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My thoughts on the Canon Selphy CP 900

So, I have been seeing many of my scrappy friends talking about this Canon Selphy CP 900 printer. Of course nosy little me has to see what it’s all about and see if it’s something that I ‘need’.. you all know how that goes.

After checking it out on Amazon and putting it on my ‘eventually buy’ list I decided to order it a whole three days later, lol. I’ve never been happier to have an Amazon prime account and got this baby in two days! *high five*



Hellooooo cuteness! Totally modern looking, compact, and adorable.

Hubby got it wifi connected and I got busy doing some test prints. The printer comes with a pack of ink and paper to print a whoppin’ 5 photos. I didn’t realize this when I got it. So I printed my 5 photos and pouted. I used that good ‘ol Amazon prime account again and ordered a 3pk of ink/paper. Yay!

First thoughts after my first print…?

SOLD! I started singing, “Where have you been all my life…” Seriously. This little printer is top quality and the whole ‘dye’ process amazes me. You sit there standing over the printer watching it lay down the colors and each time it pulls it back in for another layer, the anticipation grows! It’s like it spitting presents out at you. Little 4×6 photo presents!


So, here is it.. lookin’ all cute and stuff! It comes in white or black.. I ordered black… Obviously. lol.

It’s so black.. it’s white! lol!


The printer uses a Canon app with your phone to print. Very easy to use! So easy a cave man with no fingers or eyes could do it.

TIP: You can make edits, collages, etc. with apps through your phone before printing! I was REALLY happy with the quality of the Instagram pics!

I know.. a photo of a photo to show you the quality of the printed photo… whatever. lol. It looks great in the photo.. and even BETTER in person!

Here’s an example of the border ‘on’ and ‘off’.

NOTE: The printer does not print an ‘exact’ 4×6. It’s close enough for me and doesn’t look odd in a 4×6 photo sleeve or anything.. at least not to me. Here’s a photo of an Echo Park Photo Freedom sleeve with the Canon Selphy print (the kids) and a regular Costco 4×6 print (my hubby).


Now, remember I mentioned the ‘dye’ process. This nifty little printer uses a dye-sublimation process.

Dye-sublimation technology uses heat to transfer ink to the paper, reproducing approximately 16.8 million colors for amazing pictures in both color and black and white. Then, a clear protective coating is added which helps prevent against damage from light, water and gases so your precious photos can last for generations.

Here’s how it works.. yellows, reds, blues and clear. Ah-mazing! (3rd photo is after the blue layer)

All together now, “Snaaaaazzy!”


When I opened up the ink I was kinda scared of it. I have ways of messing up everything. If it can be broken, I WILL break it. lol. If you’re not suppose to touch it.. I lick it.. etc.

The photo below shows the ink and the ink compartment. It even looks scary! Watch those fingers! *chomp*


One thing I have seen people mention about NOT liking the Selphy is the perforated tabs on the ends of the photos. The printer uses these tabs to pull the photo through the machine. The edges are so small so they don’t bother me. With darker photos you can barely see the little ‘teeth’, but I mean.. you have to be actually LOOKING for them. If they are that big of an issue for ya, you can easily just trim a little off. No biggie! (Unless you’re already overly irritated about the ‘not quite’ 4×6 size.  A picky ‘lil one, aren’t ya?! lol.

See, not so bad!


So, this was all done with iphone photos. Yep! I was blown away with that.. and then did test prints with photos from my Canon 5D. Umm, drooooool! GORGEOUS! I ran a professional photography business for about 5 years and I ‘know’ gorgeous professional prints. And while these are semi gloss non-textured prints, for an at home little printer, the quality really is fabulous! Colors are SPOT ON.


Do I sound like an infomercial yet? LOL!

BUT WAIT!!!!.. Call in the next millisecond and I will throw in a bonus rat pelt for FREE! Yes, folks.. FREE!

Don’t ask where I got ‘rat pelt’ from.. this is me. This is how my overly random mind works.

I should write children’s cooks, eh?

Little Johnny Figglemyer and the Magical Rat Pelt – By Tamara Tripodi


Pssh-yuh! That’s awesome! I’m already thinking of cover ideas! Now, should Johnny be wearing the rat pelt like a scarf.. or maybe I should have the rat pelt floating in the air with ‘glitter’ all around it. Glitter makes everything extra magical!


Anyhow.. Buy the darn printer. You know you wanna!

You all know (because I say it like.. every other blog post) that I am not much of a scrapbooker.. I don’t ‘do’ Project Life (Although I really, really, REALLY think I am going to.. like.. next week. Seriously.) but this will really help me in getting these photos off the computer. I have TONS. I need to get these photos off of the computer and into albums to cherish! I am awful about printing photos because I don’t want to deal with the labs.. or go online and upload, etc. Lazy, I know. The biggest thing for me was ease of printing my iphone pics!

“But Tamara, I print my pics off my regular printer, why do I need this?”

Well, Johnny Figglemyer, let me tell you.. The print quality is WAY different. It just looks and feels different. At least from MY printer. I have a good printer, too. A nice Canon wide format printer. And I will never print another photo from it again.. Nev-ah!


Welp, I guess that’s it. Just me being a little printer pusher, lol.

OK, friends.. This is probably my last blog post before I leave on Thursday for CHA. I’m getting there the day before to drop off all my projects.. not going to the show until Saturday though. But hey, wanna see what’s going on while I am at CHA? I am sure I will be blowing up my INSTAGRAM so be sure to follow me if you haven’t already!

Have a great week!

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  1. Candi says:

    Did you post this just because I posted about stopping my obsessive compulsive allow everyone and everything to enable me to buy everything post? You naughty little enabler you, ok… who are we kidding, I’m ending this here so I can go look at it on Amazon :D

  2. Hey Tamara! Great, thanks for NOTHIN’! Now I totally want one too!!! And I’m not even a scrapbooker!!! ugh. You are terrible ;) I will be at CHA too! I would love to meet you while there! Your posts crack me up. I love your sense of humor. I’m helping Core with their make and takes. But Lori Allred knows me (I was on the Imaginisce DT) as well as others so I promise I’m not a crazy! :)

  3. Jamie Greene says:

    I really should not read your blog!! I just bought this because of your review so I guess I should say Thank you!:) I have been really wanting a printer for the photos on my phone so I don’t have to email them to myself.

  4. Ruth says:

    Awwww the temptations! I do scrapbook and know that this is the right kind of printer. Now I am going to check it out. My poor hubby. He just was so sweet to buy me an Eclips wit Ecal, wonder what he will think about a printer……..
    Have fun at CHA.

  5. Kay Conrad says:

    Hi Tamara,
    I was on the fence about this until I read you’re review! I just got a Canon PowerShot Elph 110 and love it! I think the Selphy printer will make a great companion for printing my photos (for my iPhone too!). Thanks for sharing!

  6. Betsy B. says:

    OK, Canon should give you a commission for all the sales you’re encouraging!!! I’ve been looking at these but hadn’t bought one yet …….. until I read your post this morning. Went right to Amazon and got mine ordered!! Yippee!! I’m justifying my purchase since my birthday is Jan. 10th ~ LOL ~ hope hubby accepts that reasoning!! I used to have a Kodak camera that had a printer like this as the printer dock and I loved it. But it stopped working a couple of years ago and I never got a replacement. I have somany pictures that I want to print, but I’m too lazy to go to the drugstore to get them done. Also bought two ink/paper replacement kits, so I’ll be good for 221 pictures right away! Thanks for reviewing and recommending this!!

  7. Jessica says:

    THANK YOU!!!! …for doing a review :) I was kind of put off by the reviews I read online. But your pictures look fantastic and I really appreciate you taking the time to write so much about it! I found this on Pinterest and about died because I was googling for reviews yesterday! New follower now :) Can’t wait to check out more of your blog…so stinkin cute!
    xoxo Jess

  8. Shelley Parnell says:

    I agree…Canon should give you some major props! I read your blog and promptly whipped out my credit card. I am really good at taking pictures but awful at getting them printed and in an album. I hope this will solve my issue. Looking forward to making lots of mini albums in the near future. Thanks for the tip on ordering extra ink and paper. I am excited!

  9. Didi says:

    Hi Tamara,
    thanks for the review. I´m wondering if you´re really able to print collage photos directly from the phone – I mean multiple pictures on one 4×6 sheet. I own the CP800 and this feature is limited by printing the pictures from SD card or USB. Not possible to do that directly from my computer (where I store all my edited pictures…) So I am thinking about purchasing this model which is compatible with iPhone but really need to be sure that I can print the multiples. Nobody able to really tell at Canon support, still waiting for an answer from them. Would be really thankful if you could clear this to me :-)

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