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A summer photo banner with Carta Bella!

Hello, friends!! Have you been following the Echo Park and Carta Bella blogs to check out all the fabulous projects for our SUMMER CRAFT CAMP? There’s also been some great free printables and a summer photo check list.. check it out!



These photo checklists are great for Project Life and Scrapbooking! Sometimes you get so busy with the summer fun that you might miss something!

And how about this cute printable? Download it HERE.


Now, here’s a recent project that I created for the ‘craft camp’ A summer photo banner using Carta Bella’s ‘Cool Summer’ collection!

Pretty cute, right? I really enjoyed working with this collection.. it’s so beautiful with super cute element stickers! If you’d like to download my step by step instructions, CLICK HERE. This would be a great mantle decoration.. or even tied to an empty photo frame. I used Lori Whitlock’s pennant die cut files with my Silhouette Cameo, but if you do not have an electronic die cutting machine… GET ONE.. lol.. No, really.. you can easily hand cut some pennant shapes. These are 4″ wide.

I thought the little fabric bows were adorable.


Staged photos with perfectly coordinated dress and pink ice cream? You bet! lol. I have no shame!


How do you like it? I totally forgot how much I enjoy making little banners… I might have to make some more! ;) Maybe a fun Halloween one with some Doodlebug Designs.. Yup. I think that will happen! I always start my Halloween projects in July (for CHA) and it gets crazy from there. Halloween crafting is my FAVORITE! What about you?.. What is your favorite crafty time of year?


OK, folks.. see ya later! Now that court is over (I will update you all soon) I can get back into crafty mode. I am so happy too have the stress of ‘what if’ and court off my back. I do not wish custody issues on anyone! It’s for the birds.. really.

Talk to you all soon! Enjoy your weekend! *waves*


Pin It

Boredom strikes again!

And instead of washing dishes or doing the two loads of laundry waiting for me, I find something to craft instead! Don’t judge me.. you know you all do the same thing! For what it’s worth, I did try to do something with the kiddos, but they were watching a movie on TV and wanted nothing to do with me… *sniffle*.

HA! Sniffle nothin’… I was like, “Whoa, kiddos are entertained and DON’T want me within 2 feet of them for once?.. You bet your glue sticks I ran to my craft area and got busy!

I wasn’t in the mood for all sorts of paper piecing.. I’m saving my crafty juices for the new Echo Park kits that are on their way to my house! I have to whip up 3 projects by the 19th, which won’t be a problem.. I might even do more! But one of them is pretty detailed, so I don’t want to exhaust my poor fingers…. I know, dramatic, right?… LOL. Really, I was just too lazy…

So, my poor lil’ Silly-butt (Silhouette) has been sitting there sulking on my table wondering why she’s being ignored lately. I decided to show the Silly-butt some love and do some print and cut stuff. And my most favoritest (Yes, that’s a word, because I said so.. And so does the ‘urban dictionary’.. LOL) place to go for graphic cuteness is Lettering Delights. *swoon*

I picked up the Pucker Up Birthday graphic set and the Pucker Up Paper Pack! You HAVE to browse their pretties! SO many cute cut files, graphics and fonts!

Anyhow, I decide to make a party giftbag and hat! Yes, random party stuff.. fun! I was going to make a little giftbox and a couple cupcake toppers, but my printer is pretty much out of ink and of course I don’t have any on hand, egh. Story of my life, always out of something! I really need a huge craft space with lots of storage so I can buy loads of things and stock up! Hmm.. I wonder if hubby really needs that silly ol’ garage?.. GAH! Could you imagine a crafty space as large as a two car garage? I’m smiling like a total goober right now thinking about it.. And while we’re on this subject, I don’t think we really use our master bedroom much so, hmmm.. LOL! I can have the first craft room with a huge bed in it, I mean, crafting can be exhausting, right?

Doh! Rambling, sorry.. lol. If you come to my blog often, you’re probably use to it.

So, yeah.. I made a party bag and hat!



I noticed the shirt my son was wearing kinda matched the bag/hat, so I got him in for a few pictures. I was surprised how excited he was. Like.. hand clapping and a big “YAY!” and all.. Hmmm.. SOMETHING was up…


I got a few good pictures of him wearing the hat and holding the bag… then I realized why he was so excited to take pictures for me… bless his little heart, he thought he was getting a real present from me.. yeah, I know.. jerk mom alert! He said, “Can I open it now, pleeease?!”.. I said, ” Baby, it’s just a bag.. nothing inside” Ooooooh…. The look on his face, “Nothing?” looks inside… “Oh..”


*hand to forehead*.. sorry little dude, mommy owes you a Hot Wheels next trip to the store!.. Maybe a 5 pack. In the meantime, to make up for it, I am making him a big Buzz Lightyear diecut from my Cricut Cartridge to plaster on his wall! And yes, he totally needs a date with some hair clippers!

Here’s some more pictures and details!






  • Party hat is a FREE SVG file from SVG CUTS BLOG!
  • Bag is also from SVG Cuts – The Vintage Halloween bags! It’s a great size for a few little gifts.
  • As mentioned above, my graphics and digital paper are from Lettering Delights!
  • I used the Silhouette print and cut feature with my graphics. So fun! I just wish my printer would have printed that pretty teal color better. Maybe I can adjust it?..
  • Other ideas include: birthday banner, cupcake toppers/wrappers, invitations, cards, giftbox, treat bag toppers and more.. You can make a whole party! Maybe after I get more ink I will make a whole matching party set to share! That would be fun!

I hope you all like it!

And on a side note.. my new blog design should be up soon at! YAY! I am going to have a modern and clean looking blog and I can not wait! The template gets installed tomorrow and then gets tweaked and customized from there!

See ya!

Welcome to the Summer SVG Shindig!

It’s a PAR-TAY!!!!!!

Well, people.. it’s here! The Summer SVG Shindig! I am the last stop on this party train! If you’re here from Ruthie’s Blog, than you’re in the right spot! If you happen to jump around by accident.. you might miss out on some awesome projects and blog candy, so head on back! The hop starts at Bee’s Hive o’Drama!

I was so excited to be a part of this talent filled blog hop and I can’t wait to show you my projects.. yes, that’s plural! I hope your computer doesn’t crash with all these photos goin’ on! With that said, let the party begin! (or end.. since I’m last? lol.. )

At first I was going to go ALL OUT with this. I wanted to make an actual entire party with SVG files. Then, I came back to reality and remembered I have 3 kiddos and my ‘free time’ is not so.. ‘free’. Soooo… I made a few things to inspire you to create! All my projects are perfect for a ‘summer shindig’ and I hope you like them! Yes, this is a LONG post..

So, grab your sunblock and an ice cold lemonade.. spiked or not, that’s up to you… *wink* Keep on scrollin’ through.. I’ve got some blog candy waiting for ya at the end of this post! And if you don’t like ‘candy’, just pretend it’s some fresh fruit or something.. Heehee..

**Just a warning.. these photos are icky! Lighting was awful and my new moniter is not calibrated yet.. so my color looks off and greenish… Sorry!**


And yes, our back lawn is crappy!



Don’t those bright colors just make you happy?..

Right now you’re probably thinking, “She had MORE planned?.. yikes”.. I know, I know.. I was thinking the same thing after I made about 3 projects and practically glued my eyelid shut! (Don’t

Now I will break up the projects and underneath them it will tell you cut sizes. Nothing is ‘out of this world’ difficult or anything, so I won’t bore you with ‘instructions’. 99.9% of these items are made with fabulous Lettering Delights SVG’s! Simply ah-mazing! You can still take advantage of the SUMMER SALE!!!



1). Water Bottle Wrapper




Collections Used: Soak up the Sun and Something Fishy


  • Trim a piece of cardstock to 8.75w x 2.25h.
  • ‘Wave’ 15.svg – 8.75w
  • ‘Turtle’ 16.svg – 2.00h


2). Straw Slips




Collections Used: Soak up the Sun and SVG Cuts Scalloped Shapes


  • ‘Oval” – m.svg at 2.50h. Layer two circles over the areas you want the straws to fit through. The circles need to be .30
  • 04.svg – 1.668h
  • 07.svg – 1.331h
  • 10.svg – 1.50w
  • 03.svg – 1.668h


3). Cupcake Topper and Wrappers




Collections Used: Something Fishy, Rosettes and SVG Attic’s Summer Fun Cupcake Wrapper’s


  • (Wave wrapper) – Cut as sized.
  • (Rosettes) 04.svg – 1.25h cut two per topper.
  • Cut four circles at 1.60

Below are all cuts from Something Fishy:

  • 15.svg – 1.910w
  • 20.svg – .841w (cut two)
  • 07.svg – 1.487w
  • 05.svg – 1.475
  • 03.svg – 2.25h


4). Napkin Rings


Collections used: SVG Cuts Rosie’s Ribbons and Eat, Drink and Be Hairy


  • Ribbon #4 at 1.50h. Trim to 4″ wide per ring.
  • 11.svg – 2.765h
  • 10.svg – 2.197w
  • 12.svg – 2.793h


5). Cup Covers


SVG Collections Used: Soak up the Sun


  • 05.svg – Uncheck KEEP PROPORTIONS and size to 3.7w5 x 3.75h. Use a hole puncher to add a hole for the straw. Or, layer circles in your SVG cutting program. They will need to be sized to .30


6). Fishy Hanging Decoration


Collections Used: Something Fishy


  • Cut THREE rectangles at 5.50h and 10.00w. Fan fold them at 1″ and then fold in half. Adhere together.
  • Cut a circle at 4.00w
  • 19.svg – 3.421w
  • 11.svg – 3.00w
  • 22.svg – 1.514w


7). Simple Banner




Collections Used: Summer Treats


  • 23.svg – 11.00w Add a backing to make the letters stand out. (Do this by breaking apart the SVG and removing the letters and just cutting the rectangle shape)
  • 02.svg – 5.00h
  • 03.svg – 5.00w
  • Popsicles – 5.50h for both


8). Napkin Holder




Collection Used: Backyard Fun


  • I used a 4x3x4″ box
  • 15.svg – Cut as sized
  • 01.svg – 3.00h
  • 04.svg – 1.25h
  • 05.svg – 1.00h
  • 07.svg – 4.00h
  • 06.svg – 4.00h
  • 13.svg – 1.00h


Whew! Why do I feel like I should have offered potty breaks and snacks between those posts? Perhaps a refill on that lemonade? LOL! I know it’s a lot and I hope you all are still here, because it’s BLOG CANDY (or fresh fruit) TIME!!!

I’ve got a few things to giveaway and they are all done differently, so please pay close attention, because I will verify! :)

Yes, 3 of the 4 require a Facebook account.. I’m sorry, but it’s to help those businesses that sponsored me! MY giveaway that I am doing is right here on the blog.. All you have to do is comment! I am mentioning this because of a rude comment that was left for me on my blog this morning. Thanks for understanding!


Trendy Twine: I recently discovered Trendy Twine.. and I love it! The owner, Lesley, is super sweet.. so sweet that she donated a pack of the 60yd Sampler! WOW! Now, what makes this different than other twine? Cool colors AND some of them have two colors wrapped together! Very cool and unique! I LOVE her Halloween and Kraft twine!

60 Yd Trendy Twine Mini Diva Pack (Pink, Purple, Lilac, Blue, Green, Burgundy, Red, Brown) Bakers Twine


  1. Follow MY blog (over there to the right.. sometimes it doesn’t work, so I can be forgiving with this one)
  2. ‘Like’ me on Facebook – Happy Life, Crafty Wife
  3. ‘Like’ Trendy Twine and post on the Trendy Twine wall letting her know I sent ya!
  4. ONE random winner will be chosen off of the TRENDY TWINE wall posts and announced on Wednesday, June 29th.


Jazzy Patterns on Etsy: Again, another recently found shop thanks to my new love, the Silhouette! Using the print and cut feature I have found that Jazzy Patterns designs work FABULOUS! You can see a card I made from one of her digital paper/clipart sets HERE  shown in her listing! Well, Tatjana, the owner/designer has offered up a digital paper pack or digital clipart/paper set of YOUR CHOICE from her shop! How awesome! Here are some samples:

Beach clipart and digital papers set for personal or commercial use Fun At The Beach (DK001)Nautical clipart and digital papers set personal or commercial use Hoist Your Sail (DK002)Afternoon Tea digital scrabooking paper pack DP074


  1. Follow MY blog (over there to the right.. sometimes it doesn’t work, so I can be forgiving with this one)
  2. ‘Like’ me on Facebook – Happy Life, Crafty Wife
  3. There will be a ‘share’ graphic on MY FACEBOOK PAGE! Click ‘share’ under the post with photo titled ‘Jazzy Patterns Giveaway’… or just post about the giveaway on your page/wall!! Once you have done this, reply to THAT POST and let me know! Please note, posts on my actual wall will NOT count!
  4. ONE random winner will be chosen off of the comments on the ‘share’ post and announced on Wednesday, June 29th.
  5. If you happen to order from Jazzy Patterns, please send her a message and let her know I sent ya!


SVG Attic: Jessica of SVG Attic is just getting started, but she has been producing some great collections! If you haven’t taken a look at her work, you must! SVG Attic has donated the Summer Fun Cupcake Wrapper Collection! Perfect for those summer shindigs!!


  1. ‘Like’ Jessica’s Crop Corner on Facebook and let her know I sent ya!
  2. ONE random winner will be chosen off of the comments off of her Facebook wall and announced on Wednesday, June 29th.


Lettering Delights: I figured since I LOVE their cute little SVG files and used them in most of my projects, that I would give away a $15.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE!! Whoo-hoo!


  1. Reply to THIS POST for one entry.
  2. Follow MY blog (over there to the right.. sometimes it doesn’t work, so I can be forgiving with this one)
  3. ONE random winner will be chosen from the comments and announced on Wednesday, June 29th.


Whoo-hoo! So fun! I love giveaway’s! I hope you all like to goodies I have up for grabs! Please share with your crafty friends and send them my way! :) Also, for more blog candy and GREAT projects, check out the rest of the blogs in this blog hop, if you haven’t already!

1. Belinda    

2. Thienly     

3. Alyssa     

4. Bee           

5. Jessica     

6. Jin             

7. Julietta      

8. Ruthie       



Also, even if you don’t want the prizes, please ‘follow’ my blog and ‘like’ me on Facebook! 

I’ve got mah’ flippy floppy’s!

Well.. I’ve got ONE of ‘em! lol..

This week at Paper Dolls we are making FLIP FLOP BOXES! How fun! When I saw this file from Eleanor of SVG Shop I was so excited! I LIVE in flip flops in the summer! I’m picky though! They either have to be bright colored with big ol’ flowers on the top.. or my Reef Fannings! <~~~~ Those are what I have for this summer. I get a new pair every year! The most COMFORTABLE flip flops, ever! They hug your feet nicely and don’t really ‘flop’…. or ‘flip’.. so.. are they still ‘flip flops?… Or, are they.. SANDALS?.. lol.

*blink – blink*

Wait.. am I selling flip flops here.. or am I trying to show you my project for Paper Dolls?

(really though, check those sandals out!)


Here is my take on the flip flop box! I went for a luau theme that would be GREAT for party favors! This was easy to make (for a 3D project), even better!




And not only is the Crop-a-Dile fun to say.. it’s pretty awesome, too! Like my eyeltets?


Wanna make one like mine?… Head on over to Tamara’s shoe factory with your best glue.. and let’s get busy!

You can download the box from the Paper Dolls Blog.. so scootch on over there and get it!

I kept my boxed as pre-sized.

To decorate my flippy floppy, I used SVG Attic’s Luau collection!

So pretty! You gotta check out her work! (Jessica of SVG Attic). She’s just getting started, but from what I have seen from her, she’s got great stuff! Her files are easy to use, too! Also, be sure to ‘like’ her Facebook, and let her know I sent ya!

Here are the sizes I used from the Luau collection:

  • Hibiscus – 1.40w
  • Lanterns – ’round:1.063w  ‘lantern: .904w   ’tall: 1.151w
  • Luau Caption – 4.542w
  • Coconut drink – 2.396w

That’s it! I didn’t want to do too much to the flip flop because I didn’t want it to be overkill. I think the little touches I added were just right for this, though!

For the off white ‘inner’ part of the sandal, I just opened up another flop flop piece.. and unchecked ‘keep proportions’ and kinda smoohed it a bit to fit how I wanted.. I used an x-acto knife to cut the spaces for the straps. Then I inked and embossed it.. love the way it came out!

I strung the lanterns with some twine and tied little bows. You could do this with someone’s name for a gift!

The ‘grass’ trim is just two strips of paper cut to 1.25″ and frayed by hand with scissors. Super easy to do!

Welp, I hope you have enjoyed this one! I will be pretty quiet this week as I finish up the stuff for the SVG Summer Shindig Blop Hop! I can’t wait!

Head on over to Paper Dolls to see our guest designers projects.. and hopefully create something to enter in our challenge!

Have a great week!

Berry Sweet

I came across this pattern today after I saw someone make these for the FCCB challenge this week. Download StrawberryBoxPatternwithpicture[1] .. and HAD to make them! I edited it in Photoshop and then created an SVG for it. It worked pretty good! Sooooo….. while slackin’ on cleaning I made this:








Isn’t it just soooo berry cute? I don’t have any candy here, but these would be great for jelly beans, Hershey Kisses, etc. A fun little gift for a friend! I had a lot of fun with these! They are really easy to put together.

You know you wanna make some too!


Print and cut out the template.. or, you can use this SVG file I made. It’s not perfect, the tab is a little off, but.. it still works! Download Berry1

Everything else you can get at SVG Cuts!

If you use my SVG file provided. Cut it at 5.844w. I used my swiss dot folder to emboss the berries.  You will need to poke holes or add them in SCAL. Glue your tab to form a cone.. Or.. make yourself a Madonna cone bra, whatever floats your boat! :)


The ‘leaves’ are file 6 in the ‘extras’ folder from the 3D Flower Collection sized at 3.50w. Curl them a little bit.


The box is from the Big Boutique Boxes Collection I used the square flat trio, small.. sized as is in SCAL. I put the sides through my Cuttlebug to emboss. They don’t fit right so I had to do them each twice and turn it around the second time.


Assemble your box as shown in SVG Cuts.

When the berry tab is dry, you can weave your string/twine, etc. through the holes. Pull (not too tight!) and tie closed.


Pull the leaves through. Again, add a hole in SCAL or poke your own.



Add the button and the tie a bow! Ta-Da!


Then have fun decorating your box! Add a handle, fence, some little critters… I wanted to add more to mine, but.. I already wasted enough time and my laundry was calling!

I hope you enjoyed! If you want more 3D fruit.. go bug Mary at SVG Cuts Facebook page! LOL! I ran the idea of a 3D fruit with a picnic basket to her, I am sooo hoping she makes some! *fingers crossed*

See you tomorrow for the FCCB Cricut Crawl (Blog Hop!) I created something cute and SUPER easy!

Summer Fun! 27 inches of paper cuteness!


It’s funny how a little idea… scribbled down on a scrap piece of paper while you’re waiting for dinner to cook… turns into something totally awesome!

About a week ago I thought of a cute little table decoration to make since my LAST ONE was such a huge hit! I figured something with pinwheels, maybe some flowers and animals..


……. And of course it had to be bigger than my last one! I mean, I have to keep you all excited, right? Plus, I love a challenge! I decided to skip using animals and think of some other little things that reminded me of summer. I started with one little section and that had another section added on.. and so on.. and then I ended up with this…..


Bright… cheery.. FUN! It came out sooo cute and I feel like my pictures do not truly show it’s greatness! Did I mention it’s about 14″ tall and 27″ long?

Here are some close ups for ya!










OK… seriously.. How is that NOT awesome!? Maybe it’s a bit much for some people, but it makes me smile and look forward to summer! Tire swings, beautiful days, watermelon.. Mmmmmm!

I didn’t plan on finishing it so soon, but I decided to enter it in the Fantabulous Cricut Blog Challenge!  The challenge is to make something that features your favorite season.. Now, I won’t say summer is my favorite.. but since I was already making this project I figured I could pretend it’s my favorite for a week, LOL!

*fingers crossed* I would love to win!

Would you like to tackle something like this? I will tell you sizes and describe it the best I can.. and you can wing it from there. I mentioned on my FACEBOOK PAGE that I bought a Flip camcorder! Hopefully that will make it easier for everyone! I can make step by step videos of my projects! YAY!

Alrighty.. let’s get Cricut-ing!


Paper Used – A mix of Echo Park Little Girl and Sweet Summertime! Both are such pretty collections! I used a mix of DCWV and AC solids. The tree’s green dot paper is Echo Park’s Little Boy.

Carts Used – Create a Critter, Simply Charmed, Paper Dolls, Straight From The Nest

SVG’s Used – Pinwheel was a free file I found somewhere. I don’t remember where exactly but I saw a few from searching the web!

I used SVGCUTS.COM collections – Beach Bum collection3 and the balloon shape from CRUSH ON YOU BOXES

Misc. items – Twine from THE TWINERY , buttons, dowel rods, hot glue, toothpicks and popsicle sticks. Also some styrofoam.. I get mine at the dollar store!

My styrofoam pieces were 4×4″ squares. I cut about 1/4th of it off. Do this to two squares. The two taller pieces go on the sides. The smaller ones go in the middle. The side piece with the tree is cut at 2×4″. Hot glue the strofoam all together to create your base.

Cuts several pieces of grass. I cut five at 4 3/4 (SFTN cart) Cut to fit around edges. I also added some here and there to fill in the middle.

My pinwheel is cut at 5″.

I took some square SVG’s and welded half circle to it to make scalloped edges. This was done in SCAL. Cut them 4×4.5″. These are the taller styrofoam pieces ‘box’ You will need 3 sides for each.

The hot air balloon was played with a bit. I broke it apart in SCAL and removed the shapes. I cut two of them and layered to make it different colors. The banner and flowers are in your SCAL library. Flowers cut at .75″ and the banner is 4″ wide. The balloon is from SVG Cuts and cut at 3.535 wide.

The dowel rods holding up the pinwheel and balloon have twine wrapped around them.

The tree will have a popsicle stick on the back for support. Cut the tree from SFTN cart. This is cut at 7″. The branch will be cut at 2 1/4. I used a toothpick behind it for support. Glue it to the tree.

The sun is held up by 20g jewelry wire. I twisted it around a pencil to create a spiral. The sun is created with a SCAL rectangle sized to 11x 1 1/4″. Score/fold at .5″, cut two. Smash it flat to create the crinkled circle shape. Center is a SCAL shape cut at 2″.

The pennants are two SCAL shape rectangles welded together. Fold them over the wine and glue. I used the Sweet Summertime stickers.


Fence – Paper Doll cart – 2 1/2 – cut in half.

Wagon – CAC cart – 1 1/4″

Tulip – CAC cart – 3 1/2″ – Use a toothpick glued to the back for support.

Bucket and shovel – SVG Cuts beach bum file – Cut at 1 1/2″ high

Tire swing – CAC cart (wagon tires) – press ‘real dial size’ on your Cricut and cut at 1 3/4″ – You will use both of these with a piece of 3d sticky foam of glue dot bwtween for a 3d look. Tie it to twine.

Cloud by the tree – SCAL shape – 3″w

Ball – Simply Charmed cart – 1 1/2″

Watermelon – Simply Charmed – 3/4″

Emboss for texture and add 3d glue dots/foam for depth. Chalk/ink edges. And the most important thing to remember…. hot glue is your friend! LOL!


That’s it! I really wish I would have taken photos as I put it together.. I’m sorry, but I do hope this inspires some of you to create a cute table decoration! Enjoy and as always, thanks for coming by!



Springtime buddies.

Yes, I know I literally posted a few hours ago saying how busy I was.. but, when I get an idea in my head I have to try it right away! So.. lucky you, here is another tutorial.

I got my inspiration for these from some SVG files I saw. I decided to whip up my own little bag and use my cute critters from the always awesome Create A Critter cartridge and this was the result –






Don’t they make you smile? I mean.. who doesn’t love decapitated critters? Ha!

Wanna make some? Do you have it in you to chop these poor critters heads off all just to make a cute bag?..

Well, if ya do.. then let’s cook up some springtime buddies!


Here’s whatcha need:

Create a Critter cartridge and this file created by moi! Download 1springtime_buddies_bag_HappyLifeCraftyWife This is an SVG file. Open it and just cut away! to make this to my sizing set this to cut at 5.820 HIGH. Make sure ‘Keep Proportions’ is checked.

*** If you use my SCAL file and share anything you made with my file PLEASE link back to my blog. Do not post the file on your website/blog.. simply link back to this post. Thank ya! ***

You will need to score it as shown:



If you don’t have a paper scorer you can just fold it.. but, these are only like $8.00 – $10.00 and make life grand! No more uneven fold lines!

Glue it shut and set aside. Time to make some critters!

Make your frog 4″ high and your chick 4 1/2″ high. The grass is 2″ high. (There are several animals you can use for this!)

Glue ‘em all together and then cut their heads off!


The chicks eyes look weird because I added Glossy Accents and it wasn’t dry yet. Ah.. who am I kidding? The poor chick is crying! I mean, wouldn’t you if your head was just chopped off?

OK, enough talking about decapitated animals.. before you all think I have issues.

What? No I didn’t just twitch.. gah! *twitch*

OK.. moving on…

Glue the body on the bag like so:


Add a little sticky foam square to keep it shut. Glue the head onto the top flap.


That’s it, folks!

Have fun with it! Wouldn’t these be adorable for the kiddos on Easter?


Have you snagged your FREE SVG file yet?

SVG Cuts has this adorable file availiable for free download! I suggest getting it if you would like to make the next project I will be sharing! Yep, yep.. get it before it’s gone!

SVG Cuts Freebie


Fantabulous Free File Friday

Three days late! I just started this last week and I am already slackin’..

Anyhow, this one is super cute and so easy!

You will need a paper or styrofoam cone shape. I found some paper ones on sale at Michaels this week! You will also want to use a hot glue gun. The glittered star on top was a whole $1.00 from Walmart.

You can find the SVG files on Crate Paper’s Blog! (large, small and medium petals)

Cut ‘em all out and start glueing! Instead of wrapping each petal around a pencil like shown.. I stacked 10 at a time and curved them around my finger all at once.. much faster! ;)

Here is my finished masterpiece! (Paper is DCWV ‘Tis the season (my new favorite! So pretty!)



I also got some new goodies this week for my New for me Monday post.. which will also be late, lol.. Maybe I will just combine it all with next weeks. Ahhh, holidays taken up my time!

I am going to make a pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting tomorrow.. Mmm.. (Maybe?.. lol.. I am not much of a pumpkin/spice fan)

I will catch up soon! You all have a great Thanksgiving!

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