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Life is the bubbles! Pebbles ‘Party with Amy Locurto’ project

Hey there, friends! Happy Monday! I am FINALLY sharing my project I made with the adorable Pebbles product featured in my last What I’m Working With Wednesday video! (Check it out to see the OTHER goodies in the video!) Hooray! I got kinda busy this weekend so ‘extra’ projects had to be set aside while I finished up some ‘work’.

I think this came out so darn cute.. too cute, really! I love the cartoony look and colors. Now I for sure know I need to order more! I hate that I am drawn to so many styles of product. I love clean, fun, cutesy (like Doodlebug) I love designs somewhere in between (Echo Park, American Crafts (Pebbles) Little Yellow Bicycle, Simple Stories, etc.) and I love things that are more vintage (October Afternoon, Crate Paper..) This is a problem because I think I There are very few companies out thaere that I wouldn’t want to build a house with all their products and live in it…. I could totally make a couch outta Thickers! lol

Anyhow, here’s what I made, design details are posted below the pictures.

I totally wanna be on this card floating around with that pretty glitter.

And now the cute treat box..

Go on, scroll back up and look again! lol

I told you it was CUTE!

Here’s some design tips for ya:

  • Pebbles papers and stickers
  • I cut the card base from the Wet n Wild SVG Cuts kit. The front panel is cut with acetate and I filled it up with some chunky Doodlebug glitter. I made a special light blue border to go around the edges to cover the edge of my acetate, plus it just made it look more put together. It’s the details, peeps.. the details!
  • Over the white bubble stickers I added some glossy accents.. eeeek! I forgot how much I like this stuff on things like bubbles and such. I need to make more bubble projects!
  • The little sand dollar box is so.stinkin.cute. It’s also from SVG Cuts Wet n Wild kit! I sized it down a bit. The sand dollar is cut with Doodlebug sugar coated paper. Perfect look for a sand dollar! (I’m totally saying in my head, “A sand dollar, make me hollar!” lol I added some stickers, twine, and a button

That’s it! Makes me excited for summer… although, my body is a hot mess so that just means I need to get busy working out more. OK.. there’s actually nothing ‘hot’ about it, I’m just a darn mess… *wiggles arms* SEE! What IS that?.. *flap, flap, flap*

*le sigh*

Time for me to head outta here! You all take it easy.. I am off to ‘work’ some more! Lots of fun projects in the works and I can’t wait to share! Lots of goodies coming the first week of April!



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Doodlebug Designs: Simple Bookmarks & a Birthday Card

Hello, friends! Are you ready to see some adorable Doodlebug projects? Today I have some quick and easy bookmarks and a fun and colorful robot card!

If you follow the Doodlebug Blog (and you should!) you’ve probably already seen these cute bookmarks.. so just keep scrollin’ and check out the adorable card below!


These bookmarks are quick and easy! Which is good if the child you give them to rips the stickers off to use on THEIR projects. Yes… that did happen. My daughter had the bookmarks in her hands for about 3 minutes and she took the sweet kitty Doodle Pop right off. She might have ripped off all the ‘good stuff’ but hey.. she still uses the tore up bookmark! I could have just handed her a piece of scrap paper and it would have been the same thing!

The assignment was a ‘love’ non-Valentines project. These are perfect for the child who LOVES to read.

I think the kitty wants to make a meal outta that little birdie. I can see it in her eyes… Psycho kitty. MEOW!

The ‘buggy’ bookmark is perfect for my little Alannah. We call her ‘Lana Buggy’. She saw it and was all smiles.


Doodlebug has TONS.. I mean TONS of different Doodle-Pops and stickers to use for custom bookmarks! I am trying to refrain from saying, “I LOVE Doodle-Pops” because I think I say it in every Doodlebug post I make.. lol.

OK.. really. I joined the DT JUST to get my hands on all their Doodle-Pop awesomeness.

I vaguely remember rolling around in them when my DT box came.

I also have them out in the open in my craft room. Right next to my table.. just so I can look over and give ‘em a lil wink and smile at them.

Yeah.. I WILL complete this post without telling you about my Doodle-Pop obsession… heh.


Then there’s this robot Doodle-Pop. I saw him and fell in love.

I have a ‘thing’ for robots. My son has had oodles of robot shirts in his sweet 5 years of life, has had a robot birthday, etc. I just think they are cute…. and I secretly wish I had one to hang out with and clean my house…. and change the cat box. Hmm.. could you imagine if the robot malfunctioned while scoopin’ the cat box?.. Just started flinging kitty clumps all of the place. “Scoop poop.. does not compute..” <— I hope you read that in your best robot voice.

So, I made a cute robot birthday card for a sweet birthday boy.

Hopefully you have the image of a robot flinging cat box scoopings out of your head by now..


That robot just screams ‘Come party with me!.. I’m a real ’machine’ on the dance floor!” har-har-haaaar.


Alright crafty friends… you can go about your day now. Don’t forget about my GIVEAWAY!


I am weird.. I know that. Not many paper craft blogs have cute projects and random robot flinging cat litter chit-chat. So for those who come here, read my nonsense, smile and keep coming back for more of my randomess THANK YOU!

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Boredom strikes again!

And instead of washing dishes or doing the two loads of laundry waiting for me, I find something to craft instead! Don’t judge me.. you know you all do the same thing! For what it’s worth, I did try to do something with the kiddos, but they were watching a movie on TV and wanted nothing to do with me… *sniffle*.

HA! Sniffle nothin’… I was like, “Whoa, kiddos are entertained and DON’T want me within 2 feet of them for once?.. You bet your glue sticks I ran to my craft area and got busy!

I wasn’t in the mood for all sorts of paper piecing.. I’m saving my crafty juices for the new Echo Park kits that are on their way to my house! I have to whip up 3 projects by the 19th, which won’t be a problem.. I might even do more! But one of them is pretty detailed, so I don’t want to exhaust my poor fingers…. I know, dramatic, right?… LOL. Really, I was just too lazy…

So, my poor lil’ Silly-butt (Silhouette) has been sitting there sulking on my table wondering why she’s being ignored lately. I decided to show the Silly-butt some love and do some print and cut stuff. And my most favoritest (Yes, that’s a word, because I said so.. And so does the ‘urban dictionary’.. LOL) place to go for graphic cuteness is Lettering Delights. *swoon*

I picked up the Pucker Up Birthday graphic set and the Pucker Up Paper Pack! You HAVE to browse their pretties! SO many cute cut files, graphics and fonts!

Anyhow, I decide to make a party giftbag and hat! Yes, random party stuff.. fun! I was going to make a little giftbox and a couple cupcake toppers, but my printer is pretty much out of ink and of course I don’t have any on hand, egh. Story of my life, always out of something! I really need a huge craft space with lots of storage so I can buy loads of things and stock up! Hmm.. I wonder if hubby really needs that silly ol’ garage?.. GAH! Could you imagine a crafty space as large as a two car garage? I’m smiling like a total goober right now thinking about it.. And while we’re on this subject, I don’t think we really use our master bedroom much so, hmmm.. LOL! I can have the first craft room with a huge bed in it, I mean, crafting can be exhausting, right?

Doh! Rambling, sorry.. lol. If you come to my blog often, you’re probably use to it.

So, yeah.. I made a party bag and hat!



I noticed the shirt my son was wearing kinda matched the bag/hat, so I got him in for a few pictures. I was surprised how excited he was. Like.. hand clapping and a big “YAY!” and all.. Hmmm.. SOMETHING was up…


I got a few good pictures of him wearing the hat and holding the bag… then I realized why he was so excited to take pictures for me… bless his little heart, he thought he was getting a real present from me.. yeah, I know.. jerk mom alert! He said, “Can I open it now, pleeease?!”.. I said, ” Baby, it’s just a bag.. nothing inside” Ooooooh…. The look on his face, “Nothing?” looks inside… “Oh..”


*hand to forehead*.. sorry little dude, mommy owes you a Hot Wheels next trip to the store!.. Maybe a 5 pack. In the meantime, to make up for it, I am making him a big Buzz Lightyear diecut from my Cricut Cartridge to plaster on his wall! And yes, he totally needs a date with some hair clippers!

Here’s some more pictures and details!






  • Party hat is a FREE SVG file from SVG CUTS BLOG!
  • Bag is also from SVG Cuts – The Vintage Halloween bags! It’s a great size for a few little gifts.
  • As mentioned above, my graphics and digital paper are from Lettering Delights!
  • I used the Silhouette print and cut feature with my graphics. So fun! I just wish my printer would have printed that pretty teal color better. Maybe I can adjust it?..
  • Other ideas include: birthday banner, cupcake toppers/wrappers, invitations, cards, giftbox, treat bag toppers and more.. You can make a whole party! Maybe after I get more ink I will make a whole matching party set to share! That would be fun!

I hope you all like it!

And on a side note.. my new blog design should be up soon at! YAY! I am going to have a modern and clean looking blog and I can not wait! The template gets installed tomorrow and then gets tweaked and customized from there!

See ya!

‘With a moo-moo here, and a moo-moo there….’


‘Here a moo.. there a moo… everywhere a moo-moo!’


Lookie here! I created this little barnyard party favor box for SVG Cuts! How cute, right? I really like the way this came out, so much fun! If you want all the details, check out the BLOG POST!

You can take this idea and use it with your own theme! Party, baby shower, sports teams, etc. You really can do so much with these! I bought my little baggies on eBay from THIS SELLER.

Now.. more pictures!







Now throw on yur’ overalls for a knee slappin’ good time and create some party favors! :) I hope you like them and it inspires you!

Thansk for stopping by!

‘Over the moon’ sweet treat birthday card!

A couple of us SVG Cuts design team members whipped up some cute and simple cards with SVG Cuts newest collection before it was released - Jonathan’s Bears it’s such a cute collection! Especially for little boys! You can do so much with these! I chose to make my card using the astronaut bear because my little guy LOVES space themed anything! He has astronaut jammies, a rocket tent in his room.. well, his whole room is space themed! Of course he was delighted when mommy handed him this card. His birthday was back in December.. but that’s alright! I get to create fun things for my design teams and my kiddos get the goodies when I am done!

If you would like to see how I made this you can check it out HERE! Leo put together a great video to show how I made it. Really helps if you are new to SVG’s and SCAL. Also, my design team buddy, Thienly made a CUTE superhero card and Mary (the awesome designer behind SVG Cuts) made an ADORABLE cowboy card!

We all had a few hours to plan and whip up something…. it’s amazing what you can do in a short amount of time with one SVG collection! This is not crazy detailed, but would send any little guy (or girl!) over the moon with joy!





And a picture of my little astronaut that loves his card!


Enjoy! I can’t wait to show you THREE new design team projects next week! Yes, I’ve been quiet over here.. because I’ve been busy crafting away!

Also.. if you like the stamp I used check out Pink By Design.. great quality and selection!


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