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Hello nature. A layout with Dear Lizzy 5th & Frolic

Hello, friends! I am trying to catch up on my blogging and crafting over here.. and.. umm.. I haven’t done a Wednesday video in what.. a month? oy. I won’t have one today, either. I have just been so busy over here. Then when I finally get some ‘me’ time, I don’t want to sit around in my craft room recording… I have a new obsession now.. nails.. nail polish.. spending more money on stuff I ‘need’ for my nails. So I have been spending my free time playing with my new Gelish polishes. Maybe I will do a blog post on this! I stopped biting my nails after yeeeeeeears of doing it. I feel all.. normal now. My hubby was always grossed out by me eating my ‘hand sandwich’ as he liked to call my nail biting problem. He’d always say, ‘Who does THAT!’.. Umm.. nervous freaks like me do it. Anytime I get to ‘thinking’ I nibble those things like a vanilla cookie dipped in Nutella.

Anyhow… nails over videos lately, sorry peeps.

So, since I didn’t do a video this week, I at least made something to share! I ordered a bunch of Dear, Lizzy 5th & Frolic on sale at Two Peas. Um, yeah.. not sure what is going on in my head because I should have had this right when it came out.. it’s gorgeous! I saw it in person at CHA, but your mind gets so packed with all the new and exciting things you see there that it’s easy to forget it all, lol. Really.. I walk out of CHA and think ‘What was that again?‘… lol. So when it got delivered and I opened my box, it was like something brand new and exciting.. and on sale *high five*.

I found some cute photos of my younger daughter that worked well with the colors of the paper. I like to match my kids clothes to the papers.. yes.. it’s weird. I actually made this dress and we were out trying to snap photos of it so I could load it into my Etsy shop. She found this ‘pokey thing’ and was wanting to bring them all home. The second photo she looks like she’s almost scared of it.. well, there was a bug on it, ooops! lol. I told her ‘and this is why we are not bringing them home!’ she agreed. (And dang it.. I should have journaled this little story.. maybe I will add it in or write it on the back) Anyhow, in her ‘scared’ picture I loved the way she is holding it out and looking at it all displeased-like, so I used it!

I just love the soft colors here. I kinda felt ‘meh’ about it yesterday when I finished it, but today I like it…. knowing me I will be ‘meh’ about it tomorrow.. Ah, the ever changing mind of a woman.

I am always so scared to sew through chipboard.. like it’s gonna snap my needle and it will fling into my eye or something. When in reality.. chipboard is pretty easy to sew through.. just gotta take it a little slow.

Looking at my daughter in the dress I made totally makes me want to sew again… Hmmm.. Maybe I will find the time to sew soon. I think I said this recently, too.. lol. It’s been so long, I don’t even know if I remember how to sew. Maybe it’s like ‘riding a bike’ and you don’t forget.. but I am sure I am a bit rusty.

OK, that’s it for today! I am so happy I finally got into this whole layout thing. I am slowly putting albums together and it makes me all warm and fuzzy.  I have tons of gorgeous photos of my kiddos to scrapbook and I have been printing them just waiting for the right papers to come along.


Before ya go, I gotta know.. Do you try to match what people are wearing to papers you use? I can’t be the only crazy one out there. I see the crazy in your eye.. it’s OK.. tell me you coordinate papers with your photos, too!

See ya!



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  1. Janetta Zeimetz says:

    For the most part I try to coordinate what the papers I have to what they are wearing, but sometimes it is a special event like Christmas and nothing they are wearing goes with red or green, but I still scrap it Christmasy anyways. Sweet layout! I am going to have to try and sew through chipboard sometime, but I have the same fear you have that the needle will break! And know I have another paranoia that it will hit my eye!! lol!

  2. Julie H says:

    I don’t think it’s weird at all to coordinate papers to the clothes in your photos . . . while I don’t do it all the time (anymore!) I certainly love it when it happens!

  3. Thienly says:

    My goodness, Tamara – this is absolutely gorgeous. Totally breath taking. Gorgeous girl, too!

  4. Sandra says:

    So soft and beautiful

  5. Myoriah says:

    No,I don’t try to match papers to outfits but only because I have not done one layout with all the pictures I have in boxes. Yes,they are from the cave days when you had to have film developed. I probably will try to match the papers to the outfits once I start doing layouts though.

    LOL! When you grow tired of those nail polishes put them in your craft stash. If you don’t like the color of an element or cut something out of white or gray cardstock you can use the polish like paint. LOL! definitely cheaper than some of the craft paints on the market. Especially if you buy your polish at a dollar store. Also the polish dries quicker than most paints.

    O.K. Now get busy and have a video for us next week. ;-)

  6. RachelV says:

    You’re not the only one! I usually try to coordinate my papers with what people are wearing in the pics too. Not always, but most of the time. Of course, usually if it’s a pic of my 3 kids together, they’re wearing totally different things that don’t coordinate at all! I guess that means I can use just about any paper in that case!
    And I love this layout! There’s nothing “meh” about it!

  7. Erin Morley says:

    I’m a full fledged co-ordinator, guilty! I think that it just adds to the look of the page when things don’t clash. Just my humble opinion. I have friends that do it too!

  8. Tracey says:

    Well, this is just gorgeous!!

  9. Carrie Erickson says:

    Tamara, what a gorgeous page. I love the soft color palette. It is so beautiful. I try to pic my papers to coordinate with my photos for sure.

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