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So, while I was busy making my design team project for Fantabulous Cricut I got sidetracked when I remembered a kit I saw LAST year. It was a kit with little cups and precut ears, nose, etc. to glue on and make a bunny container. I started to brainstorm and decided to whip one up real quick. This took me no time at all to put together once I cut my pieces. So fun and simple.. I can totally see making a pleathora of these just because I can whip them out so fast! You know the saying ‘Multiply like rabbits..” LOL!

Here is today’s paper cuteness!





Best of all.. I used Sure Cuts a Lot basic shapes.. that’s it!

Here’s how:


You will need Sure Cuts a Lot.. not sure if Make The Cut has a basic shapes library? If you use Cricut design studio, I am sure you can figure this out with some cartridge shaes! Heck, you could even cut shapes out by hand, folks! *high five* You will also need a container of some sort. I used a breadcrumb container so the cut sizes I give you are going by that.

First, cut your container down to about 3″ tall.


Hmm, I have a sudden craving for chicken parmesean!

Anyhow.. cut a piece of paper 3.5″ high and 11″ wide. Wrap it around the container gluing as you go. I used hot glue… and I burnt myself.. and my glue gun got stuck to my comfy velour pants. Yes, I am totally messy and spazzy (is that a word? LOL!) when I craft…

…… and yes, I wear velour pants. They’re comfy, Mmm-kay?!

Moving on…

Did you cut your paper yet?.. Get on it!


Ink up the edges if you want.. I think it really helps the project stand out a bit more. Plain ol’ white was a little boring.

Cut and assemble -


Ears: Oval shape, uncheck ‘keep proportions’ size 2 ovals at 4.00h and 1.50w. The inside of the ears are 2.730h and 1.00w.

Nose: Rounded heart shape, uncheck ‘keep proportions’ size at 1.715w and 1.097h.

Bow: Rounded square shape, uncheck ‘keep proportions’ size at 4.00w and 1.50h. Kinda crinkle it in the middle a bit. Cut a piece of paper at half an inch wide and 1.5″ long. This will wrap around the crinkled part of the bow.

Eyes: Two ovals, uncheck ‘keep proportions’ size one at .3355 and .500h. Size the other at .291w and .433h. I used my white ink pen to add a catchlight in the eye. Glossy accents over the eyes will look great!

For the whiskars I just cut thin strips with my scissors… crinkle them up and glue them on!

To create pink cheeks, use your ink pad or dab some ink on a Q-tip and rub it on. You can also use paper chalk.

I am thinking of having my girls make one for each of their teachers and I will fill them with some yummy cookies! It’s the perfect size to stack cookies in.

As always, I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! If so, please click the ‘LIKE’ button for Facebook!

Annnnd.. I really need to do a post with some questions answered and other random things I’ve been meaning to post. Maybe today? I promise I’m not ignoring all your emails and comment questions.. OK.. maybe YOUR’S! lol j/k. I’m really not that mean… really. OK.. I have nothing to do tonight.. soooo.. I will be back with a long rambling post for you all that have been waiting to hear back from me.

And can I just whine a minute?.. Of course I can.. it’s my blog.. neener-neener!

It’s snowing.. again! I kid you not, we’ve gotten more snow since ‘spring’ started than we have all winter! Ok.. maybe not.. but it’s really close to it! I am beyond ready for warmer weather… only because I have some darling dresses and sandals I am dying to put on my girls! LOL! Go away snow!!


Springtime buddies.

Yes, I know I literally posted a few hours ago saying how busy I was.. but, when I get an idea in my head I have to try it right away! So.. lucky you, here is another tutorial.

I got my inspiration for these from some SVG files I saw. I decided to whip up my own little bag and use my cute critters from the always awesome Create A Critter cartridge and this was the result –






Don’t they make you smile? I mean.. who doesn’t love decapitated critters? Ha!

Wanna make some? Do you have it in you to chop these poor critters heads off all just to make a cute bag?..

Well, if ya do.. then let’s cook up some springtime buddies!


Here’s whatcha need:

Create a Critter cartridge and this file created by moi! Download 1springtime_buddies_bag_HappyLifeCraftyWife This is an SVG file. Open it and just cut away! to make this to my sizing set this to cut at 5.820 HIGH. Make sure ‘Keep Proportions’ is checked.

*** If you use my SCAL file and share anything you made with my file PLEASE link back to my blog. Do not post the file on your website/blog.. simply link back to this post. Thank ya! ***

You will need to score it as shown:



If you don’t have a paper scorer you can just fold it.. but, these are only like $8.00 – $10.00 and make life grand! No more uneven fold lines!

Glue it shut and set aside. Time to make some critters!

Make your frog 4″ high and your chick 4 1/2″ high. The grass is 2″ high. (There are several animals you can use for this!)

Glue ‘em all together and then cut their heads off!


The chicks eyes look weird because I added Glossy Accents and it wasn’t dry yet. Ah.. who am I kidding? The poor chick is crying! I mean, wouldn’t you if your head was just chopped off?

OK, enough talking about decapitated animals.. before you all think I have issues.

What? No I didn’t just twitch.. gah! *twitch*

OK.. moving on…

Glue the body on the bag like so:


Add a little sticky foam square to keep it shut. Glue the head onto the top flap.


That’s it, folks!

Have fun with it! Wouldn’t these be adorable for the kiddos on Easter?


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