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What’s really goin’ on?..

Hey! How are YOU?! Oy.. it’s been a busy week for me.. I am so sorry to be a blogging slacker this week. I didn’t even do a video for you… I promise I will next week though! I am actually thinking of filming tomorrow to be ahead of the game.. now, if that actually happens though.. I dunno. I am sure I will film last minute, or even a day late! LOL!

So, what’s going on with me? Spring is in the air and I’ve been busy, busy! My family has been enjoying the fabulous weather we’ve had this past week! Lots of playing outside. Loving it! We’ve had picnics, baseball, soccer, bike and scooter riding… So fun! Every year I seem to forget how much I love the freshness of spring. I LOVE fall.. I truly enjoy the lovely snow and cuddly cozy feeling of winter.. but I also enjoy the ‘newness’ of spring. I could do without summer, lol. Well, summer evenings are amazing! But I am not much for sweat and HEAT. Bleh. Makes me sad thinking about the horrible runny, sticky makeup days I have coming in a few months. Although, I have new found appreciate for our hot, yet DRY heat. Going to Chicago last summer… ick. Just.. ICK. The day we all went to CHA was just too much for me, lol. I looked a mess with frizzy hair and red cheeks. Me no likey humidity.

So, now that I am done yappin’ about the weather, how ’bout them Dodgers?…

Speaking of Dodgers.. baseball.. I just registered my little dude for t-ball! I am pretty excited for him! I think he really needs it because he’s kind of a poor sport. He has never done any type of ‘sport’ on a team before. .. and I tell ya, this kid can not handle when he doesn’t catch the ball, can’t be first, etc. I am sure the first few weeks of t-ball I will be THAT mom with the poor sport crying child. Hhhhhh. I really don’t know where he gets it from, but I’m over it.. and I think t-ball will be perfect for him. I guess I blame myself for his whole ‘not being able to handle stuff’ issue. I have always done ‘preschool’ at home with my kids. It’s my way of keeping them ‘with me’ a bit longer. It’s worked well for my girls. But now I am questioning if my little guy was socialized enough. Who knows.. maybe it’s just HIM. He is one of the sweetest, loving and FUNNIEST children I’ve ever met. But he has to be first.. and he ‘has’ to win. Hmm, maybe it’s the third child thing.. with two older sisters? *shrugs* I just can’t wait to see him out there!

Easter is next weekend… and of course I made it into a Chrismas 2.0. I need to tell myself, “If it doesn’t fit IN their basket, it’s too much” I always go overboard.. I enjoy it, it’s who I am.. But it’s Easter. I really need to put some stuff I picked out away for birthdays or something. I do hope we have nice weather though. The past couple Easters have been so chilly for us. It’s no fun hunting for Easter eggs with frozen chocolate in them! We are having a lay ow easter and just staying home. My hubby actually has to work that day. There’s no ‘days off, doors are closed’ in his line of work.

….. And with Easter comes spring break! And one of the reasons I have been SO busy. My older daughter has been here and she keeps me on my toes. She’s almost 10 (next month, actually!).. I hear at least 10 times in an hour ‘I’m hungry’.. ‘I’m booooored’.

“So.. go eat a banana and look at the peel under the microscope..”

Or chores. Chores are always good. :)

I did take her shopping though. We went to Justice and she got to pick out some cute stuff. I scored 100 cool mama points for that! Anyone with a ‘tween’ girl or almost ‘tween’ knows that Justice is ‘the’ store. She earned it though. All A’s and one B on her report card. Very proud of her!

I have some fun activities planned next week so I am hoping she lays off me a bit. I am sorry, child.. I am not a one woman circus for your entertainment… although I feel like one sometimes, lol. We are going to bake, do some fun Easter things at our recreation center, make some paper crafts, girls are getting hair cuts, I have a photo shoot planned with my oldest, Autumn..  and of course we will dye eggs and such. Hoping to go see a movie, go to lunch, etc. too! If I hear an ‘I’m bored’ I might just burst!


So, who else has kiddos on spring break right now? What are YOU doing for boredom busters?..


OK, friends.. I am off for now! I will have a blog post up tomorrow for ya! I have been busy crafting up projects over here for Doodlebug, Carta Bella and Echo Park. I had a pretty ‘lay low’ month it seemed.. and now all my teams want to have due dates the same week.. LOL! I am pretty excited about the stuff I’ve been making though.. I also have an announcement coming up very soon.. *wink*… oh yes, and let’s not forget about some projects I’ve created for Bella Blvd.! Coming soooon!

See ya tomorrow!

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  1. Myoriah says:

    O.K I’ll forgive you this time for not having a video but it better not happen again. ;-) I thought maybe my blog reader had gone on the fritz.

    LOL! My nieces and son were never bored over breaks. Maybe it was because the first time they said they were bored I gave them an old toothbrush to go clean the toilet. Amazingly they handed the toothbrush back and had something pressing that they just had to do.

    Glad someone has been having nice Spring weather. Argh! Rain,snow and sleet. Sometimes all three in the same day. At least with the nasty weather I got my Easter cards made and in the mail.

    Have a wonderful week. Sounds like it will be a busy one for sure.

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