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It’s a booooat!

Ahoy, crafty friends! Anyone out there enjoying the lovely weather? I have seen some photos of people with snow, so.. don’t start throwing snowballs at me if you’re one of the snowy places, but we’ve been having picture perfect spring weather here! I am loving it! Time for a spray tan so I don’t hurt peoples eyes with the pasty whiteness that grows below my waistline that I call ‘legs’.

Anyhow, the Echo Park team has been working on projects with the new ‘A Perfect Summer’ collection designed by Lori Whitlock.. and it is FAB! Totally gets me in the summertime mood… and craving a margarita. Mmm. I just finished up this totally awesome boat gift box.. This is made with the latest SVG Cuts kit! You can get this set FREE with the code FREEGIFT with your purchase of $9.98 or more! CHECK IT OUT and make your own boat!

So, slap on some sunscreen and a life vest (you’ll need it if I’m captain! lol) and come along on a little boat ride… it’s a row boat..  no fancy speed boats over here, lol.

I want at least 20 of those beach ball brads. SO CUTE!

Anchors are everywhere right now.. and as most things I talk about.. I’m loving them! I need one for my bathroom!…. and for that body I have in the closet.


I meant like.. a faux anchor tattoo or something…


This project will sit happily in my craft room to be admired by all who enter it… *back pats*.


OK, I have a child to go pick up from the bus stop.. but before I go, another back pat for me because I’m featured at Two Peas today! I am always shocked and surprised when this happens. I see my projects up there and I’m all like, “Who dis crazy cat that copied me.. oh, hell naw!”.. then I realize it’s MINE!


Pretty cool, I also just saw it in their newsletter… coolness to the max, baby!

Go on.. get in line for autographs. Bring your own Sharpie.

OK, see ya’s later!

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Witches Hat Giftbox Tutorial

As most of you know, I created a pretty cool witches hat giftbox for Echo park’s CHA summer 2011 booth! It got GREAT feedback and I figured that I would get this tutorial done for you all so you can try to make it yourselves!

It’s a lot of fun and not that much work! I made a video for the hat part since it’s easier to show in a in a video than to explain picture by picture. First, I will expalin everything else, and then add in the video for the hat at the end!



  • Hot glue
  • Glue
  • Vintage crinkle ribbon. Mine is from HERE I used ‘almost black’ and ‘steel’
  • Apothecary paper kit from Echo Park Paper Co.
  • Ultra fine glitter (black and a dark grey)
  • 20G Jewelry wire in black
  • Ink in dark grey and black.
  • Black eyelets
  • Paper mache’ cone/cardboard cone at 4″ diameter.

SVG Collections needed (you can always make this without SVG’s)

SCAL/MTC basic shapes

  • Circle cut at 9″
  • 3 rectangle shapes at 1.50″h and 10.00″w


  • Bats.. I found a FREE SVG file, however I can’t seem to find it again. Happy Hauntings cartridge has one as well!


1). Make the big boutique box. You will want to use the Square flat trio LARGEST one. Cut as sized in SCAL. (if you want to make your own box make it 11×11″ or larger.

2). The label was different on my original, but you can use the label from SVG Cuts Strawberry lane colelction. file is: label1_bottom.svg cut at 3.00w

3). 3D flower from SVG Cuts is in the ‘extras’ folder. File is: 28.svg sized in layers from 3.00w to 1.25w. Crickle and ink edges, etc.


Design Tips:

  • Add ink.. ALL OVER, lol. Inking add SO much!
  • Add the sticker from the collection kit to the hat!
  • Glitter the bats and web trims. I brushed on Mod Podge and then sprinkled away! The web was done in black and the bats were done in a dark grey. I used Recollections brand glitter which works GREAT!
  • Add eyelets and crinkle ribbon to the tag on the front. Add a name, etc. or stickers like I did!


Time for the videos! This will show you how to make the hat and assemble. Once the hat it done you just stick it onto the box!

I kept my face out of this video, so you get to stare at my sausage fingers! LOL! I’m not feeling very well, so I didn’t want to put on makeup or do my hair, lol. I had to break the video up into 3 parts, and they are each about 8mins long.

***Grrrr… for some reason the sound is ahead of the actual video. Sorry, not sure why it’s like that? I need to figure out this whole You Tube junk! or maybe it’s just me?.. It seems to lag about 15-20 seconds? ***

Video 1: You Tube link (may be better quality?) And yes, I totally give you all the finger, egh.. sorry, lol.. it was obviously an accident!


Video 2 – You Tube Link



Video 3 – You Tube Link 

OK, that’s it, enjoy!! Hopefully the lagging isn’t too bad?… Any questions, just ask in a comment and I will reply in the comments for you!

The 19th is here.. You know what that means! CHA REVEALS!!!!!

Today is the day I get to share my CHA Echo Park booth projects with you all! Yes, I have been talking about it a lot on my FACEBOOK PAGE and now I can stop yappin’ about it and actually show you all! After I tell you all a little story..

I was contacted on July 6th asking if I would be able to design some projects for Echo Park Paper to show at CHA… I wish you all could have seen my face when I read that email! I was SO stinkin’ excited and could not believe they would contact ME, let alone read my blog.. I mean, who am I?…

I replied back saying I would.. I mean, WHO would turn that down? A crazy person, that’s who! Then, before I heard back about my deadline, I thought to myself, “Gee, isn’t CHA THIS month?”.. Ummm, yeah. *panic begins to set in*…. I was told that they needed my projects by the 14th.. *gulp*… AND they still needed to ship me the paper! *double gulp*…. I told myself, “You’ve got this, Tamara!”… (I really did say that…. Psssh! Don’t try to pretend you don’t talk to yourself!) So, I got a big box of awesomeness on July 8th in the evening and immediately got busy! As soon as I saw the GORGEOUS paper I was inspired to create! In TWO FULL DAYS I got done.. I was pretty amazed! I shipped them all out on July 11th.. which is an AMAZING day for me.. Not only did I get done super fast and knew my projects would arrive in time, but that evening I was asked to be on their in house design team!

Just imagine, if you will, a crazy woman running through the house screaming like a half pig, half duck.. being strangled. Kinda like, “Quuuuuack.. ah-ah-ah-ah *gasp*..snort, ah- *gasp* ah-ahhhh-.. Quuuuack”.. “Snort”…

My husband asked what my problem was.. and you know what?.. If HE thinks I’m having an ‘issue’ then it’s seriously disturbing!

So yeah, I am excited to say the least! It’s a lot different than any other DT I’ve ever been on and I don’t want to get into too many details, but it’s super-doooper! If you want to meet the other SUPER talented design team members, head on over to the BLOG!

And you get something out of it too.. what?.. PAPER KIT GIVEAWAY’S! Yes, I will be giving away some of the newest kits here on my good ol’ blogity-blog here and there! Yeah, buddy! And I get to give one away NOW!! (See below my projects for details!)


OK.. now that I got that outta my system, time for CHA projects and to get down to business!

*breathe in.. breathe out*…. (Seriously, I’m such a child! I feel like such a celebrity right now… LOL! )

So, first off, if you’re not already following Echo Park’s BLOG or ‘like’ their Facebook Page, then you might have missed out on peeks of some bea-U-tiful new lines! I’m talking about Victoria Gardens and Apothecary Emporium! “Hellooo000oo, GORGEOUS!”

Photobucket  Photobucket <~~~~~~ LOVE!


These were two of the three lines I got to work with! I knew right when I saw Apothecary Emporium on Facebook that I wanted to make some test tube type of project with them. I had two tubes laying around and decided to make my own SVG file to hold them (which will be a free download during my Blogiversary Bash) and decorate it with the cool stickers that come in the kit! I will admit, I don’t usually use stickers, just never really thought to. But these were SO fun!



I used a lot of pewter ink from Color Box! A great color for Halloween stuff (So is black, white and silver!)


Those little stickers fit just right on top of the test tubes!




I stuck some of the stickers on cardstock and cut them out. I then distressed and inked the edges. You can do so much with these stickers alone! These would be great with some Reese’s Pieces or black and orange jelly beans in them! The twine shown is from the awesome Trendy Twine! How awesome is that black and orange?! I think it’s a limited edition, so you might want to go snag some while you can! Go like her Facebook page and let her know I sent ya!

Think that’s neat? Well, this is my FAVORITE! I had visions of doing something like this since LAST Halloween when I first started crafting, I just had no idea where to start! I tackled this and LOVE how it came out. I was sad to ship this one off, for sure! I will have to make another one!.. or at least the hat! The hat is a paper mache cone that I got wet and shaped at the top. I dried it and Mod Podged the paper to it!




I hope you like that vintage crinkle ribbon! I will be giving some away for my Blogiversary!


I used Recollections brand glitter and it works just as nicely as the Martha Stewart stuff…



The photo above shows how I added glitter to the wire holding the bats. It looks awesome in person with black and silver glitter on various elements!



I will share tips on how I made this in the next few days! :) It’s a lot of fun!


Next up, is the Victoria Gardens collection. When I first saw this I had so many ideas coming to me and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. Then, I remembered a PDF file I saw awhile back to make a very small carousel.. that was it! I HAD to make a vintage looking paper carousel! The PDF was way too small to make any sort of template from so I created my own files in Sure Cuts a Lot from the basic shapes library and a mix of SVG files and created this…


Can I just say I am dang proud of this beauty!? It’s a GIFT BOX! The top section and bottom section are both boxes. I built this thing as if I was building myself a house! lol.. I was very careful with placement and measurements. The center column is stuffed with packing paper and dowel rods for support. I actually had a lot more flowers and things cut out and realized if I went ‘overboard’ it would have been too much since it was such a large piece as is. Again…. 98% of this was made with the SCAL basic shapes library! I will share more about how I made this in a few days.








Don’t those papers totally MAKE the project?.. That roof was a total pain to make! I had to use some rusty math skills to create it!


And, last but not least! The ‘secret’ paper I got to work with! Happy Days… how fun and cute are these papers?


I decided to go fairly simple with a neat 3D project. Sadly, I didn’t get very many photos of this since I got sidetracked and then ran out of time. When I saw these papers I immediately thought ‘diner’.. So, I made an ‘EAT’ sign with 3D letters!





The dice were a last minute add for that extra something special. You can make a menu and use this to hold it, cool, huh?! Most of this project is made from files at SVG Cuts!


And there you have it! Again, I worked so hard on these! Most of you who read my blog know I love to make 3D projects… and that hat box and carousel really show ‘me’. I don’t usually have time to go all out like I like to.. I hope I got a few of you to say, “WOW!”.. :) I had so much fun working on these! I love starting a project and just going for it! And then to be picked up for Echo Park’s design team after all this! I am truly blessed! This past *almost* first year of paper crafting has been AMAZING for me!

Now, for my giveaway…

Wait, did I mention I am now on ECHO PARK PAPER’S DESIGN TEAM??!!… I did? Oh, well.. in case you forgot or something.. *wink*

*insert big cheesy grin here*


Let’s begin the happy dance!!!

First of all, If you are just now seeing the new lines here on my blog, here are the rest!  Pretty Christmas lines!

Photobucket  Photobucket  Photobucket

(These do not ship for awhile still, so you will not be able to win one of the Christmas lines.. YET!..)


Today I am giving away your choice of Happy Days, Apothecary Emporium OR Victoria Gardens!

To enter and win all you have to do is comment on this post and tell me what your FAVORITE project of mine was and what new paper line you’d like to win!

Facebook - ‘Like’ me on FACEBOOK! I LOVE new followers and you will not want to miss upcoming projects and giveaways (some limited to Facebook only!)

And if you want.. stop by Echo Park’s Facebook Page and tell them what you thought of the new paper lines! I’m sure they love the positive feedback on their amazing products! Also, stop by their BLOG for more photos and CHA chatter and to meet the design team!

Thanks for getting through this looong blog post! I hope you enjoyed my projects!


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