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Dinner is served!

On the menu today… escargot and mushrooms!


Yummy! :)

So, the other night I was pouting because my Silly-butt was being.. a butt! (Silly-butt is what I am calling my Silhouette.. lol) The blade went el’ crap-o on me for whatever reason. I was told it’s ‘faulty’… hmmm.. I think it’s the weight loss fairies punishing me for eating that candy bar the day before. What-ev.. so yeah, I made a card with my Cricut.. bleh! I am totally spoiled by the Silhouette’s awesome cutting ability now. You will see in my close-ups the crap job the Cricut did on my blades of grass. And before you bug lovers start going off about it doing that because it’s an SVG.. yada, yada.. nada, chicka’s… I used my Create a Critter cartridge! How’s that bowl of soup for ya?.. Hmmph! (Don’t worry.. I am a closet bug lover, too.. can’t stop buyin’ those cartridges! Ack!)

Anyhow, I got a new blade in and was practically tripping over myself getting from the mailbox to my Silhouette to toss the new blade in and fire her up! IT WORKED!!! Whew! So that’s good.. and I will be able to start sharing some more more silly-butt projects soon!

So.. without anymore rambling.. here’s my latest card! I know.. you already saw it, but in case you forgot who’s blog you’re on… ‘Happy Life.. Crafty Wife’.. which means, you get bombarded with too many pictures. You love me for it, you know it!







OK, seriously.. how stinkin’ cute are those SVG’s…? It just makes you wanna grab a salt shaker and go at ‘em! (If you don’t know what salt does to snails.. it’s time to do a lil’ Google search…)

I know.. I’m so mean. I actually did that to a snail before…and felt totally guilty about it. I was a punk teenager, so really, I could have been out doing much worse, but instead.. I was dumping salt on snails in my free time! LOL!

I didn’t stamp anything on the sign just yet.. I’m waiting for the perfect stamp to go there ;)

Oh, yeah.. the recipe.. oy.. maybe just for this post we won’t call it a recipe…

Umm.. ok.. tutorial.. yes, the tutorial.. here ya go darlin’!



It’s pretty simple! Only one SVG collection and a step card base!

Now, go find yourself a standard step card base. SVG Cuts has theone I used.

The cute SVG’s are from the fabulous Lettering Delights <~~~~~ do not click unless you plan to empty your bank account due to overwhelming cuteness.. actually, yes.. click the darn link! I’m an affiliate! LOL! (psssst.. they have a summer sale going on for summer themed SVG’s! So check it out!) I used the No Place Like Home set! I also used one sheet of the digital paper to match HERE

Here are the sizes I cut:

  • Basic rectangle shape in SCAL or MTC sized to 1.929w x 3.738h. This is what I used the printed paper for.
  • -01.svg – 2.75h
  • -09.svg – 3.25h
  • -11.svg – 3.00h
  • -03.svg – 1.85h
  • -04.svg - 1.75h
  • -08.svg – 2.00h
  • -02.svg – 2.50h

That’s it! Grass can be used from any old grass cut. I used the Create a Critter cartridge grass at 1″ and 3/4″ tall.

I hope you like it.. if you don’t.. I will send my crazy flesh eating snail after you!

What.. you think I’m kidding?…

“Flesh eating snail, Tamara… seriously?”

Umm.. seriously!!


What… he missed his rabies vaccination!

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Tamara Tripodi is a paper crafter designing for several manufacturers in the scrapbooking/paper crafting industry. All content on belongs to Tamara Tripodi. All work is Tamara's original work, unless otherwise noted. Please do not reproduce Tamara's work for design teams, publications, TV, galleries, and the like. When 'lifting' Tamara's work for personal use, please link back to - Thank You!


  1. Angie Boswell says:

    Tamara – Yes way cuteness overload!!! sooo adorable.

  2. Bunny Vance says:

    That is just too cute! I love all your details ~ just amazing!

  3. Patty says:

    Super AWESOME as usual!!!! Your projects are super detailed. It would take me days to assemble something like this!

  4. Thienly says:

    Totally adorable! How do you do that??? You make everything look just sooooo cute! What a way to showcase the LD files! Way to go, girlie! You rock!

  5. Tina says:

    I agree with Thienly! You make everything look so cute! And so EASY!! Love your stuff!!

  6. Priya says:

    Its so cute…
    Hey have you changed something around on blog?? you posts don’t seem to show up on the Google reader :-(

  7. Thoroughly enjoyed the post- the fanged snail is hilarious!

  8. Cathy Derouche says:

    definitely cuteness overload!!

  9. Erica says:

    where did you get the step card?

  10. Tamara says:

    Thanks, everyone!
    Erica, it’s from SVG Cuts. :)

  11. Kelly Morris says:

    I. Love. This. Card. I don’t understand how to use the SVG’s from Lettering Delights….When I open them in SCAL2 I just get a flat image. What am I doing wrong?!?!

  12. Ok the snail on the bottom made me laugh so hard I woke my tired little brats…children up! This is beautiful Tamara, and I hate snails, but this is beautiful:)

  13. Angi says:

    Super fun & adorable.

  14. Tamara says:

    Kelly, you have to ungroup the SVG and separate the layers. :) it’s pretty easy once you figure it out.. You lay everything out on your mat and cut all pieces at once!

  15. Lyndee says:

    Not only is that super cute, but your dementedness (yes I made that word up) totally cracked me up! Good laughs, great crafts! Hey I made a rhyme! :)

  16. Kelly Morris says:

    OHHHHH…Okay! I’ll see if I can figure it out! Thanks so much!!!

  17. Candi says:

    LOL LOL LOL I think I <3 you. I’m a current cricut user (along with carts and a gypsy, never did get into the 3rd party software)… anyways I recently saw what the Silhouette could do so I’ve preordered a Cameo and am researching files etc (I plan to use both, I love my cricut carts too, must have Art Nouveau next). About to become a new follower too… keep up the great posting!!!

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