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Life is the bubbles! Pebbles ‘Party with Amy Locurto’ project

Hey there, friends! Happy Monday! I am FINALLY sharing my project I made with the adorable Pebbles product featured in my last What I’m Working With Wednesday video! (Check it out to see the OTHER goodies in the video!) Hooray! I got kinda busy this weekend so ‘extra’ projects had to be set aside while I finished up some ‘work’.

I think this came out so darn cute.. too cute, really! I love the cartoony look and colors. Now I for sure know I need to order more! I hate that I am drawn to so many styles of product. I love clean, fun, cutesy (like Doodlebug) I love designs somewhere in between (Echo Park, American Crafts (Pebbles) Little Yellow Bicycle, Simple Stories, etc.) and I love things that are more vintage (October Afternoon, Crate Paper..) This is a problem because I think I There are very few companies out thaere that I wouldn’t want to build a house with all their products and live in it…. I could totally make a couch outta Thickers! lol

Anyhow, here’s what I made, design details are posted below the pictures.

I totally wanna be on this card floating around with that pretty glitter.

And now the cute treat box..

Go on, scroll back up and look again! lol

I told you it was CUTE!

Here’s some design tips for ya:

  • Pebbles papers and stickers
  • I cut the card base from the Wet n Wild SVG Cuts kit. The front panel is cut with acetate and I filled it up with some chunky Doodlebug glitter. I made a special light blue border to go around the edges to cover the edge of my acetate, plus it just made it look more put together. It’s the details, peeps.. the details!
  • Over the white bubble stickers I added some glossy accents.. eeeek! I forgot how much I like this stuff on things like bubbles and such. I need to make more bubble projects!
  • The little sand dollar box is so.stinkin.cute. It’s also from SVG Cuts Wet n Wild kit! I sized it down a bit. The sand dollar is cut with Doodlebug sugar coated paper. Perfect look for a sand dollar! (I’m totally saying in my head, “A sand dollar, make me hollar!” lol I added some stickers, twine, and a button

That’s it! Makes me excited for summer… although, my body is a hot mess so that just means I need to get busy working out more. OK.. there’s actually nothing ‘hot’ about it, I’m just a darn mess… *wiggles arms* SEE! What IS that?.. *flap, flap, flap*

*le sigh*

Time for me to head outta here! You all take it easy.. I am off to ‘work’ some more! Lots of fun projects in the works and I can’t wait to share! Lots of goodies coming the first week of April!



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Wednesday Video – 3/13/13

Yes, it’s a Wednesday video being posted on Thursday… I’m only three weeks in to this new series and already slacking!


I DID try and do a video yesterday but it got too dark and the lighting was awful. I figured you’d all keep breathing even if I didn’t post a video… and you’re here now, so I guess I was right *wink*

I think I need to start doing these videos on Monday though, seriously. Between 1-3 takes, slight editing, foooooorever to upload a HD video.. by the time I finally get it posted, it’s midnight!

“Aien’t nobody got time for that!”

Have you all seen the ‘aien’t nobody got time for that’ lady? Hi-larious! LOL! I first saw that video on Tosh.0 (A TV show) and then next thing I knew it was the new ‘thing’. Little does that woman know, I’ve been saying that line for years.. because I really aien’t got time for NUFFIN’.


“Oh, heeeeeey… let’s start a weekly video series, Tamara” <— best.idea.ever.



But I’m gonna keep going.. I do like them AFTER they are done and I do get excited to share. It’s the stress of trying to not goof up and burp or something while filming.

I get heartburn you know.

I purposely starve before filming just for you.


Well, hopefully you all have time to watch my little 13 minute video showing you the new Pebbles ‘Party with Amy Locurto’ lines. I have a pool party, mermaid, and super hero collection. So different from the ‘usual’ themes you find now-a-days. I LOVE them!

So, check it out..

Please try to view it at the BEST QUALITY. And be patient and let the video load up before playing it. This will prevent the whole ‘freezing’ crud it does.

The video is embedded below, or you can watch it RIGHT FROM YOU TUBE and don’t forget to subscribe :)


alrighty, friends.. see you next week!



OH!!!.. Wait a sec… *chases you down*….. *tackles you*…. *takes your wallet*… lol just kidding on the ‘takes your wallet part’.

I’ll just take the whole purse.


OK, really.. I wanted to mention that every other Friday I am going to be doing a Friday Favorites post. Should be fun! I will start tomorrow with just various things I like.. from recipes, crafty stuff, kid stuff, etc. Just a little something different to throw in the mix here and there. Can you tell I am trying hard to entertain you?.. That’s why I am writing this from my laptop.. on a tight rope.. wearing a hot pink tu-tu… with a dog balancing on my shoulders.

All for you..

You’re welcome.

See you tomorrow!

Snow Monsters Go Fast – A Layout

*waves* Here I am as promised.. showing you all what I made with the product featured in my ‘What I’m Working With Wednesday’ video! I feel all sorts of accomplished now, lol! There was a moment there when I thought I was going to scrap this layout.. but, I think I pulled it together pretty well.

For this layout I REALLY wanted to push myself to use those darn mists and the mask. I practiced a bit for the look I wanted on some scrap paper.. and to my amazement, I got it ‘right’ on my actual layout! Mist is a bit tricky.. I am learning that different brands spray differently. Some come out clean and spray very well.. some spray more ‘scattered’ (even with clean nozzles). I think I am getting it though.. and I like the look. Not for everything, but I felt the misted arrow mask worked well with this layout. I also knew I wanted a white background with pops of color and chunky rectangles or squares of paper. I am not 100% sold on the placement of the photo, but I had already sewn down the chat bubble and moving the photo anywhere else would look odd.

The title comes right from my little dudes mouth! I was printing his photo and he was talking about his snow monster hat.. He said it makes him go faster on the sled. Then he said, “Snow monsters go fast, huh mama?”... *high five* to the boy for helping his title challenged mama!

So, if you haven’t viewed the video of all the yummy product from the Studio Calico ‘Here & There’ collection, you can view it HERE. I also show some other random bits that coordinate with the collection.


OK, on to the layout!

I just love that picture of my little man! He just got done sledding down a big hill (right in our front yard!) and landed pretty much at my feet.. I was trying to make sure I stopped him from flying through a tree into the neighbors yard, lol.

Used the Studio Calico roller stamp here. Perfect! Added some stitching to a few parts of the layout.

Some scattered embellishments… fun, fun!… or, like the chat bubble says, “SO FUN!”


That’s it! I really hope you all are enjoying the layouts! I definitely feel more ‘at peace’ with making them now.. not so much like a beginner. It’s not as scary as it once was. Now I feel like a more well rounded designer; layouts, cards, altered stuff, etc. ya me! *smiles*

OK, friends.. off with ya! Have a good one…

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An altered embroidery hoop with brand NEW Doodlebug ‘Flower Box’ collection

Hello crafty friends!! This week on the Doodlebug Blog we are sharing some amazing projects with the NEW Flower Box collection!

A gorgeous color palette with a sweet touch of ‘melon’ which I love! Such a rarely seen color it seems… at least on papers. You’ll also get a yummy woodgrain fix with this collection and the several different colored woodgrain prints! It’s all around a happy, awesome collection!

I created a altered embroidery hoop! I love doing these right now and have two more that you’ll see eventually.. for other DT work. Anyhow, check out this cuteness!

Pretty cute, huh? Now it’s hanging in my craft room as a decoration… too bad it’s not bringing us spring, we’re suppose to get snow tomorrow!

Be sure to swing by the Doodlebug blog and see what the other talented DTers have made! So much inspiration!

And lucky you.. ALL four new Doodblebug collections are available at Two Peas! CHECK IT OUT!


OK.. see you later! Oh! I posted my new What I am Working With Wednesday video last night.. you can see that HERE!

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What I’m Working With Wednesday : 3/6


Hey, hey! I’m back with a new video for WIWWW! This week features some brand new Studio Calico ‘HERE & THERE’ collection! It’s full of gorgeous colors, fun graphics and lovely prints! Come see all the goodies I picked out to go along with it! I’m working on a layout with this stuff so be sure to check back in a few days to see. Also, I ask some questions in the video and address just a few things that were mentioned in my last video comments and feedback.. so.. let me know!

Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel. be sure to view it as the best quality possible to get a good look (hover over the ‘gear’ icon and select the best setting you can). Enjoy!


** For some reason I am hearing a light static when viewing right from my blog.. maybe it’s just me? I am new to this whole video thing so maybe I did something wrong. Sounds fine on YT though… So, if you rather viewing it from You Tube, CLICK HERE!

NEW weekly video series – Oh, yeah!

That’s right, folks.. in case Facebook, Instagram, and my blog were not enough.. you can now find me on You Tube! I Just might be the next big You Tube Star…

OK.. maybe not. But I am excited to share with you all!


I decided to start a series called ‘What I’m Working With Wednesday’. I am going to TRY and do a new video every Wednesday. Just a quick and not very ‘formal’ video to show you some goodies I am working with for the week! Most the time it will be brand NEW stuff, fresh releases.. or stuff not yet released. Very little of ‘older’ stuff. Of course I urge you all to stop by my blog later on and see what I made with the goodies in the video. So, please let me know what you think. Do I talk to much.. not enough.. am I boring.. do I have hairy knuckles? This is just a ‘rough’ video to see how you all like it. If it’s a ‘go’ then I will make it snazzy with intros and what-not.

If you want to watch directly from You Tube, CLICK HERE and please SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more updates, etc. I might even sneak in a ‘haul’ video here and there. I do think I will use my Flip camera next time as the focus is not as good as I would have liked, but I tried!


Also, make sure you are viewing it at the best resolution that you can… Do this by hovering over the video and clicking the ‘gear’ icon… Like so:

So.. here it is! This WIWWW (Short for What I’m Working With Wednesday.. ) is showing off the new Doodlebug Designs collection ‘Take Note’. This collection is NOT available yet… which makes it even more fun to peek at! I can not wait to show you my project featuring this collection.

And please ignore my sloppy nail polish job. I just painted them this morning and well.. I didn’t do a very good job, lol.

See ya next week with another video! Enjoy and please let me know your thoughts!

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