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Patriotic favors with Little Yellow Bicycle.. and a bean in my belly!

Heeeeeey! How goes it? Did you have a fabulous weekend? I was pretty busy this past week. My mom and kid brother were up (I’ve actually had my brother here for two weeks..) so I was busy trying to entertain them… Lots of singing and dancing going on over here.. lol.. and with everyone here I began realizing we need a bigger house! It gets kinda crowded with 3 kids, a hubby, a grandma, a 14yo brother.. and a pregnant chick. No room for anymore visitors! Not to mention of animals. I need SPACE!

And yeah… you read that right! Pregnant chick.. ME! Holy crud, peeps… I am preggers! Baby #4 is on the way! While I have been in a near pregnancy induced coma, I managed to get some projects done. Anyone who has been pregnant knows how exhausting it is at first. I just want to nap and eat ice and cheese, lol. Now of course I am getting busy with CHA work. It’s gonna be a crazy crafty two weeks for me… and then I plan to take a week long nap. HA! Suuuure. Three kids home for summer? Not happening.

I know.. three kids.. I already complain about having to craft late at night while they are in bed.. oh, hey.. here’s an idea! Let’s have another! lol. I honestly can’t wait to have a wittle cute baby again!

Really though, we are completely excited! All my kids are two years apart.. this one will be 6 years apart from my youngest. Some friends have said, “I can’t believe you want to start all over again”.. puh-lease! I just saw that baby swings now come with plug in adapters! (some of them) That alone is enough to get pregnant, lol. My hubby and I use to always say the baby swing companies must have had some deals with the battery companies because we could never find a ‘plug in’ swing.


So that’s my exciting news of the week! I am hoping when this baby is born to do a ‘Project Life’ type album for the baby’s first year.. I already know I will fail at this, lol.


Alrighty. Moving on to some patriotic favor boxes I made for Little Yellow Bicycle. I used the new Vintage Summer collection.. which is amazing! I think this is my favorite recent LYB collection. I like that you can go patriotic with red, white, and blue.. but not so ‘in your face’ patriotic craziness with fireworks, tons of stars, flags, etc.

So here’s my first favor box, a star shaped box made from the SVG Cuts Stars and Stripes SVG Kit.

I love the chipboard pieces in this collection.. those ‘milk caps’ are fabulous!

And of course ya gotta have the stick pins!


Next up was this square box with star cut outs I found in the Silhouette store. Really simple and easy to assemble.

I always love the paper crafting kits LYB makes… I am a big fan of rosettes!


And whoa.. the 4th of July is almost here! Kinda crazy how fast this year seems to be going by.. I mean.. didn’t we just have Christmas? Better hurry and get our pool up! Before I know it fall will be here.. which excites me! I LOVE the fall.. I am ready to pull out all my pumpkins again!

OK, I will see ya later! Thanks for stopping by!


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Carta Bella ‘Giddy Up’ Boot! Yee-Haw! (and a little update)

FINALLY! As soon as I saw the preview for the Carta Bella Giddy Up collections I was dreaming up all the projects I wanted to make.. starting with this boot from SVG Cuts! A boot 100% from paper.. whaaaa?… Yes, friends!

I had this pretty little thing made a few weeks ago and have been so excited to share.. it recently went out in an email from Carta Bella, so you might have seen it already… but now you get to see it BIGGER and up close!

Is that NOT sooo cool? It’s amazing to me that it is made from paper… lol. This boot would look fantastic in ANY theme!.. 4th of July, etc.

You can find my 3D star tutorial right here; STAR TUTORIAL.. And I just noticed it has been pinned over 8,000 times! Sheesh!

This boot might not have ‘been made for walkin’…‘ (you know the song, right?..) but who cares when it’s THIS cute!?… and yeah, I MIGHT have tried to stick my foot inside, lol. This is not exactly made for a size 7 foot. Would you like to make your very own boot to try and cram your foot into? You’ll need the SVG Cuts kit, Happy Trails! This is an amazing cutting file kit that would look fabulous done up in either of these Carta Bella Giddy Up collections!


That’s it, friends! HAPPY CRAFTING!!.. as for ‘me’ I am hoping to get back to ‘normal’ soon. As I’ve mentioned a few times now I am in the middle of a custody/move away case right now and it’s just DRAINING me mentally.. very hard stuff, folks. The court date is tomorrow and I am hoping it all goes smoothly.. send some happy thoughts my way.. and coffee.. LOTS of coffee. Court is about 3hrs away and I have to get up around 3:30am and be out the door by 5:00am.. I much rather be going to Disneyland, lol. So many of you have sent me such sweet messages and while I haven’t had a chance to reply to all of you, each and every one of your sweet comments, advice, hugs, etc. means SO much to me! I blog and share pics, act like a weirdo, etc.. and sometimes it’s easy to forget that I put myself out there and people get to ‘know’ me and genuinely care for me. Even a few of you who read my blog and are not ‘commenters’ have taken time to email me and just let me know they are thinking of me.. so sweet! One of you (Natalie R.) even sent me a card.. with a Starbucks gift card in it! Coffee always cheers me up, lol..  Thank you all! *pink fluffy hearts floating around me* .


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‘POP’ on over! – Doodlebug Design Stars & Stripes

Hello, lovelies! Today I have a fun ‘pop’ themed project to share with you all. All us Doodble DT girls have been busy bees creating fun projects using all the NEW collections! We’ve featured Flower Box, Fruit Stand, Stars & Stripes… and this week we are featuring Take Note! Oh, yes! I LOVE the Take Note colection! If you want to see it up close, check out the full video I did RIGHT HERE.


Since I am a week late in getting this posted, chances are (if you follow Doodlebug.. and you SHOULD!) you’ve seen this already.

So, my inspiration for this ‘pop’ project was one little Doodle-Pop sticker.

I thought to myself that it would be sooo cute to alter some soda bottles. They HAD to have red soda in them though.. so I sent my hubby on a mission. He’s such a good sport. Thankfully we found some red soda in our small town. I was shocked. MY town had something I needed?.. Unheard of. Really.

After I altered the soda bottles I just felt it needed more… and I have this ‘itch’ to use all my product on one project, LOL! (not really.. but sometimes it seems that way!). So I created a ‘pop’ theme and made a popcorn box and a little invitation. Perfect! I  am so happy with how it came out with all it’s Doodle-buggy cuteness.

Don’t eat any of that popcorn. I popped it almost a week before taking final photos, lol. It’s quite stale.

What do YOU call ‘soda’? We had a little discussion in the DB DT group.. I’ve always called it soda. Some call it ‘pop’.. and others call ALL soda ‘coke’.  Or.. maybe you call it carbonated sugar. lol. (I don’t care for soda at all)

The mini pinwheels are SO adorable! I love how they are already cut and you can easily put them together. Pinwheels are such a sweet spring/summer decoration.

The mini notecard (create-a-card) was PERFECT for the invitation! How cute would this be to bring to  a neighbor’s house to invite them over for some BBQ?…

Just make sure you use FRESH popcorn… or.. if you’re my neighbor. Cookies.. yes, cookies are always good..


As you can see this is a fabulous collection!  View the entire collection RIGHT HERE.


See ya later! And since I haven’t spammed it in awhile, if you haven’t already, please ‘like’ my Facebook page! It’s a good way to follow my blog and get all the updates.. plus I like to have other random chit-chat there that doesn’t happen on my blog.


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Life is the bubbles! Pebbles ‘Party with Amy Locurto’ project

Hey there, friends! Happy Monday! I am FINALLY sharing my project I made with the adorable Pebbles product featured in my last What I’m Working With Wednesday video! (Check it out to see the OTHER goodies in the video!) Hooray! I got kinda busy this weekend so ‘extra’ projects had to be set aside while I finished up some ‘work’.

I think this came out so darn cute.. too cute, really! I love the cartoony look and colors. Now I for sure know I need to order more! I hate that I am drawn to so many styles of product. I love clean, fun, cutesy (like Doodlebug) I love designs somewhere in between (Echo Park, American Crafts (Pebbles) Little Yellow Bicycle, Simple Stories, etc.) and I love things that are more vintage (October Afternoon, Crate Paper..) This is a problem because I think I There are very few companies out thaere that I wouldn’t want to build a house with all their products and live in it…. I could totally make a couch outta Thickers! lol

Anyhow, here’s what I made, design details are posted below the pictures.

I totally wanna be on this card floating around with that pretty glitter.

And now the cute treat box..

Go on, scroll back up and look again! lol

I told you it was CUTE!

Here’s some design tips for ya:

  • Pebbles papers and stickers
  • I cut the card base from the Wet n Wild SVG Cuts kit. The front panel is cut with acetate and I filled it up with some chunky Doodlebug glitter. I made a special light blue border to go around the edges to cover the edge of my acetate, plus it just made it look more put together. It’s the details, peeps.. the details!
  • Over the white bubble stickers I added some glossy accents.. eeeek! I forgot how much I like this stuff on things like bubbles and such. I need to make more bubble projects!
  • The little sand dollar box is so.stinkin.cute. It’s also from SVG Cuts Wet n Wild kit! I sized it down a bit. The sand dollar is cut with Doodlebug sugar coated paper. Perfect look for a sand dollar! (I’m totally saying in my head, “A sand dollar, make me hollar!” lol I added some stickers, twine, and a button

That’s it! Makes me excited for summer… although, my body is a hot mess so that just means I need to get busy working out more. OK.. there’s actually nothing ‘hot’ about it, I’m just a darn mess… *wiggles arms* SEE! What IS that?.. *flap, flap, flap*

*le sigh*

Time for me to head outta here! You all take it easy.. I am off to ‘work’ some more! Lots of fun projects in the works and I can’t wait to share! Lots of goodies coming the first week of April!



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Gettin’ fruity! A bushel basket with 3D fruit & mini note cards!

This week on the Doodlebug Blog (be sure to stop by the DB blog for a GIVEAWAY!!) we are featuring the delicious FRUIT STAND collection! This collection is SO cute! LOVE the pops of purple, the little cute fruits, everything! I could just eat it all up! Nom-nom-nom.

*smiles* do I have any Doodle-Pops stuck in my teeth?…


So, of course with this collection I right away think FRUIT! So I wanted to make a fruit basket.. then decided to make little note cards for them to make it a little more special and unique.

Now, seriously.. is that not adorable?… I really think it’s one of my favorite projects so far this year!

I used Doodlebug’s Create-a-Card system for my note cards. Quick? Easy? Cutenes overload? check. CHECK!

That cherry card is my fav! I LOVE that Doodle-Pop sticker. The ‘So Sweet’ sentiment is done with rub-ons.. which I’ve come to.. you guessed it, LOVE! lol

I stuck a brad over a button here… kinda cute, eh?

There’s another Doodle-Pop! (the sun.. so cute!) ’Sweet Summer’ flags stuck onto wood picks and tucked behind the bow. These cute fruits sure do make this a SWEET project.


To make this sweetness yourself, here’s what you’ll need:

I believe that’s everything! You can also make this your own twist with what you have on hand!

OK my crafty friends.. I’m outta here! As always, thank you for stopping by! Let me know what you think! Are YOU crafting for summer yet?… It just snowed over here and I’m already working on 4th of July stuff! Crazy-sauce right there.. LOL! I’m also about to work on some Halloween cards to submit for publishing. This off season crafting feels odd.. but it’s fun!

See ya!

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Still cycling along…

I am so honored that Little Yellow Bicycle asked me back again to be on their ‘Splash’ cycling team! This collection is fabulous! And of course, I just love all the LYB embellishments! It’s hard to not want to pile them all on one project! LOL!

I have two spots for projects this month, but here is my first! I am really into making little gift sets (bags, boxes.. more boxes) and cards to go with them, so.. that’s what I did!…. “I mean REALLY. How many stinking bags and boxes is this chick gonna make?” <—- That’s what I imagine you saying.  Ah well.. It’s what I do.. it’s what I like to make. So.. here’s a bag! A burlap bag though! I haven’t done one of these yet.. and now I love ‘em.. so be prepared for more. There. I’ve warned ya! There will surely be a burlap infestation going on here soon enough!


But c’mon.. how stinkin’ CUTE is this! Really now.

No really.. tell me how cute it is!



The tag is my favorite part! I stitched a piece of acetate over the tag and filled it with sand! Then stitched over the top to close it up… snazzy stuff right there, folks!


That little burlap and felt flower was my inspiration on making this bag. I saw the burlap on this flower and I was DYING to cut into my new pile of burlap I got.. I’ve seen burlap bags everywhere, but most recently from my friend Thienly at Mod Paperie.  So I cut some up and stitched it with a pretty teal thread. I love how the thread color just pops against the light colored burlap!

One more pic of the bag.. the stitched fish.. “OK, Tamara.. we’ve seen the stinkin’ bag already!”

Shhhhh… just enjoy the bag… embrace the bag… looooove the bag.


*throws hands up* OK, OK.. I’m done! No more bag pictures.

But I have a caaaaard….



I cut along some of the waves on the patterned paper with my craft knife, rolled them down a bit, and stuck a fish in it! Looks like the fish are happily swimming along.. minding their own business.. until a shark sneaks up behind them… and then.. well, this is a family blog, people. I am sure you can imagine what happened next.

*Hands Mr. Shark a toothpick*

OK, carrying on… one more pic…


I love, love, love andwannamarry this vellum tape here! I like it even more than washi tape! This collection comes with several strips of vellum tape. And well. it’s awesome. You need it. Trust me.


So, whatcha think? Thanks for stopping by today! I’ve got a few little projects in the works for a few DT’s.. and trying to think of one more quick SVG Cuts project before I get busy with CHA projects and planning.

Alrighty, that’s it! See ya later!

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Patriotic Star Giftbag

Hello there! Today I have quick post with a Sizzix project to share! I mixed up some SVG Cuts files with Sizzix dies to make this cute little gift bag!


It matches the firecracker gift set I made recently.. :)

It was super easy and fun to make! You could easily make several to give as hostess gifts, kids’ treat bags, etc.



I used a mix of K&Co and Pebbles papers.. they came together nicely! I like the whole ‘vintage’ feel to it, too!

Anyhow, if you want to see how I made this, you will have to head over to the SIZZIX BLOG for all the deet’s. You will need the SVG Cuts Christmas Bags and Boxes SVG Kit (Yup, the ‘joy’ star bag is perfect for a patriotic theme!)

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Beachy Doorhangers – An SVG Cuts project!

**If you are looking for the ECHO PARK blog hop, please go HERE**


Ooooh, how I wish I was at the beach right now! Sounds so nice! Last time we went it was so chilly.. now I wanna go when it’s actually warm and my kids don’t have to wear sweaters. But with summer here, I’m sure the beaches are pretty crowded. And if I am going to sit out looking like a beached whale, I don’t want a bunch of people there to see it! LOL!

So, SVG cuts released this Wet N Wild SVG Kit recently. It was instant LOVE! I love ‘cutesy’ stuff so I had to jump on it and make something! Especially after seeing the cute whale freebie file! I was originally just making these for ‘fun’ and thought they were too simple for a DT project, but hey.. Mary and Leo liked them, so here they are! They are so bright and fun and I hope they inspire you to use those winter themed doorhangers from the December Doorhangers kit and put your own twist on them!

Here’s my summer/beachy doorhanger treat boxes!


What child would not just love these? I used Fancy Pants ‘Summer Soul’ papers (mostly). Love all the colors in them!



I used my Epiphany Crafts shape tools (Round 25 and 14) to create ‘bubbles’.



I layered two wave stripes to create some dimension.


How cute is that little whale?

That’s it! So what do you think?.. They are super easy and fun to make and I hope you give it a try. For full details on sizing, you can go HERE.

You will need the following SVG Cuts collections:

I cute everything with my Sizzix eclips! All those tiny little pieces cut AMAZING!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Baby, you’re a fiiiirework!

‘Come on let your colors buuuuurst’

Yeah.. I actually do not like that song… at.all.. but it was a fitting title for this project!


**If you are looking for the Echo Park blog hop – IT IS HERE!*


I was not feeling good last night, couldn’t sleep, so I got up and did some crafting.. (Yeah, not many people actually get up and DO things when not feeling well.. I know.. I’m a special kind of freak) I decided to use what was already laying on my craft table, some patriotic papers! And lucky me, SVG Cuts just came out with their latest Stars and Stripes kit! I LOVE it! That little firecracker box was calling my name! “Taaaamara… come plaaaay wiiiith meeee”.. Creepy little firecracker! It’s like, at least buy me dinner first before coming on to me like that, right?…


So, at midnight I was up making a firecracker box. I finished that, and decided to make a little treat bag to go with it. These are both fairly simple to do. The firecracker goes together very easily! Remember, it was late night feeling icky crafting.. so my creative juices were not flowing as well as they usually do, They were more like, trickling out.. LOL! I do LOVE the set though! So fun! *ka-booom!* I changed up a few things to make it my ‘own’. I love taking SVG Cuts files and using the boxes, cards, etc. as a ‘base’ and doing my own thing from there. *smiles*

Here’s my firecracker gift set! And yes.. I think I’ve come to realize that if I make a 4th of July themed project; it will most likely have wire and stars sticking out of it, lol..






And now the bag..


What do you think? Does it make you want to burst?..

Please don’t. That would be quite the mess. I don’t like messes….. unless it involves chocolate.


Here’s some design tips!

  • Firecracker cutting file from SVG Cuts‘Stars and Stripes’ SVG Kit! - Mine is sized to 8.5″ wide. I would have left it full sized, but my papers I wanted to use were trimmed a bit and the files wouldn’t fit.
  • Papers.. The deliciously awesome Pebbles ‘Let Freedom Ring’ I love it!
  • The star tin pin is from We R memory Keepers
  • The 3D star was created from THIS tutorial I have posted. Very easy to do!
  • I used dark brown wire for the firework.
  • Unity star stamps from the current KOTM.
  • The bag is from Whiskar Graphics
  • Everything was cut using my awesome Sizzix eclips with eCal software!
  • And of course all my usual inking, stitching, etc.

Alrighty crafty friends.. off you go! Thanks for stopping by!

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Great minds think alike…

Yeah… Sure.. Great minds think alike. But sometimes it’s more like you crawl into their brain, and get all their yummy ideas for your own! LOL!

This happens to me way to often it seems, especially with my SVG Cuts projects. Usually when a project gets done, I’m waiting… Gnawing off my fingertips until it gets posted. Why? Because I worry someone will have the same idea, etc.. And it happens! Especially with my last tackle box gift set I designed. A follower on the SVG Cuts Facebook page posted something very similar DAYS before my project went up. Just my luck, eh?

In this case THANKFULLY it’s not a DT project of mine, it’s just for ‘fun’. I was bored the other night, no DT projects to do right now… so I wanted some crafting time for ‘me’. As you all saw in my craft room peeks that I had some Simple Stories ‘Summer Fresh’ hanging out on my table. I was working on a layout… But then I was really wanting to use this jar cutting file from SVG Cuts! And being that it fit the Summer Fresh theme, I was thinking up a project. It originally started as a box and jar pockets.. I got the idea of using the acetate sheet to make the clear jar from my friend Thienly. She designed some cute ones for Unity and I wanted to give them a try! I did decide to back mine with paper instead of making both sides clear… Here’s my version!


Then I had an ‘ah-ha’ moment and THOUGHT I had a cool and simple idea to share. The Simple Stories Summer Fresh collection has these cool printed overlays… I love them! And after making the jar I thought I would use these and make bags!


I was so excited crafting away the other night making these little bags I couldn’t wait to share!….

……. Then I got on Facebook…

Scroooooolling down and seeing what everyone’s been up to..

Then I stop… And mutter to myself, “No friggin way!!!!”

I see THESE on the simple stories Facebook wall..

The EXACT same thing that I literally just got done making. Craaaazy! Great minds, right?


So, here’s my version in my cute little box. After seeing the Simple Stories DT member’s version, I added a few things to mine. I loved how they looked with licorice and I just happen to have some laying around. I also used my twist trimmer on the edges instead of leaving them straight, and then I added a button to the sun, too cute!







And here they are all in their box.


You like it?.. It’s super simple to make this set, it really didn’t take me all that long in terms of ‘off the page’ projects. Here’s some design details if you want to give it a try!

  • I used Simple Stories Summer Fresh kit.
  • The ‘bags’ were made by stitching the overlays over coordinating paper. Leave some edges on each side and trim with decorative scissors. Decorate each bag with Summer Fresh stickers, eyelets, ribbons, etc.
  • For the jar bag, I used THIS freebie file from SVG Cuts. I cut two jars, one on paper and one on acetate, sized to 3.363w and stitched.
  • The box is from The Tea for You and Me SVG kit. VERY easy to put together and very sturdy! Sized to 11.70″w. You will have to ungroup one of the files and cut them separately as they won’t fit on the mat as grouped. I wanted this as large as possible though and at this size, it’s perfect for a few bags!
  • The little mason jar on the front is made just like the bag, but sized to 2.140w. Create a cute pinwheel and stick it in the jar.. Got the idea to do this from one of the stickers.
  • Then just finish embellishing your box and fill your bags with treats! Makes a great gift!

And hey, SVG Cuts memorial day sale is going on and you can get 25% off your purchase! Stop by and stock up!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all had a great weekend!


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