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Enjoy the day & SMILE!

Another layout from yours truly! I’m pretty amazed that I made TWO layouts and TWO Photo Freedom pages this week! Go me, oh yeah! That’s four projects working around photos in one week! That’s more than I usually do in a 6 month period, lol.

I got so much positive feedback on my last layout and it totally gave me the push to try another. I think I am slowly getting better at this. I really love how this one came out. It’s crazy the amount of thought and planning I put into this vs. a huge altered project, lol. I can slam out altered projects pretty quickly.. stick a 12×12 piece of paper in front of me and I get all sorts of confused and stare at it forever.

For this layout I used October Afternoon’s ‘Woodland Park’. It’s quite beautiful and I have tons of it! I just love the color palette here. And butterflies.. gotta love butterflies! I have two butterfly tattoos, my youngest daughters nursery was butterflies, my oldest daughter had a butterfly themed room for awhile.. and now my youngest daughter has owls and butterflies in her room.. see a pattern here? lol.

So here it is!

I did a few lines of white butterflies. I kept them whte because I wanted to add dimension to the page without making it take away from the photo. I think it came out really pretty!

I printed two of the same photo. One in black and white and one in color. I wasn’t sure which version I would like with this layout.. turns out I used both! I just have a bit of the colored version peeking behind the black and white. Of course I stuck on some brads! I love the look of random embellishments here and there.

I stayed away from journaling on this one. I really didn’t have much to say. I just left the stickers ‘Enjoy the day & smile’ and I think that worked perfectly.

I’d love to hear what you think! I’m actually pretty excited to start another one! Who woulda’ thunk it, eh?..

Thanks for stopping by! See ya on MONDAY!


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Vintage Birthday Toy Train – An SVG Cuts project

I am WAY too excited to share this with you all! I’m totally looking like a crazy baboon jumping around right now from excitement.. sans the funky red bottoms they have. (What’s up with that anyways?)

OK. I lie. I am just sitting here sipping on coffee and itching to run off and play with some new Doodlebug goodies I just got delivered!


So.. let’s get rolling with this blog post, shall we?

I created this super, SUPER cute ‘vintage’ birthday toy train for SVG Cuts! This thing seriously has to be one of my top 10 favorite projects… and from the looks of it on SVG Cuts Facebook page, you all love it too! Cheers to that! *holds coffee up* *cling* (not too hard though, don’t wanna spill even a drip of this precious Starbucks white mocha!). So, for those that are not on Facebook, or may have missed it.. here it is!


All together now…. “Awwwwww!”

This giraffe is just so cute! Mary from SVG Cuts makes the cutest little cutting files! I actually requested the ‘jungle’ themed Wild Child collection awhile back.. I started something with them and just wasn’t feeling it. I am glad I was finally able to use them in a project!

Everything is connected with a mustard yellow jute cord and buttons.

I love these little star balloons!  You can have one if you’d like!

This lion is just hanging out on the back! Probably hoping there’s a fat juicy steak in the gift box!

Funny thing about this lion, he only has one eye.

I know what you’re saying… “No… I see TWO!”.. Crazy Tamara!

SEE! lol! I only had 3 dark brown buttons so either the giraffe or lion had to go without one.

I’m sorry Mr. Lion. Doesn’t mean I love you any less! I knew with that gorgeous flowing mane that you’d be able to pull off the one-eyed look!

Thankfully my Photoshop skills kicked in and I just Photoshopped another right on!

I’ve got skills, peeps! Least I know if I ever lose an eye I can just clone one back on in Photoshop… Wish this worked in real life, lol!


So what do you think? This was quite easy to make and if you’d like to make one you’ll need the following SVG Cuts kits/collections

All the cutting sizes and instructions can be found HERE The GORGEOUS paper collection is from October Afternoon ‘Cakewalk’. ADORBS!

That’s it! How perfect would this be for a centerpiece? And it’s a useful centerpiece.. you can put little candies, vodka soaked gummy bears, or Jello shots in the train cars.


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Sweet Stamp Shop – Guest Designer!


It’s Sunday and I am ready to do some crafting, but first I thought I would share this fun card with you all! I was a guest designer this past week at Sweet Stamp Shop! I was sent this super adorable ‘Out in Space’ set to use and it was perfect! I pulled out some of my ‘oldie but goodie’ October Afternoon ‘Rocket Age’ paper and got to work! This is a pretty simple card, but oh sooo cute! I love the little alien guy! Since I’ve been naming things on my projects lately, we will just call him ‘Merp’.. ‘Merp, Merp, Merp, Meeeeerp…” Sounds like an alien noise, right? lol.. Maybe it just sounds alien-ish in my head.

Meet, Merp! He is waiting for the rocket ship to land and drop off some humans to have for dinner.. or.. eh.. to have dinner with. (Gotta remember this is a family friendly blog..They will be no consumption of humans here!)


Cute? Of course it is with those ‘sweet’ stamps!



The most simple things excite me.. and with this card it’s the coiled wire with the rocket on it! Yep.. I’ve coiled wire plenty of times… and double yep.. I’ve stuck things on the end of the coiled wires. And Yeppers.. I am acting like it’s new and exciting. LOL..

For the stars I used my trusty ol’ Sizzix eclips with the eCal shapes library. I never realized how often that little shapes library has come in handy for me until I started designing for Sizzix.. lol. Love it!

My card base it 4×6 and I csized the top layer at 3.50 x 5.50 and added random stars all over like so:


I made sure I kept some space in the center to add in my stamps.. then clicked ‘cut!’ Super easy! I added in some ink, orange machine stitching and of course stamped images!

You could also use the small star from the Sizzix star framelits to get the same effect.


And while I have you here I thought I would share some new awesome twine from Trendy Twine! I about died when I saw the new colors.. me being a Halloweenie girl and all! I love the colors mixed with black! These are going to be PERFECT to use with all my treat bags I gotta make! There’s always new yummy colors to see, so stop by their Facebook page and give them a ‘Like’ :) (It would be nice to mention I sent ya if you) I have a fun Halloween inspiration week with some paper projects and DIY stuff coming up, and I will be giving away some of this fabulous twine.. oh, yeah!


OK.. I think that’s all for today! I have to choose the winner tomorrow from the fabulous Echo Park blog hop (did you get your entry in? You have a few more hours!).

I’m off to get crafty! Not sure what I am going to make just yet. Maybe something fall-ish. I have some gorgeous October Afternoon papers here I want to dive into.. Hmmm..

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To Infinity.. and Beyond! A mini album

Ahhh, my little man! He’s truly a daily ray of sunshine! I’m so thankful to have a sweet baby boy in my life! My days are often full of loud car and airplane noises, among other random sound effects. He’s full of energy, loves to ‘save the planets’ and fight the ‘bad guys’. He hopes to one day go to space and see if the moon really has cheese (his words, lol).

Yesterday morning I woke up to him yelling, “Alannah, heeeeelp me!” “I am stuck”… I jumped out of bed and found him tangled up in his one piece Buzz Lightyear costume. He loves this thing, but I usually have to help him get in it. I’m not sure WHY he felt the need to dress up in it at 7:00 in the morning (I mean really, I didn’t even get to have coffee first! Don’t these epople know I can’t handle craziness before my coffee? lol). After helping him out, I sat down and woke up a bit (Yes, had my coffee) and I just listened to him happily playing in his room. He came running and asked me to take some pictures to show on ‘Mr. Gram’ (this is what he calls Instagram) LOL! (For those that don’t know, it’s a photo sharing/editing app! Here’s my feed if you want to peek INSTAGRAM) And of course I couldn’t say no to my little space boy!

After I took some pictures with my phone, I decided to pull out the ‘big’ camera and snap some to do a layout. I had some October Afternoon ‘Rocket Age’ sitting around and this would be PERFECT! Well, turns out I have a lot of it sitting around.. and I got several super cute pictures, so I decided to make a mini album! I ‘think’ I might be getting addicted to these.. so much fun to make! I used the chipboard rocket ship shaped album from the Rocket Age collection, it was perfect!

Here’s some pics.. well.. a lot of pics. lol. I think I have 11 or so?.. But really, it’s so cute! And yea.. I’m a rockstar. Finished this in about 2 hours. Some of you might THINK it looks like I finished it in two hours (If you’re like.. a pro album maker or something..) So what, lol. I love it! And can I just say that Austin is SO proud of his little album? We have it displayed in his room now.


I did some stitching, inking, some outlining with a black pen, and my favorite part, the ‘floating’ planet. I took this idea off a box I made with the same collection. Totally stealing ideas from myself.. lol.

Here’s the first page. Just some embellishments and some black outlining on the chipboard letters.


Next page is a vellum rocket. I traced and cut this out using the album as a template. I kinda messed up the bottom of it.. Hmmph.

I punched some stars into the vellum, added stitching, etc. and of course I printed the ‘story’ right onto the vellum. Anytime I can avoid my awful chicken scratch handwriting, I will.


Turn the vellum page and you have this..


Love that boy! *hearts flutter*


I love the full sized print on the right side! He is posing with his hands on his hips. This is his ‘official’ super guy pose. LOL! The other two smaller pics are him posing and standing on his bed. The other is him next to his rocket ship tent. Yea.. A rocketship tent. It’s totally cool! Here’s a better pictures of it. (obviously he has a space themed room)

And just because I am sharing, here’s his bed… we love the space bedding! (The ceiling is navy blue, not black..)

OK, back to the album! Close ups of the pages I just shared.



And finally, the last of the pages!


I added a small vellum piece and added another photo, stitching, and embellishments.



And behind the little vellum page is the end :)


What do you think? I’d love to hear as mini albums are a VERY new thing for me!

Oh.. and speaking of wanting to ‘hear’ your comments. I had to add some sort of SPAM filter my my blog posts. I am SO tired of the SPAM I get. Just in the past two days I had over 80 SPAM comments. It’s a total pain to filter through them to approve ‘real’ comments. So, when you leave a comment, there is a box with a password. Simply copy the password, and then paste it into the box below it. Very easy and just takes a second to do. It’s easier than those scrambled letter and number messes, and saves me the headache of piles of SPAM comments.

Anyhow, I hope you all had a great weekend! Please join me tomorrow (Monday 6/18) for an Echo Park BLOG HOP showing off some of the newest releases! I will have a project up using ‘Sweet Day’! It’s pretty ‘sweet’.

Oh, yeah! And I can’t forget to point out my nifty little share icons below each post.. share, share, share! I will love ya for it, lol. If that creeps you out (me loving you), then I will just bake you cookies or something. Annnnd… I fixed the spacing issues on my blog a little bit, but what I did only seems to work in certain browsers. Ah.. I wish I was a web genius, lol. I will do more research and such and see if I can fix it.

OK, OK.. I will let you go now! Have a fantastic and crafty week! I will be finishing the last few of my EP projects and shipping them off!

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