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One tough little guy!

That’s my boy.. Mr. ‘tough guy’. From about 18 months old.. to now, 4.5 years old. Austin, my son, loves to ‘flex’ his muscles. My husband and I would always say in a ‘cool guy’ voice, “Oooh, Austin’s a tough guy!”. I ran across some pictures of him being ‘tough’ and decided to do a layout of my little dude with some new Doodlebug Designs ‘boys only’ collection. I LOVE these papers, one of my favorite boy lines, for sure! I played off of the arrows and stars and came up with this cute and simple layout. Yep. I like cute and simple!


See him flexing those muscles? That’s some serious stuff there! LOL!!


Yuuuuup. I’ve been throwing on a pleated trim on a lot of my projects lately.. I like it :) This one is more ‘messy’ and done by hand. I stiched over it and added eyelets and buttons.



I have been starting to ‘collect’ Thickars.. I love the foam ones! (The aqua blue letters are ‘thickars’ they are foam alpha stickers). Fun stuff! I just ordered a bunch recently because Joanns had them on sale!

I did some stitching around the large star, which is kinda hard to see. I wish I had a dark blue thread instead.


Anyhow… I want to touch base about FACEBOOK.. GAH! Ever since the whole Timeline switch, my traffic on my blog AND on Facebook has been slowing down a LOT.. seems to be getting worse and worse. I know a lot of my followers use Facebook as a way to follow me and see when I make a new blog post. Well, that might not be such a great idea anymore (Now, don’t go unliking my page! lol) Facebook is doing something odd with posts and filtering how often you see them. I noticed it from the pages that I like, even the ones I comment on often! Plus I now have had two people say they haven’t been seeing any of my Facebook updates. I’m not sure WHAT is up.. but it’s irritating. I want you all to see what I’m up to, darn it! So, I did some research.. and didn’t really learn much, lol.. BUT.. I did see that if you want to see my updates, you should ‘hover’ over the ‘like’ button on my page, and then click ‘Show in News Feed’. So…. if you ‘like’ my page, go on and do that! CLICK HERE TO GO TO MY PAGE.


OR, if you want to be extra sure you see my posts, just subscribe by email! Very easy! CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE In the ‘subscribe now’ box, you can click on ‘get Happy Life, Crafty Wife delivered by email’
OK, now… I hope that helps you all stay in touch a bit. It’s sad to see things get a bit slow… me no likey talking to myself! I know we are all busy and such, especially with summer coming! I just wanna know you are all still out there.. sooomewhere, lol!

OK, crafty friends.. have a fabulous weekend! We are officially on summer break here.. oooh, yeah! *high five* and a *booty bump*.. oh. Was the booty bump a bit too much?.. Did I send you flying into a bush of thorns with my overly powerful booty bump?… lol.

Take it easy! Keep an eye out for SVG Cuts latest kit.. I know the theme already and it’s gonna be AWESOME!! Perfect for a fun crafty weekend!

See ya!

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Studio Calico 35mm kit – Plus a giveaway!


GAH.. I am getting a cold! What is this nonsense? I have projects to get done darn it! I am trying to get ahead on DT work before we leave for our Disneyland trip on the 16/17th. We go every year and the kiddos are SO excited. I just hope they don’t catch my germs and end up sick right before we go.

Anyhow, I am so glad you are here! I have two projects to share with you today for the guest designer post over at Studio Calico! I was sent the 35mm kit to work with this month and it was pretty fun! I love the colors and the whole ‘feel’ of this kit.


So, you wanna see? Of course you do.. and if you don’t.. I will show you anyways (Don’t you dare click the back button.. or the dreaded ‘x’.. I HAVE to show you my 4th layout! lol) Yes, yes.. I am still counting my layouts! It’s a big deal, ya know!


Uh. Yup.

I’ve used those photos in a project before.

Go on… poke me with your x-acto knife or something..

Can we all at least agree that the pictures are super cute?

*nods head*

Good.. :)


As a ‘guest designer’ I tried to do something inspirational. Being a new kid to scrapbooking I am not sure what is ‘new’ and ‘exciting’ to all the ‘seasoned’ scrappers. But for me.. I was super excited (really, it doesn’t take much.. A trip to Starbucks and I’ll start chasing my tail)….. Hmm.. let’s just pretend I didn’t say (eh.. write?..) that.

Soooo… I did to two of the corners what I like to call, ‘SUPER COOL CORNER FOLDY TRICK’. Yup. I folded them down and stitched ‘em up.

Are you amused yet?


Then I thought I would cut out the cameras from the Echo Park ‘Charming’ camera paper.. then I thought it would be cool to make a ‘strip’ from them… And then, and then… and then… lol. You likey?


I used some mist for the Heidi Swapp letters.. First time using them.. and possibly the last. HOLY MESS! I didn’t even do much with them and I managed to create chaos on my kitchen counter.

Did you notice how I cut out the hexagon pattern and backed it with the wood print paper? Yummy.


Now for project number 2. This one is a simple photo sleeve for ‘snapshots’ I like how it matches with my layout.




That was super easy to make! It would make a great gift too. Something small enough to carry around in your purse.


Alrighty, GIVEAWAY TIME! Studio Calico also has a SHOP with all sorts of goodies in it. If you comment on this blog post you can be entered to win a $10 GC to the Studio Calico store! You have until NEXT FRIDAY May 11th to enter! I will email the winner so please be sure to leave your email address. I would also love any ‘newbies’ here to FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!

And before you leave.. can you take this ‘cold’ I have with you?.. Come on.. You know you want it.



Peek a boo!

This post is all about some sneak peeks! We all love those!.. Good ol teasers!

Actually.. I hate teasers..

Just show me all of it! All or nothing, baby!

But.. there are ‘rules’ I have to abide by.. and I can only tease you right now.

I know.. I’m crying too.


And of course, there’s another GIVEAWAY!


First I will start with one peek.. another.. hmm.. LAYOUT, perhaps?.. *raises eyebrows in a creepy way… opens up trench coat… says, “Hey.. pssst.. come check THIS out”.*

I am guest designing for Studio Calico using the May ‘main kit’ which is called, 35mm. It’s a pretty cool kit! Some of it is stuff that I might not have normally worked with, so that was fun! Here’s some sneak peeks at my layout. Yes.. this is layout #4! WHOO-HOO! TWO layouts in one week? I’m purty darn amazed! lol



Those letters are misted.. This was my first time using any sort of ‘mist’.. interesting.. *makes an ‘I secretly hate mist’ face*

For those of you who don’t know what Studio Calico is all about.. it’s a cool kit club, store, community forums and such! You can subscribe and get a fun new kit every month, you can purchase add ons as well! They also have their own line of scrapbooking products. I recently got some of their wood pieces, totally cool!

And this right here would be May’s kit! Ooooh… Ahhhhhh!



My NEXT peek is something delicious made with some even more delicious Echo Park Paper! This is a peek of the project, sure… But.. Buuuuuuuut…. you can get the FREE ebook NOW! Yes, oh YES! The ebook is full of some gorgeous design team projects complete with instructions! CLICK HERE for the latest ebook!

Peeky.. peek…. Here’s one of my projects you can find in the snazzy ebook! Trust me, you wanna see it..

And that little dude in those pics..

Kinda cute..

My little man.. awww *hearts*

On a side note.. I really, reeeeeeally need to be better about taking photos of ‘every day’ life. I have NOTHING ‘scrapbook’ worthy. Am I a crappy mama or what?

No.. of course I’m not.

I’m like.. the rockstar of moms..

I am just crappy at taking photos of my day to day life. lol

Maybe because we just sit around in jammies most days.







*dances like a crazy banana*

I need to get a photo of this one to add in to the post, I will do that later.. or never, because let’s face it, I procrastinate…. and.. I am going to be doing yard work all weekend. Please.. try not to be jealous. ‘ALL’ weekend is more like an hour or so.. but, it’s gonna kill me. lol.

However, this giveaway.. photo or not, is quite yummy! I have WAY too much Dear Lizzy ‘Neapolitan’ so.. I am clearing some out.. and hopefully into YOUR house!

Just leave a comment on this post.. yada, yada, yada.. you know the drill.

Don’t forget my other giveaways! (scroll on down a bit..)

And of course, here’s my ‘rules of the giveaway’ that you all seem to enjoy.


  • One entry per person, Per household. No pets allowed.
  • No shirt, no shoes, no service.
  • Please make sure you enter your email address.. will NOT work.. yes, I get stuff like that often, lol. I am not gonna SPAM ya, don’t worry. I think I harass you all enough if you follow my Facebook page.
  • Give me a high five.
  • Winner for the Dear Lizzy ‘Neapolitan’ giveaway will be announced on my Happy Life, Crafty Wife Facebook page on Friday, May 12nd! Don’t get your knickers in a bunch if you’re not on Facebook, I will be EMAILING all winners as well.. hence, needing a legit email address.
  • You have up until I announce the winner to enter.. Good luck!


Giveaway #1 PLUS a layout!

Hey, hey, HEY!!!

Here I am.. a day late getting my giveaways going.. egh.. I’m a total slacker aren’t I?.. I got busy doing several things yesterday, many of those things being ‘nothing’.. LOL! And then I ended up not wanting to post it so late in the day. So… what I am going to do is run the giveaways for a week.. So you have until NEXT Tuesday to enter todays giveaway! Yep, I am so nice! Remember that when you’re doing your holiday shopping this year… lol

So, what is todays giveaway?! I decided to do this giveaway based on some yummy product I used in this layout that I am sharing!… So.. check out the layout (This is my THIRD layout, folks! Awww, yeah!.. and yes, I will probably be counting my layouts for a long time, lol. I will be shocked to hit 10 by the end of the year!)

OK.. feast your peepers on THIS cuteness…

Well, it’s cute to me.. totally fits her personality! Bright, fun, kinda crazy, sticky.. (the tape.. ‘sticky’ and yeah, when my daughter was 5yrs old, she was rather ‘sticky’ sometimes, lol)


Yeah.. I know. I HAD to create a washi tape heart for my photo. I hope you like washi tape.. *wink-wink* See what I go through to bring you all yummy pictures on my blog?


That’s a darn cute kid right there! *swoon* She’s 9 now.. and well, she’s just as cute, her attitude though.. sooooo not cute.


I dug into my thread hoard and found some perfectly matching pink and orange thread to use.

Random messy stitching = Love.

I gotta say, when I started this whole ‘stitching on paper’ biz, I kinda had to force myself to stitch like I was on a caffeine high and shaking like a crazed buffoon <—- totally had to look up how to spell that. I started out sewing clothes.. and being VERY picky about how I sewed.. every top stiched area had to be perfect! Being ‘messy’ about sewing seemed ‘weird’.


I needed some dimension on my layout so I used some buttons that were an off white. I wanted them ‘there’, butI  did not want them like.. ‘HELLO THERE…. CAN YOU SEE MEEEE!? I AM A BIG HOT PINK BUTTON’ lol. I used washi tape here and there as you can see.. Yum! I posted a few months ago about my ‘new’ love for washi tape.. it’s still going strong, I order at LEAST a single roll…. or 20 a week.. lol. I really need to find a way to store these things.. but for now, they are fun to throw at the cats when they are doing something naughty.

*Disclaimer – I do not abuse my cats.. I am making stuff up for your amusement. You’re welcome.

As usual.. I can’t do anything without my Sizzix eclips getting involved. I cut these hearts with my eCal software ‘basic shapes library’.. ta-da!


Again, I wanted them ‘there’ but not so ‘in your face’ so I didn’t back them with any paper, I just let the lovely kraft paper show through.

So… Is this post with one little layout long enough for you?.. lol. Posting photos is like buying washi tape.. you can’t have just one.

Or.. something like that.


  • Paper and cardstock stickers are from Simple Stories.. A rather new love of mine.. I have a lot of ‘loves’.


OK, ok.. Ready for the GIVEAWAY?!

I am giving away FOUR ROLLS of your choice of washi tape from my favorite washi tape Etsy seller, Pretty Tape (don’t look unless you want to empty your pockets!… or.. your husbands pockets, if that’s how you roll.. lol)

Soooo… since I might get my hand slapped for doing a giveaway on MY FACEBOOK PAGE, I am doing the giveaway HERE.. on my newly designed blog (Do you like it?.. I needed a change so I whipped up this design one night and slapped it on here!) Anyhow.. to enter the giveaway just leave me a comment on this post.. go on.. tell me how cool my layout is.. I will let ya! LOL!

Rules and stuff..

  • One entry per person, Per household. No pets allowed.
  • No shirt, no shoes, no service.
  • Please make sure you enter your email address.. will NOT work.. yes, I get stuff like that often, lol. I am not gonna SPAM ya, don’t worry. I think I harass you all enough if you follow my Facebook page.
  • Give me a high five.
  • Winner for the washi tape giveaway will be announced on my Happy Life, Crafty Wife Facebook page on Tuesday, May 1st (Holy cripes!! MAY! Really!!! Where is this year going?..) Don’t get your knickers in a bunch if you’re not on Facebook, I will be EMAILING all winners as well.. hence, needing a legit email address.
  • You have up until I announce the winner to enter.. Good luck!

OK.. see you tomorrow for ANOTHER giveaway! Thank you ALL for being a cool kid and visting my blog and Facebook page. I *heart* you all.


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Eeeks! OK, here it is.. my very FIRST layout. GAH!!!!! *bites nails*

I am so nervous about sharing for some reason.. I mean, this is SO far out of my comfort zone, it’s ridiculous! lol. I can make ya 3D hot air balloons, just don’t ask me for a layout, LOL! And well, that’s just what my DT coordinator at Echo Park did! I saw her at CHA and she asked me to start doing some layouts.. the nerve, right? LOL (Andrea, if you’re reading this.. I *heart* ya!) So, I sat down and tackled it.. or, err.. tried to tackle it!

First I picked some papers I wanted to work with, and paper hoarder me had a hard enough time with that!

Then, I picked photos that might look cute with the chosen papers. I found some pictures from a photoshoot I did of my daughter, Alannah, in the first dress I ever sewed for her! I printed them in color and it just irritated my mind.. I had to make them black and white! Then, the sizing didn’t work out for my ‘vision’ (Said ‘vision’ started as a sketch I drew up, which was quickly ditched. This ‘vision’ also changed a bajillion times!) So, after 3 sheets of photo paper, I had it, the right sized photos! Whew! That took a few hours, no joke! I am BAD about printing photos of my kiddos, so to go through files amoung files to find ‘the’ photos was a workout in itself. (Yeeee-ah.. MY kind of ‘workout’ is sitting on my butt looking through photo files.. it’s tough stuff, man! Especially with my crazy mess of a desktop!) Next thing I knew, the girlies were home and craft time was over.

Then today rolls around. I get the monsters off to school, drowned myself in coffee, and got right to ‘work’. It took a few HOURS! I don’t have a set scrapbooking ‘style’ just yet, so I played around with placement and embellishments a lot. And while I did that, I learned a bit about my ‘style’.

I don’t like things perfectly centered, usually, and I like my embellishments in ‘clusters’ I do it with my cards, too. Once I just did my ‘thing’ and didn’t try to force something that wasn’t ‘me’ it all worked out, and I have a totally acceptable layout! It might not be everyone’s style.. but it works for me. And hey, it’s my first layout and I somehow managed to keep all my fingers, so that’s a plus, right?!

Here it is, TA-DA!


Says in little mouse voice… “Whatcha think?”


*hides under desk*


OK, seriously… all you ‘seasoned’ scrappers.. Can I do this? Can I be in the cool kids scrapbooking club?

Do you have members only jackets?..

In pink?.. I hope?

Satiny pink?

Perhaps with some bling?!


Here are some close up shots.. I used October Afternoon’s ‘Sidewalks’ collection.. looove!


The butterflies are actually cut from the photo.. and backed with patterned paper. You can tell in person, but to me, in the photos, it just looks like die cuts adhered to the picture. I tried to snazz it up a bit, lol. My nifty laser cut preview on my Sizzix Eclips helped me make sure I got my placement just right! And of course I used my ‘go to’ butterflies from SVG Cuts!


And some more close ups..

3D bows.. they can be flattened a bit to go in an album


The ‘book print’ paper is pleated.

Whew! I feel a major sense of accomplishment, lol. It’s not an award winner, by any means.. but it’s a decent start! So.. look for more layouts from me in the future!

Have a GREAT ‘Scrappy’ weekend!


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