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Doodlebug ‘insta-life’ album! Tips & Tricks

Hello, everyone! I’m so excited to show you the start of my fun ‘insta-life’ album! Smart phone photography is so quick and easy and so ‘in’ right now along with the popular Instagram app. I love sharing my photos on Instagram (follow me at happylifecraftywife), but sometimes it’s nice to have those photos in print, right? Well, I recently ordered a Canon Selphy CP 900 and it flawlessly prints 4×4″ Instagram photos. The quality is fantastic. Now that I have all these photos in print, I need to do something with them! That’s where the ‘Project Life’ Scrapbooking style comes in. I took my Doodlebug Swimming Pool Storybook 8×8 album and decided to use it just for my Instagram prints! It’s PERFECT!!! The Doodlebug Simply Put journaling cards make this one colorful and cute album.

To personalize this album a bit I created a vinyl decal. I used a free font called ‘Lobster 1.4′. It’s one of my favorite fonts right now. I cut this decal with orange Silhouette vinyl. The vinyl went on to my Storybook album perfectly!

When you open the album you’ll see a small 4×4″ screen shot of my Instagram account. I will probably switch this out every few months and just layer them over one another to document changes in followers, my profile photos, etc.

Behind the profile screenshot I added a divider pocket that I cut with my Silhouette Cameo. Looks awesome in those cute Dooodlebug ‘Take Note’ papers, doesn’t it? The pocket holds a printed Simply Put journaling card. I added a die cut tab to it with a button.

Pull it out and here’s what you see:

(Yes, my kids love instagram, too!) Do you like look of the PRINTED journaling card? I will have a short tutorial at the end of this post to show you how I did it!

When you turn the pocket divider, you’ll come to the first page. This one has 4 pockets that are 4×4″. This is my FAVORITE layout to use. I kept this page simple with a Simply Put card and some photos with a few stickers and a penguin Doodle-Pop. I whipped this up in no time! I love that the pocket pages and Simply Put cards make it SO easy to document everyday life.

The next page is a full 8×8 sleeve. I die cut a big Instagram camera and made it ‘interactive’ by adding a Doodlebug chunky brad to the lens to turn out of the way to expose a super cute picture of my son. Fun, right?

Another turn of the page and there’s a simple divider with the title of my album, ‘insta-life’. Just a touch of Doodlebug washi tape and a homemade flair badge to match.

Now for the last page (for now). I did a little die cutting here and used a Simply Put card. For the bottom 4×6 pocket I added a Doodlebug mini note card to create a simple interactive piece. I adhered the back of the card to my paper, trimmed a small photo to fit, then added some Doodlebug twine to close it. Untie it to see the cute photo! You can do this and add some journaling inside the card. I kept it simple with a sticker.

Here’s a list of the Silhouette cutting files I used:


Now for a quick tutorial to print on your own Simply Put cards!

  • STEP 1: Create a blank page in your editing program sized roughly to the area you will want to print on. This will vary depending on the size of your cards used, graphics on the card, etc. Once you have your text perfect, print it out onto a plain white paper.
  • STEP 2: Use a bit of double sided adhesive to layer your journaling card over the printed text.
  • STEP 3: Showing the journaling card layered over text. *TIP: Holding the paper and journaling card over a light box or window will help in lining it up or you can just eye it.
  • STEP 4: PRINT! Be sure to insert your paper into your printer the correct way so it feeds properly. I may, or may not have, printed on a card upside down the first time..

That’s it! VERY easy! I personally do not care for my writing so I will print on my journaling cards anytime I can… and being I don’t have a typewriter yet, this is the best way to do it. Plus you can change up your fonts and text colors which is really fun.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this ‘insta-life’ post and leave here with several ideas on incorporating your Doodlebug Design products into your own albums!I’d LOVE to hear what you think, if you have any tips to ‘pocket style’ layouts, etc.


See ya!

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Hop winner, Christmas, birthdays, pictures.. Oh my!

“Oh my”, indeed.

Jeepers where has the month gone? (My inner 90 year old self just came out with that snazzy ‘Jeepers’).


Christmas has come and gone and here I am pouting in my craft room corner shoving truffles down my throat thinking, “And I didn’t even get to start the 99 1/2 Christmas projects I had planned” Seriously.. I had piles and oodles of stuff I wanted to do and time slipped away. Again. I am just always doing SO much. I like to keep busy, but I keep myself TOO busy at times. And with that comes my new years goal..


I am very much in a ‘happy spot’ with my DT’s.. family life, etc. BUT.. I need to work on removing the ‘life clutter’ and remind myself I do NOT need to be super mom (wait.. who am I kidding? Yes.. I do! lol) I don’t need to be a ‘professional everything’ as my friends like to call me.. and I need to learn to not add so much to my plate. My plate is overflowing onto the floor and I am slipping in my own mess at times! (Especially around holidays).


Anyhow, time to get you all caught up and such! First off.. the EP blog hop winner.. yes.. over a week late to posting this, I am SO sorry! I usually email winners and not post, but I get emails/messages asking about hop winners.. so.. I will be sure to post them to the blog from now on.. like a good girl. Go on.. throw me a treat! *wags tail*

So, the winner of the EP kit of their choice is….. Myoriah!!! She said, “Cute projects as always. Love the gift bag you did. Can’t wait to see what you do next. Thanks for chance to win.”.

*throws confetti*

Yay! (email has been sent, Myoriah!) Thank you ALL who took time to join our hop and comment! I know all us EP DT members appreciate the love and sweet comments from you!


Moving on to CHRISTMAS! AKA: The holiday that I ALWAYS say I am going to ‘scale back’ and I ALWAYS manage to get ‘worse’ and ‘worse’ every year. Santa needs to get whacked upside the head over here! I have no shame in saying that we play up Santa and loads of gifts over here. It’s how my family does it and that’s that. (of course we also focus on family, etc. as well). We had a fantastic Christmas day with my mom and brother here. She recently split from her jerk of a husband and couldn’t afford a Christmas this year so we ‘adopted them’ lol. Can I just say it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to shop for a 13yo boy? (note to self, do not let my sweet little son age). Thankfully, he needed shoes, clothes, and books so that made up most of his gifts. It was nice to see them smile.

And of course my little monsters made out like bandits! Seeing the pure joy and excitement gets me all sorts of crazy! It’s like a drug for me. That’s why I do all these parties, etc. Their excitement just FEEDS me! Seriously, I don’t need a thing for Christmas, just my family and their smiles does it for me! (although a NICE espresso machine would be amazetacular)


Here’s just a few pictures of my kids on Christmas day!

  • Here they are so patiently waiting to open gifts from Santa! Love these kiddos!


  • My little guy got some Legos! LOTS of Legos here this year….

  • I wasn’t kidding about the Legos.. lol. This is just part of my younger daughter’s pile.


  • We even had Lego head buckets! Aren’t these awesome?


  • Watch out for the Hulk!


  • Love this photo of my girls chit chatting and opening their gifts :) It’s very rare if they get along, lol. A Christmas miracle right there!


I hope you all had a fabulous holiday!!! Mine was filled with LOTS of joy, family, food, hugs and kisses from my kiddos and coffee. :)


Moving on to YESTERDAY! My sweet, sweet boy turned five. How this happened so SOON.. I have no idea. Really.. life does pass by in a flash, doesn’t it? I love watching my children grow and seeing what amazing people they are becoming, but it really is bitter sweet. *sigh*

This little guy was born with a hole in his lung.. had surgery when he was two days old. It was nearly a week before I could even hold him.. and going on two weeks old before I could bring him home. It was so tough for my husband and I. I know some parents have had it much worse and I am SO thankful it was a ‘short’ NICU stay for him, but it was hard. On my way out of the hospital we passed right by the NICU where he was and I LOST it. How was I going home WITHOUT my baby? I would wake up during the night to ump milk and just CRY beacuse I should have been holiding him for those feedings.

I am so thankful all went well and he is a healthy and VERY happy little boy. My 5 year old little man!

He has got to be one of the most outgoing, fun, caring children I know.  He has such a deep soul and I hope he never loses that. I have no doubt he will be an amazing man someday!

(Pictures were taken just a few days ago!)


And here I am today. The crazy month of December is coming to an end and the new year is almost here. I can not wait to see what 2013 has in store for my family and I! I hope you ALL have an amazing new year. Much health and happiness to all of you! And as a blogger and crafter, I hope to keep you all entertained and inspired! I will try my hardest not to get boring, lol.


And in case you all were wondering.. it’s snowing in my back yard right now.. but not my front. My socks don’t match.. I am wearing grandma slippers and a leopard print Snuggie FREEZING while sucking down ice water (I am a big time ice chewer.. horrible habit!) and at least 4 times while typing this blog post I have Googled hair styles and shades of red to show my hair dresser next week and have had probably a total of 3 minutes of conversation with.. my cat.

Yeah. What was that I said about simplifying? lol.


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Winners from last weeks blog hops.. and my suppah awesome Halloween decor!

Hey, heeeeeeey! Let’s get down to business! First off, the WINNERS from the Echo Park AND Carta Bella blog hops! Cross your fingers and toes now…

*Drumroll.. and a screeching cat with some glass breaking in the background (Gotta throw some Halloween sounds in the mix!)*

The winner of the ECHO PARK kit is… LISA P. Who said, “Once again you have given us some incredible inspiration. I love your first card with the bicycle. Too cute. I love how sometimes a “mistake” is just the thing we need to make things fall together. Thanks for sharing with us. Off to hop!”


And then winner of the CARTA BELLA kit is… HOLLY E. Who said, “Wow, fantastic treat bag! The ghosts really make the bag, its very intresting how you used the wire. I think I may have to give that a try!”

BIG congrats to you both! Thank you so much for stopping by our DT blog hops!

(both winners have been contacted, thank you!)


Now.. to some more FUN! Super fun! Super, suuuuuuper funtastic fun!


Since my Fa-BOO-Lous Halloween Inspiration week begins tomorrow, I thought it would be fun to get in the spirit around here (as if I have not been making Halloween projects since mid-summer.. but.. yeah) I thought I would show one room in my house full of fun Halloween decor! Are ya excited? You should be.. You are on my blog afterall, and that in itself is purty darn exciting.

I am going to show you my dining room. (I desperately want a new dining set. I want a nice distressed antique white ‘country’ looking set.. *sigh*). Anyhow. I decorated this area very bright, sparkly and FUN! Pretty much to make my kiddos happy.. plus I am going to have a little Halloween ‘party’ for them soon. I made some fun gift baskets for them full of little candies, jammies, and such.. all Halloween themed! I am the type of person who will celebrate anything. Any excuse to have any sort of decorations out just to create a fun party for my kids is what I am all about.. So around the holidays I get extra crazy.

“Oh.. little Johnny’s toenail fell off?”.. LET’S CELEBRATE!!!! I am sure I can find a theme for that somewhere! OH, OH! I knoooow… I can dip Nutter Butter cookies into white chocolate and make little toes out of them! *gasp*”


Really though.. how creative would the Nutter Butter cookie toes be?

My husband just ‘loves’ that about me.. The whole ‘over the top going overboard for every little occasion’ crap.. (He really does.. but he acts like it’s slightly annoying at times, lol) Well, maybe it is. Hmmm. *Gets a sudden paranoia*.. “Am I annoying?.. me?” Psssssh! LIES! He probably just secretly wishes he was the cooler parent, that’s all. I just love seeing the joy and excitement it brings my kiddos.

So.. on to the photos! I have lots.. of course! Slam that coffee down your throat, open your peepers and check it out…

Eeeeeek! I am such a goof, but it totally makes me smile! Love those colors. It’s so bright and sprakly in person!

I just LOVE those lanterns! The Jack-O-Lantern one is like, 16″. I got them from HERE! Cheap, too.. always a plus!.. “But hubby.. It was CHEEEAP!” He always tells me, “A better deal is not buying it at all”.. LOL.. Ah.. he has jokes, doesn’t he?


Moving on..

The candelabra is just awesome! I picked this up back in August! Threw some spider web and glittery orange candles on it, and ta-da! Super awesome! I set it on top of a plate with some ‘bling’ on it, and added in some glittered foam balls. Everything you see here is from Michaels with the exception of the deliciously cute glittery candy corn, that’s from Target ($2.5o in the ‘dollar’ section). I think I need more of them!

More glittery awesomeness! Some of the Jack-o-Lanterns have led lights and glow! VERY cute! Again.. I need more. I am putting a shelf in the dining room soon.. so next year I will need SOMETHING to put on it, right?  And what if they sell out? What if all companies just STOP making glittery Jack-o-Lanterns and decor?.. See? I need to go shopping! *nod your head and agree with me.. *

I plopped that witches hat onto the green Jack-o-Lantern and was like, “Heck YUH!” *high five*. I need to do this for a living.. seriously. (Maybe not.. but how cute is that?.. It’s like. Instant love) 

I just found that pumpkin head guy (At Michaels, of course) and was too excited! I didn’t see him the other 1,000,001.9999 times I was in the store the past couple months. Look at him standing there like, “I got this!”.. Huh.. not sure ‘what’ he’s got.. Or.. Hmmm.. maybe he’s cold? “Where’s my pumpkin spiced latte, fool?”.

So rude that there pumpkin head guy.


Anyhow, there’s a little piece of my world.. I just LOVE this time of year! It’s going by so fast though. Before I know it I will be hauling our all my Christmas trees.. yes.. ‘ALL’ of them.. as in more than one.. even more than  two.. Actually.. more than THREE.

Did I mention I have issues?


Whoot! See ya TOMORROW for my Fa-BOO-Lous Halloween inspiration week! I hope you all have a great week! I will leave ya with a peek of a project that will be shared tomorrow.. Sooo cute! (And matches my dining room!)

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Alannah’s nut holder

Hey, hey! How’s your weekend going? Mine is crafty as ever, of course! This weekend I am still working on my DIY Halloween decor, plus sneaking in some paper crafts! I finished up my last DT project for this month for Carta Bella, so fun! Can’t wait to share my projects with you all!

Today I decided to do some kiddo crafty time with my younger daughter (Older one’s not here.. and the boy was playing Batman). We knew right away what we would make after seeing this new kit release from SVG Cuts!

Kit is Acorn Autumn

My daughter has a ‘thing’ with collecting acorns.. or.. ‘nuts’. She swears someday she will make a necklace from them, lol! So of course she needs a place to put her nuts, right? (because I am pretty much over keeping them ‘safe’ in my nightstand for her) So.. we made ourselves some ‘nut holders’.

Now, I gotta say.. When I pulled up the PDF and saw all those tabs to glue for this container, I knew it was going to be a disaster. She just got over not feeling well and with not being 100% and all those tabs everywhere, she’d throw in the towel in minutes and whine at me to finish it for her.

I was wrong… Boy, was I wrong! I made one right along side her and she watched me VERY carefully. All I did was tell her where to glue and she did it.. all by her 7 year old little self! And she was soooooo proud! We craft all.the.time together, but this was something new.. ‘harder’ I suppose. Like the ‘big’ crafts mommy does.

So, I of course saw her enthusiasm and HAD to take photos to share.. she was so into it! So, here’s some photos of my little Alannah buggy making her ‘nut holder’.


The girl was all smiles! She said it was like a puzzle and was “so cool”.


When she finished the bottom, she realized it was a fabulous hat! LOL! My silly goose!


The lid was a little challenging for her.. tiny, tiny tabs! Good thing she has tiny fingers! She did great! I was about to have her do mine!


This picture totally makes me smile.. man, she is concentrating! lol.. This must be her ‘crazy crafty face’.


I am pretty sure that toothless grin shows her excitement over her new nut holder!!! She did it!


Time for finishing touches… then…..


TA-DA!!!!!!! She picked her own paper, ribbon, button and stickers.. and of course adhered everything on her nut holder :)


Here’s the group shot! I think her acorn is better than my two *wink*



(Totally messed up the inking here.. grabbed the wrong color.. gah!)



There’s her’s all opened up! And what’s inside?… Well, what do you think?


I love this silly kiddo! *pink fluffy hearts*


So, I gotta share a funny little story. Alannah said, “This is so cool, how much did it cost?!” (Yes, she’s been practicing counting money and such, lol).. I told her what the price it is, but then said being that I design for the company, I get mine for free!… She was AMAZED! Told me, “REALLY?! You need to make stuff for them for ever so when I am an adult I can use them too!”


Anyhow, this was a lot of fun and I totally suggest sitting down with a kiddo and making an acorn.. or anything else on the SVG Cuts site! This was so fun for her and not our usual cards or painting stuff we do. Smiles all around today!

Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget you can get this NEW kit as a FREE GIFT this week with a purchase of $9.98 or more! Use code FREEGIFT at checkout! Whoo-hoo!

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Leaving on a jet plane.. in July…

Hmm.. and what exciting little thing happens in July?… in CHICAGO?…

CHA!! (Craft and Hobby Association). I am SO excited to go! I’ve never been to Chicago so it will be cool to get away! (or.. should I say ‘hot and humid’?.. lol)

Not only will I be going to CHA.. I am meeting some VERY special crafty friends for the first time! For those that have been following me from the start, you know that SVG Cuts was my very first design team.. They’ve held a special place in my heart in my nearly two years of paper crafting. Well, Mary and Leo.. the owners of SVG Cuts just happen to live near Chicago.. Oh, yes! I will be meeting up with them and actually staying with them for a few days! Ahhhh! SO EXCITED!!!! It’s like I am meeting up with family I’ve never met..

And there’s a bonus… Not only do I just get to meet Mary and Leo (and their cute cat, lol)… I get to meet some of the DT members!!!

*insert the most awesome happy dance EVER*

I know for sure Thienly and Fleurette will be there.. Amy MIGHT be swinging by, not sure on Cheryl and Kristin just yet.. How cool is THIS?! We will all (whoever else comes) be going to CHA on July 18th!

Pretty exciting right?… I get to Chicago on the 17th and will be sharing a hotel room with Thienly the first night.. so if you don’t hear from me.. you know she kidnapped me.. or.. even worse… GAH!!! LOL jk.. Anyone else going to be down by CHA on the 17th?… I have like, 6 hours before I get to meet up with Thienly and I will be bored and all alone.. :( I need entertainment!

Anyhow.. just wanted to share! We’ve been planning this for awhile now! Is July here yet?… Eeek!


And.. before I go, I made this simple little card recently for Epiphany Crafts, just didn’t get a chance to share it with being away and such. So.. here it is! I used the brad settings and 14 round tool. Super easy to do! Paper is Lily Bee.

This week Epiphany Crafts is blog hopping with The Twinery! Fun, fun! I will have that project to share soon! I did a bright and fun card.




See ya!! I can not WAIT for July!


I totally earned my ‘best mom ever’ badge today!

Summer’s coming and I have been looking around Pinterest for some ideas to keep these little monsters busy to keep the, “Moooommy, I’m booooored” to a minimum. I came across a recipe for ‘cloud dough’.. I know.. WTH is THAT?… It’s a silky smooth ‘dough’ concoction of flour and baby oil… don’t let the oil scare you away, it’s not oily at all!



  • Get flour, baby oil, a large bowl for mixing, and a whisk. You’ll dump in 8 cup flour and 1 cup baby oil. Start mixing together with the whisk. At first I thought I’d be ‘smart’ and use my Kitchenaid mixer.. Yeeeah. Not so smart, lol. It’s kind of weird looking and doesn’t seem to mix well at first.. but once you have most the oil absorbed, dig your hands it and almost start kneading it a bit. It only takes a minute or so to get just right! Once it starts sticking together well, then you’re done!
  • I made 1 1/2 batches and dumped it all into one of those large/shallow wrapping paper containers so my kiddos would have a lot of ‘play area’. It can get messy, so if your kiddos are extra crazy, I would have them play outside with it. (Not saying my kids are NOT crazy.. they most certainly are.. I just sat there with them and watched them like a hawk, lol) They played nice and kept their hands and toys inside the container.
  • It stores very well and will last awhile! Just put the lid on the container and put it away for the next time someone says, “I’m booooored’…. or.. go tell them to clean their room if they are so ‘bored’.. lol.
  • FYI.. I was told this was ‘almost’ as fun as Disneyland.. lol.


I set it all up and then told them to come see.. they were quite excited! They played for over an hour. Even I liked playing it in.. it’s sooo soft.. I love it!


It holds together like sand does.. so it was perfect for all our sand toys!


They made cupcakes…



And ice cream.. Mmmm!


Want a bite?


(Note to self.. trim the little dude’s nails. Ick!)


My little guy makes the silliest faces sometimes.


He had SO much fun ‘cooking’ for mommy…


Alannah loved making me plates of ‘food’


Did I mention the baby oil makes it smell sooo nice! Austin kept smelling it.. weirdo!



How fun, right?! Just thought I’d share this fun and easy boredom buster that I did with my kiddos today!

See ya!


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15 minutes in the life of Muno…

I followed my cat around for a bit and just took pictures of the random things he did.. (Cruddy pics because I kept my camera on auto as he moved around..) he is one of my little fur babies, I just love my kitties! This one though.. he has so much personality! I just thought I would share… he was really wondering what the heck I was doing, lol.


It all started when I took pictures of him being a ‘turkey cat’.. he sleeps like this often and it is SO weird, lol


“Seriously…? You woke me up, woman!”


“That’s OK.. I’ll just get up and walk away”


“Maybe I will jump on your counter?” (Ha! he knows better!)


“O..K.. you is followin’ me?”… “Go away!”


“I will just go relax on the cool fireplace… WHAT! You’re following me here, too?”


“……. Maybe if I play dead…..”


Then I got distracted and started taking pictures of my other little lovely, Luna.. She’s such a princess and really didn’t want to be bothered.


In the meantime, Muno took off! He loves to jump onto my sky windows and walk along the fireplace.


Did I mention he’s handsome?


He finally settled on the top of the fireplace and got comfy.. He knew I couldn’t bother him too much up there..


Waaaaay up there, lol!



O..M..G… It’s here! My new Blogsite!

Gah! I am so excited, peeps! I have been working hard on this the past few days, with a little help from my web smart friend, Alyson! I am not exactly a website designer, so I had to teach myself a lot in a few days. Whew! There are still a few little glitches, especially in crappy Internet Explorer, but hopefully I can get that taken care of! IE9 is making my fonts weird and my gallery images on the home page go all over the place :( Waaah! Just don’t use IE9 and it will be fine, LOL!

Sooo.. WHAT DO YA THINK!? A little more clean and professional looking?.. I think so! I decided to go with bright happy colors, since I am happy (usually, lol). Let me give ya the run down so you can find your way around easily!

  • Home page with those cool little boxes, yeah… awesome.. That is where I will showcase my favorite and some new projects. Don’t reply on that to show you my most updated content, because I won’t always add my latest content to the home page.
  • The nav bar links you to ‘my life’ which is a little personal blog where I will share family stuff and whatnot. :) Stating now most things I post there will NOT be linked with my ‘crafty blog’.
  • The nav bar also links you to edible treats. It’s no secret I love to make yummy treats, I just don’t share them much, and now I’ve got a special little place to do so! I’ve got some great recipes that I will start sharing.
  • My contact link will eventually have a contact form!
  • ‘My Crafty Blog’… is.. well.. my crafty blog, LOL!
  • ‘Halloween’ is a link directly to my Halloween posts. Obviously this will change depending on the holiday/season.
  • The search bar let’s you quickly search for thinsg through my entire site!
  • On the sidebar you will see picture quick links. Need some inspiration for 3D projects, cards, etc.? It’s all right there!
  • Pinterest and Twitter are pretty bare
    right now.. I will work on that! I just wanted to get the links there to be cool.. that makes me cool, right?!
  • Gotta’ Button? Snag a code and throw my button up on your bog.. I will love ya for it!
  • Upcoming Events, look there for upcoming Events, duh! lol.. (I actually hate the word, “Duh”.. lol How random for me to use it, but.. I’m gonna leave it there!) Next event is the Spooktacular Blog Hop.. Click the link for details! It’s gonna be FAB!
  • ‘Clicky, Clicky’.. simple enough, eh?..
  • ‘Follow me’ If you haven’t already, I’d love for you to do so!
  • You also might notice as you read through my blog that it only shows ONE main picture (or none at all) and a little bit of the blog entry, click ‘Continue Reading’ to see the rest of the awesomeness.. or skip it if you could care less! WHY did I do that? Well, because all my followers know I get a little picture happy and I know it can be annoying to scroll through piles of pictures that you’re not interested in seeing, or already saw.. so.. there ya go! See how I try to make you all happy? You can express your love for me in a comment below.. ;)

Cool, right? I am going to add my bloggy friends links and such this weekend or sometime next week!

So, yeah.. this is my new casa! I hope you love it.. update those bookmarks, friends!

The craft present fairy in the big brown truck came yesterday!

… And left me this box..


“My goodness, Tamara.. what on earth is that?” (Yes, I’m speaking for you.. deal with it.)

Its my brand new, small but amazing…. SILHOUETTE! *insert crowd cheering here*

I’m just waiting for my printer to get here and then it’s print and cut time, baby!!

Just had to brag… heehee.. no, really.. I am SO excited! I couldn’t pass up the price with overstock’s 20% off code! Ya-hoo! If I wasn’t afraid of breaking my legs or whacking myself in the head with my own boob (yes, I just said… eh.. wrote that..), I would totally be jumping in the air and clapping my heels together!!

Prepare for awesomeness as soon as my printer gets here!

Thinking of getting a Silhouette!

Any of my readers use one? I’m very interested in using the print and cut feature! I will have to buy a printer though.. so, if you have one that prints well, please share! I will probably order the Silhouette very soon! Especially with the new blog, Paper Dolls that Thienly and I are working on together! If you didn’t see my last post please CHECK IT OUT! We’re looking for anyone who uses and loves SVG’s! With the Silhouette I will be purchasing Make the Cut software so we can show our blog followers even more!

If you use the Silhouette, I’d LOVE to see your blog so please reply with a link or even post it on my FACEBOOK page!

I hope you all are having a great weekend! I have a couple projects I am hoping to finish this coming week and share with you all!

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