the gooey yummies drip down into the cinnamon rolls! I flip mine over wax paper and leave them for about 15 minutes.

They are AWESOME!!


Now.. onto something easier to make. Yet, they taste devine!


You will be everyone’s favorite person at your next party if you make these! They are best cold and right from the fridge!


The hardest part making these…. crushing the Oreo’s! I beat them and crushed them any way I could. It took awhile (because you want them to be pretty fine) But, all the beating was worth it! I am pretty sure my own mother wanted to marry me after trying these!

Mmm, good!

Trees galore!

This year I told my husband that all I wanted was a tree or two complete with decorations as my Christmas gift… Well, that’s what I got! I’ve been buying up all the decorations at Michaels with their 50% off sale and added a 15% off coupon!

I had the green tree, which is posted below… but when I got my white tree I moved all the ornaments! I just love the white tree with all the purple!


Then, since my green tree was empty I picked up some country’ish cutesy ornaments.. these are just so adorable! Here are some photos of the tree and some matching decorations. I have since added two more things that I need to get some pictures of.








And then there is my newest tree.. I looove this little thing! It’s a 3.5′ BLUE tree! Yes, blue! It’s so fun!









So.. THIS is what I’ve been up to! Getting all this cute stuff up and shopping!… I am oficially DONE shopping for my kids! It feels so good to be done so early. I am almost 100% done with EVERYONE! I am going to start doing some baking soon as well.. I can’t wait!!

Well, that’s it for now. I have some new goodie boxes I need to share.. they came out super cute!

OK, off to take Alannah to the bus stop and to wrap presents!

The creep on the shelf.

Have you ever heard of The Elf on the Shelf? It’s a creepy little stalker elf that comes out for before Christmas. The elf ‘watches’ the kiddos all day to make sure they are being good. Then, he comes ‘alive’ at night and reports to Santa. When he returns to your house he appears ‘magically’ in another spot! Some kids might be freaked out by the idea of a doll coming alive at night but my girls are totally into this elf thing! Especially Alannah!

He arrived in one of our windows the day after Thanksgiving..


It’s only been a few days and I am running out of ideas on where to put him! I am trying to keep him out of reach. The kids are not suppose to touch him or the ‘magic’ goes away..



Now, if that’s not an “I wanna eat you” look in his eyes, I dunno what is! You would think they would make the little intruder a bit cuter. I will admit, he is a freaky looking little thing.. but, the kids love ‘Cliff’ and that’s all that matters :)

Fantabulous Free File Friday

Three days late! I just started this last week and I am already slackin’..

Anyhow, this one is super cute and so easy!

You will need a paper or styrofoam cone shape. I found some paper ones on sale at Michaels this week! You will also want to use a hot glue gun. The glittered star on top was a whole $1.00 from Walmart.

You can find the SVG files on Crate Paper’s Blog! (large, small and medium petals)

Cut ‘em all out and start glueing! Instead of wrapping each petal around a pencil like shown.. I stacked 10 at a time and curved them around my finger all at once.. much faster! ;)

Here is my finished masterpiece! (Paper is DCWV ‘Tis the season (my new favorite! So pretty!)



I also got some new goodies this week for my New for me Monday post.. which will also be late, lol.. Maybe I will just combine it all with next weeks. Ahhh, holidays taken up my time!

I am going to make a pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting tomorrow.. Mmm.. (Maybe?.. lol.. I am not much of a pumpkin/spice fan)

I will catch up soon! You all have a great Thanksgiving!

How to make the cookie jar card! Featuring files from

I shared my COOKIE JAR CARD earlier and said I would post instructions.. So, here they are!

Now, I didn’t get very many pictures because I took them as I was trying to figure this thing out. Hopefully it helps some of you that might be interested in making it! A video would have been better.. hmm.. maybe I will get a video camera someday! I actually have one, but I hate it, lol.



Hot glue gun


Hole punch

Double sided sticky foam sqaures



jar bottom and top

2 circles for the jar lid.


cookies and ‘icing’

cookie cutters – x2

pan pieces plus an extra bottom piece

scalloped frame top and bottom

To make the removable lid I just traced it out and hand cut.. you will need two of these.



I did some guess work.. I wanted a large card so I cut the jar pieces at 10.050 wide (finished it’s about 10″ high! Love big cards!). The pan was rotated and then cut at about 4.25″ wide (the jar opening should be about 4.5″ if cut at the size I used) The cookies are cut at about 2″ high-ish. The little cookie cutters are about 1.5″ tall. Just play around with it and have fun! I loved creating this card! I see my pan should have had another cookie on it but I lost two of the pieces and was to lazy to cut more, LOL!



Embelishments of your choice. I chose some twine.

I inked a few edges in brown and in silver.

Ribbon of your choice.




Both ‘wrong’ side of the circles.

Assemble cookies.

Cookie cutters will be doubled up for stability.

Glue one ‘lid’ to the wrong side of the bottom of the cookie jar.

Assemble your scalloped edge frame. You can leave it blank to write something later. Or print something out like I did. After I printed it out I just the bottom frame piece as a template to trace and hang cut the shape.

Glue your pan together with your cookies and any text. Glue all edges down good!

Now, glue the lid circle onto the lid.




Decorate the top of the cookie jar. I opened the file and broke it apart, removed the circles that came on the file and then added these buttons. I love them! I used twine to make them look even better! These were hot glued on.


Now, take your back piece and just set the cookie pan over it in the center so you can kinda see where you want it to lay. Take some foam double sided sticky squares and set them around the pan like so -


The squares will help hold it together along with the glue.. and also to support and guide the slide in part as well as have it ‘lifted’ a bit.

This is where I got lazy about taking photos, LOL.. But, you just glue the pan to the edge of the lid.

I glued the bottom and top pieces of the jar together with hot glue to make it more sturdy! To help prevent the top edge of the cookie jar from lifting when someone pulls the cookie pan in and out, I used a hole punch and tied the twine through it. The cookie cutters are hot glued on. Then I added a little bow, hot glued as well.

Once everything is all dry slide your pan in and you’re done! It is SO very cute and if you glue the cookies down really well (get close to the edges) then it will not ‘snag’ and slides in and out really nicely!

I created some text in SCAL and added it to my card!

Ta-da!! I really hope this made sense.. and inspires some of you! Thanks for reading! have a crafty weekend, everyone!


SVG Cuts Christmas card challenge!

I gotta admit.. I was a bit bummed when I saw the challenge was to create a card. I’ve only made one card and it’s basically a circle with a turkey glued on the front with “gobble” inside.. whoopie-doo!

So, last night I was looking at the files we have to use in the challenge. The Christmas Cookie Party set OR the North Pole Workshop set. I knew if I was going to do this I didn’t want to do a simple folded card.. while those are great, I wanted to think outside the box and hopefully inspire someone else! Then it clicked! The little cookie jar from the cookie party set stuck out to me. I took a peek at the files to see how I could make them work for this idea I had.. and well, it worked!


What you can not see it that the little ‘cookie cutters’ are glittery white.. and some other little details have glitter.

Cute?.. yep!

Now, folks.. this isen’t just two cookie jars welded to open up like a regular card, oh no, I had to make it extra special!

’tis the season for….


…… foooooor…….

(yes.. it’s a pull-out card!)



Anyone that knows me knows that I love, love to bake during the holidays and everyone usually gets homemade treats from me… so this card is totally ‘me’!

I made a little area on the back to write on.. but I decided to add a sugar cookie recipe.


(the pan looks blueish.. but it’s a metallic silver paper.. so cute!)

Now a couple detail shots..




I hope you love it as much as I do! I know it’s not over the top decorated like some people do.. but what I’ve notice is my style is much more simple and clean.. and I like it :)

I did take some ‘progress’ photos and will post some in a bit with instructions. I didn’t take a ton of pictures but it will show you the basics.


Thanks for looking! I’d love to hear what you think!


Fantabulous Cricut Challenge – Green Circle

This weeks challenge is to create something cut with your Cricut that includes a GREEN CIRCLE. I had already planned on making this super cute doorknob gift box so I threw on a green circle to enter the challenge! I plan to make these for the kiddos and hang them on their doors on Christmas Eve morning…. I think they will be so excited to find these! I will make them all different. For Austin’s I will add some hot wheels and candy and for the girls maybe some silly bands, lipgloss and candy!

On to the cuteness! (no candy here.. so I used marshmallows, lol)







I tend to prefer more ‘simple’ looking things. I was going to add all sorts of stuff to this to really jazz it up.. but I realized, it was too much for my style. I think it’s perfect just like this!

Anyhow.. you want the details to make one of these yourself?


Paper/brads from My Mind’s Eye – I Believe

Cricut cartridge for penguin, tree, tag and snowflakes is Christmas Cheer.

The bag is an SVG from HERE (Super cute, but pricey for a file at $5.00!.. I looked for a freebie but couldn’t find anything and I REALLY wanted to make these for the kids)

Misc. Paper DCWV solids and glitter.

White ink from Color Box for detail (snow)

That’s it! I hope you like my little gift box! Come check out the challenge! Some great entries already!

Until next time!

Cute Thanksgiving decorations!

Over the weekend SVG Cuts released a cute little Thanksgiving table decoration set… I love it! I knew I had to make this cute banner right away! I made it a bit different than the sample showed.. and it’s super cute! Even cuter in person, I think so at least!

This is suppose to be for my mom.. lol… I think I will have to make another!



I took the pumpkins from the house bag files. I enlarged them and added them to both ends. I really felt this banner needed some pumpkins!


I added Color Box bronze ink to the edges on a lot of the pieces. Looks really nice in person!





Cute, cute! Tonight I am going to try and make the turkey table decoration that came with this kit.. If I have time… and if I actually feel good. My head is all stuffy, bleh!

The Details


DCWV papers – Amber Autumn print and solid stacks. (currently 50% off at Joann’s!)

Color Box ink – Bronze

Cuttlebug for embossing

Glue dot for 3D effect on letter, leaves and pumpkins.

Crinkle ribbon from HERE

Hot glue for bows on the pumpkins and to attach the pumpkins to the ribbon.


Holiday Wreath!

Here is the holiday wreath I mentioned in the post below. It still needs ribbon and some white paint to enhance the pinecone and greenery. This is not a very good photo.. once I finish it totally then I will post a new picture. It’s so cloudy and dark out right now… not good for indoor photos!


Not too shabby for one of my first ‘bigger’ projects! I sure am loving this paper crafting business! I think I am going to start joining in some blog challenges. If you have a favorite blog feel free to share it!

Want to make one of these as well? You can get the wreath SVG from this lovely little blog I found! Bits of Paper and the SVG files for the wintergreens is from the fantabulous HERE

And a quick ‘YIPPIE’ to new followers.. *waves hello* thanks for stopping by!

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