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Simple little gifts for the kiddos!

Hey all! Tamara here! (of course, lol)

So, most of you know how much I love my Silhouette SD… LOVE it! Print and cut has made quick cards and other little projects so much easier for me. Ever since I got my Silhouette I have become quite addicted to buying graphics! There are SO many cute ones out there! My absolute favorite place for cutesy fun graphics is Lettering Delights! They also have SVG’s (Well, MULTIPLE cutting format files!), fonts, graphics, etc. You really can browse the website for quite some time and do some major damage! LOL!

As MANY of you can probably tell, I am obsessed with Halloween projects right now! I have a whole list of stuff to make and who knows if I will ever get it all done, lol.. but.. one thing I have been meaning to make is some cute ‘treat’ boxes with TATTOOS in them! Yeaaaah.. Did you know you can make your own temporary tattoos and cut ‘em out with the Silhouette!? Me, neither!.. Until I came across some tattoo paper on their website! Yup.. $10.00 for TWO sheets… It’s pricey! But I knew my kids would love it, so I caved.

Of course I needed some cute graphics to use, so I picked up the Spooky Soiree collection! Look how cute!


They have several cute Halloween graphic sets… so browse around!

Here is my SIMPLE finished box! I didn’t want this project to take hours.. We don’t always have that kind of time to spend on a project, especially for a kiddos who will probably throw the box away! (little punks!) The details are after the pictures.






  • First and foremost.. about 2 days. While this is good news to ME because I don’t like fake tattoos all over my kids for school, for $5.00 for a SHEET it should last a bit longer.
  • Fun factor.. it’s there! Seems these are easy to remove, I let me kids go at it! lol.
  • So.. you will need your tattoo paper. VERY easy to do! You print and then layer the adhesive sheet over the printed paper, then cut! You will need to do a double cut on the Silhouette.
  • The box is from SVG Cuts ‘Crisp Days of Autumn’ collection. It’s the matchbox. Quick and easy to assemble!
  • Cut your graphics.. I used graphics from Lettering Delights! Ink the edges a bit and adhere them to your box with some cute twine and a button. Add a tag, etc. if you like.
  • I cut the box as sized when you open it in SCAL or MTC.. however, I would suggest shrinking it down if you do not plan to add anything else to the box. It’s just too big and looks rather ‘empty’ with just tattoos in it. I added a little bag of candy corn and it helped fill it up a bit.
  • If you rather not make boxes, you can get those little treat bags and tie with twine/ribbon and a tag!

Easy peasy! I hope you all like this simple little project! But, before you go.. I have to share these CUTE new sets from Lettering Delights!


If you like the ‘Sew Stitchy’ sets.. you can get the entire bundle for only $20!!!! (And you can use your 25% off coupons if you have one!… You get one from placing an order.. even for a freebie!) CLICK HERE TO GET THE BUNDLE! I’m not sure how long the bundle deal is good for.. so I would snag it quickly if you want it!

And on another crafty note.. have you seen the AMAZING stamps that Mary and Leo of SVG Cuts are selling?! They have started Punkin’ Patch Stamps and the grand opening was recently! I will be using these often as I am on the design team.. click the little icon and go check out the website! Use code FALL2011 to save 10%! Mary will be designing SVG files to go with the stamps! How fun, right!?


Now, before I leave ya (Although not for long.. I have a few projects to share still!) I will give you a peek of another holiday craft! This is another project I did for the amazing Echo Park! Just a little looksie for ya! :)



Cosmo Cricket digital cuteness!

Cosmo Cricket meets the Silhouette! And together they make pretty paper babies.. In this case, TRIPLETS!

My friend Thienly at Mod Paperie bought these adorable Cosmo Cricket graphics from and I HAD to have them too! How cute are these critters?!

Don’t they just make you smile? Cute critters graphics and SVG’s always do me in!…

I fired up the Silhouette and made a few cards. I had to make several because I wanted to use so many of the graphics, but that would be too crazy for one little card, lol. I know I have said it a bazillion times, but I LOVE being able to print and cut! I made these cards in about an hour.. can’t beat that with a wet noodle! (And why would you.. ew.)

Here’s what I made!




I used foam adhesive to give some dimension.


This is just a little ‘share’ post. I don’t really have much to say.. shocker, eh? I’m going to go grab a water and sit down and watch TV!

Until next time.. (which will be tomorrow.. lol..)


“Trick or Treat, smell my feet… Give me something….

…. That I can smash on your furniture and carpet!”

That’s exactly what Play-Doh is! Not only does it smell cruddy, it’s a total pain to get out of the carpet. My kids love the stuff, but someone ALWAYS gets it smushed somewhere. I always tell them to stay on the play mat with it, but someone has to come and show me their creation and a little ball of salty dough mess falls on the ground and gets stepped on.

I always love to give little goodie bags to my girls’ classmates and friends.. They usually include candy, pencils, erasers, plastic spiders, sticky hands/body parts, stickers, maybe a cookie… and PLAY-DOH. Kids love it, most parents hate it.. and I like to be evil, so I send Play-Doh just to get the parents riled up LOL!

The kiddos and I stayed in jammies all day! I know, we’re so nasty! I won’t tell you the last time I showered.. LOL j/k. Another boring day at home lead me to gettin’ crafty and I made some treat bag toppers to show you how cute and SIMPLE using print and cut is! This is going to make school party favors and such go by SUPER fast! I REFUSE to paper piece 60 treat bags/boxes for my girls’ classmates. Nope.. not gonna happen! Thank that crafty Gods for this amazing little machine!

All ya need is a little free time (I know.. FREE time? Most mamas don’t know what free time is anymore. I can’t even go have a potty break in peace!).. *sigh*…. You also need some awesome Halloween paper/digital paper and some spookingly cute Halloween clipcart! There are TONS out there, but I LOVE Jazzy Patterns! She has a little Etsy shop and she designs some fabulous stuff! She (Tatjana) is sweet as sugar too! If you happen to chit-chat with her, let her know I sent ya!

Here’s what I made with her ‘Happy Halloween’ collection!



Yeah, just Play-Doh.. no, I am not quite that evil to send several containers of it, I just don’t have any Halloween candy.


I mean, How cute are those graphics? And as usual, the Silly-butt did an awesome job cutting them out!



See that amazing Halloween twine? That’s from Trendy Twine! <—— That’s the Facebook page! Go say “Hi!”…..  I love my Halloween twine!


I used my Epiphany Crafts Shape Tool for the candies! Made them look 3D and shiney! Oooooh… Shiiiiney! I love my shape tool!

I know what you’re thinking… I ‘LOVE’ a lot of things.. It’s a problem I have, seriously. I love you, too.. Just sayin’! <3 *wink-wink*


Wanna make some?…


  • Get the pretties all ready for print and cut in Silhouette Studio.. or whatever program you use, lol.
  • I didn’t keep track of all my sizes, but I do know the children were cut around 2.80″ and 2.50″ high. So you can size them from that and then kinda size the rest however you think it looks best. That’s pretty much what I did.


  • Once you print ‘em out.. run them through the Silhouette and watch it do it’s magic..
  • On a side note.. that little witch girl from this angle looks a little scared..


  • Cut out a shape to fit over the bag. I use Ziploc sandwich sized bags that are 6.50w. I made my covers 6.60w and 6.25 high. Score at 3″ and fold. Use the 3.25″ side as the front. Add a scalloped trim like I did if you want.
  • Yep, I changed my mind and went with the orange diamond print instead of the green. I wanted to switch it up a bit from the witch one.
  • I used Tombo adhesive to stick it to the bag.
  • Thread some twine through the top if you’d like!
  • Easy peasy! Now just decorate them!

Fun and simple! The kids would probably enjoy doing this project too! Use some 3d foam adhesive to add dimension.. ink the edges if you’d like.. add ribbon, tags, glitter.. go for it!

Until next time!

Boredom strikes again!

And instead of washing dishes or doing the two loads of laundry waiting for me, I find something to craft instead! Don’t judge me.. you know you all do the same thing! For what it’s worth, I did try to do something with the kiddos, but they were watching a movie on TV and wanted nothing to do with me… *sniffle*.

HA! Sniffle nothin’… I was like, “Whoa, kiddos are entertained and DON’T want me within 2 feet of them for once?.. You bet your glue sticks I ran to my craft area and got busy!

I wasn’t in the mood for all sorts of paper piecing.. I’m saving my crafty juices for the new Echo Park kits that are on their way to my house! I have to whip up 3 projects by the 19th, which won’t be a problem.. I might even do more! But one of them is pretty detailed, so I don’t want to exhaust my poor fingers…. I know, dramatic, right?… LOL. Really, I was just too lazy…

So, my poor lil’ Silly-butt (Silhouette) has been sitting there sulking on my table wondering why she’s being ignored lately. I decided to show the Silly-butt some love and do some print and cut stuff. And my most favoritest (Yes, that’s a word, because I said so.. And so does the ‘urban dictionary’.. LOL) place to go for graphic cuteness is Lettering Delights. *swoon*

I picked up the Pucker Up Birthday graphic set and the Pucker Up Paper Pack! You HAVE to browse their pretties! SO many cute cut files, graphics and fonts!

Anyhow, I decide to make a party giftbag and hat! Yes, random party stuff.. fun! I was going to make a little giftbox and a couple cupcake toppers, but my printer is pretty much out of ink and of course I don’t have any on hand, egh. Story of my life, always out of something! I really need a huge craft space with lots of storage so I can buy loads of things and stock up! Hmm.. I wonder if hubby really needs that silly ol’ garage?.. GAH! Could you imagine a crafty space as large as a two car garage? I’m smiling like a total goober right now thinking about it.. And while we’re on this subject, I don’t think we really use our master bedroom much so, hmmm.. LOL! I can have the first craft room with a huge bed in it, I mean, crafting can be exhausting, right?

Doh! Rambling, sorry.. lol. If you come to my blog often, you’re probably use to it.

So, yeah.. I made a party bag and hat!



I noticed the shirt my son was wearing kinda matched the bag/hat, so I got him in for a few pictures. I was surprised how excited he was. Like.. hand clapping and a big “YAY!” and all.. Hmmm.. SOMETHING was up…


I got a few good pictures of him wearing the hat and holding the bag… then I realized why he was so excited to take pictures for me… bless his little heart, he thought he was getting a real present from me.. yeah, I know.. jerk mom alert! He said, “Can I open it now, pleeease?!”.. I said, ” Baby, it’s just a bag.. nothing inside” Ooooooh…. The look on his face, “Nothing?” looks inside… “Oh..”


*hand to forehead*.. sorry little dude, mommy owes you a Hot Wheels next trip to the store!.. Maybe a 5 pack. In the meantime, to make up for it, I am making him a big Buzz Lightyear diecut from my Cricut Cartridge to plaster on his wall! And yes, he totally needs a date with some hair clippers!

Here’s some more pictures and details!






  • Party hat is a FREE SVG file from SVG CUTS BLOG!
  • Bag is also from SVG Cuts – The Vintage Halloween bags! It’s a great size for a few little gifts.
  • As mentioned above, my graphics and digital paper are from Lettering Delights!
  • I used the Silhouette print and cut feature with my graphics. So fun! I just wish my printer would have printed that pretty teal color better. Maybe I can adjust it?..
  • Other ideas include: birthday banner, cupcake toppers/wrappers, invitations, cards, giftbox, treat bag toppers and more.. You can make a whole party! Maybe after I get more ink I will make a whole matching party set to share! That would be fun!

I hope you all like it!

And on a side note.. my new blog design should be up soon at! YAY! I am going to have a modern and clean looking blog and I can not wait! The template gets installed tomorrow and then gets tweaked and customized from there!

See ya!

Oh, Silhouette.. how I love thee… (Bonus: Random Cricut project!)

I got a chance to play around with my Silhouette today! I did another fun and simple print and cut project! I am just LOVING this feature! I made this card in less than 30 minutes after everything was cut out! *high five*


I am going to do a basic print and cut tutorial soon for anyone interested. It’s a little different than my last tutorial. I know there are plenty out there.. but there isn’t one from ME.. lol!

Well, I don’t have much time to chit chat right now… Awww, don’t be sad.. You will be exposed to more of my randomness soon enough!  I am working on a FUN project for the Summer SVG Shindig blog hop AND getting a cute project done for this coming Monday over at Paper Dolls!

So.. on to the card! This is a basic 5×7″ card base.





Cuteness?.. Yup! This was SO simple, but the printed graphics add so much to the look of the card.

If you want to make one, you’re in luck! Because I’m nice enough to tell ya how to do it!….. No, please.. no need to thank me!

You will want to snag THIS set from JazzyPatterns on Etsy! *If it’s sold out, just go to her shop and look for it. It’s called ‘Fun at the Beach’*

In the Silhouette Studio I sized them to the following sizes:

  • Fish – 1.930w
  • Sun – 2.500w
  • Umbrella – 3.000w
  • Starfish – 1.300w

The card is a 5×7 with the printable paper trimmed and layered over it. The ‘wave’ trim was print and cut as sized, however, it will hang off of the mat. This is fine, just go ahead and print and cut. :)

That’s it! I added some stitching and inking and used foam squares to give some depth.

If you are unsure how to print and cut, stay tuned!


Now, time for the bonus random Cricut project! I am still buying cartridges, even though most people who read my blog are kinda anti ‘bug’ now since the lawsuits. I personally don’t give a crud, and I like all those cute cartridges! When had their recent sale, I picked up a couple new cartridges, one being the Disney Toy Story one! So cute! My son is SO into Buzz Lightyear! And although he has tons of Buzz toys all over the place, I knew he would love this one that mama made! When he woke up from his nap he was so excited to see this guy on my desk!


I mean, he IS pretty exciting! And a total pain in the butt! (like any man, really..) LOL! I cut everything out, and kinda stared at it for a bit. It took about an hour to assemble. Well worth it.. until he had it in his hands for 10 minutes.. he pulled the wings off. *thud* SERIOUSLY, CHILD!!! I took Buzz away to fix him and asked Austin (my son) if he can live in Mommy’s craft area.. he said, “OK.. but where is him’s bed?!”

Have a great weekend, friends!

Silhouette Video Tutorial – Coloring cutable files to create print and cut graphics!

Hey there! It’s my first video tutorial! Whoo-hoo! LOL! This is the tutorial I did the other day for our Paper Dolls blog, and I thought it would be easier to have a video to watch. I hope you all enjoy it.. I’m not very good at this video thing.. YET! LOL! Also, my micorphone isn’t the best.. sorry!

Anyhow, this tutorial will show you how to color in these fish cut files and make them printable for print and cut! Enjoy!

You can click the full screen button in the bottom right if you want.. Might be easier to see!

And here is the actual link CLICK ME!

P.S… not sure why I ‘yelled’ the color orange! LOL!

Dinner is served!

On the menu today… escargot and mushrooms!


Yummy! :)

So, the other night I was pouting because my Silly-butt was being.. a butt! (Silly-butt is what I am calling my Silhouette.. lol) The blade went el’ crap-o on me for whatever reason. I was told it’s ‘faulty’… hmmm.. I think it’s the weight loss fairies punishing me for eating that candy bar the day before. What-ev.. so yeah, I made a card with my Cricut.. bleh! I am totally spoiled by the Silhouette’s awesome cutting ability now. You will see in my close-ups the crap job the Cricut did on my blades of grass. And before you bug lovers start going off about it doing that because it’s an SVG.. yada, yada.. nada, chicka’s… I used my Create a Critter cartridge! How’s that bowl of soup for ya?.. Hmmph! (Don’t worry.. I am a closet bug lover, too.. can’t stop buyin’ those cartridges! Ack!)

Anyhow, I got a new blade in and was practically tripping over myself getting from the mailbox to my Silhouette to toss the new blade in and fire her up! IT WORKED!!! Whew! So that’s good.. and I will be able to start sharing some more more silly-butt projects soon!

So.. without anymore rambling.. here’s my latest card! I know.. you already saw it, but in case you forgot who’s blog you’re on… ‘Happy Life.. Crafty Wife’.. which means, you get bombarded with too many pictures. You love me for it, you know it!







OK, seriously.. how stinkin’ cute are those SVG’s…? It just makes you wanna grab a salt shaker and go at ‘em! (If you don’t know what salt does to snails.. it’s time to do a lil’ Google search…)

I know.. I’m so mean. I actually did that to a snail before…and felt totally guilty about it. I was a punk teenager, so really, I could have been out doing much worse, but instead.. I was dumping salt on snails in my free time! LOL!

I didn’t stamp anything on the sign just yet.. I’m waiting for the perfect stamp to go there ;)

Oh, yeah.. the recipe.. oy.. maybe just for this post we won’t call it a recipe…

Umm.. ok.. tutorial.. yes, the tutorial.. here ya go darlin’!



It’s pretty simple! Only one SVG collection and a step card base!

Now, go find yourself a standard step card base. SVG Cuts has theone I used.

The cute SVG’s are from the fabulous Lettering Delights <~~~~~ do not click unless you plan to empty your bank account due to overwhelming cuteness.. actually, yes.. click the darn link! I’m an affiliate! LOL! (psssst.. they have a summer sale going on for summer themed SVG’s! So check it out!) I used the No Place Like Home set! I also used one sheet of the digital paper to match HERE

Here are the sizes I cut:

  • Basic rectangle shape in SCAL or MTC sized to 1.929w x 3.738h. This is what I used the printed paper for.
  • -01.svg – 2.75h
  • -09.svg – 3.25h
  • -11.svg – 3.00h
  • -03.svg – 1.85h
  • -04.svg - 1.75h
  • -08.svg – 2.00h
  • -02.svg – 2.50h

That’s it! Grass can be used from any old grass cut. I used the Create a Critter cartridge grass at 1″ and 3/4″ tall.

I hope you like it.. if you don’t.. I will send my crazy flesh eating snail after you!

What.. you think I’m kidding?…

“Flesh eating snail, Tamara… seriously?”

Umm.. seriously!!


What… he missed his rabies vaccination!

Run, jump, laugh, play… It’s your BIRTHDAY!

Hey all! I have been so busy the past few days, but I managed to squeeze out this cute card! I had the toy files cut out for about a week now.. just didn’t have time to finish the card. Well, I still don’t have time, LOL! I decided to put it together for a tutorial for Paper Dolls, but since I mixed SVG files and files in the Silhouette store, I decided to pass on using it for a tutorial. So, I’m throwing it up on my blog! Are you excited?.. of course you are!

Before I show you the cuteness, did ya know I’m having a GIVEAWAY when I reach 1,000 ‘likes’? I really want to see 1,000 ‘likes’ by the end of June!.. can WE do it? Yes, WE CAN! I’d love ya forever (not in ‘that’ if you’d like my page, suggest my page to your friends, post about my giveaway on your blog/Facebook page! Wanna know what I’m giving away? One person will win a stack of Echo Park SPLASH paper.. and another will win a Crop-a-Dile! I recently discovered the CaD and I feel EVERY paper crafter should have one! I’ve gone eyelet crazy since getting it! Anyhow, click HERE for my Facebook page!


And there ya have it.. a peek of my new card!

Want to see more…

Well… You know what to do…

Send me $100.00 and I will email you a picture..

A small one…


Or, I could be a scammer…



This isn’t MY card at all…

You think?


Is Happy Life, Crafty Wife a…


What if I am actually an old hairy man, sitting around in undies..

DIRTY undies.. ew *barf*

… perhaps with a lingering smell of bad B.O.?… (Wait, of course it’s bad.. I mean, have you ever heard of pleasant B.O?..)

And maybe I just got done munching on chips, so I have chip crumbs in my chest hair..



OK.. ok.. sheesh!


“Ummm, Tamara.. That’s not a card, it’s a friggin’ BOOK!”


Yes.. it’s a little thick… like me. (Bwahahaha… true story!.. *sigh*) But.. sometimes I don’t even use envelopes for my cards.. I will stick them right inside a giftbag! That is what I will do with this biggie!

I always like simple fronts.. and awesome insides. (ew.. does ‘awesome insides’ sound weird to anyone else?…)

“Duuude.. your card has awesome insides!”


Is that awesome enough insides for ya?… Maybe not.. ’cause you just might be SUPER awesome.. but to me, this is pretty darn cute!




If you have a Silhouette, you’re in luck! Because I used a mix of SVG files and Silhouette files. If you use another cutting machine, you can use the SVG’s I mention.. (Lettering Delights) and maybe find some others to work in place of the Silhouette’s files?


1).Cut a card base 10.50w x 7.00h. Score it so there is a ‘bind’ .50″ wide.. So, score at 5″ and then 5.50″.

2). Cut 3 rectangles sized to 4.75w x 6.75h. For my card I used 2 blue prints and one green printed paper from DCWV’s ‘Blossom’ stack.

3).I created the ‘toy box’ SVG for ya.. Size it to 6.728w. Download Toybox_HLCW As usual, my blog likes to be a jerk and not let some people download my files. If you’re one of the ‘lucky’ ones.. email me and I will forward it to you! Score as shown:



Adhere it around one of your rectangles like this:


4). Cut a rectangle at 4.750w x 2.50h and emboss if you’d like. Adhere it to the front of the box. This just makes it a little more sturdy!

5). Add your eyelets.Yay for Crop-a-Dile!


Now you’re going to cut all those itty bitty pieces of paper! :) Fun!

I decided to stick with the color scheme that Lettering Delights used for their graphics! I always use American Crafts cardstock for my solids!

SVG files:

Lettering Delights – Let’s Play (If you don’t have an account, sign up first for the freebies!)

Doll – 2.00″h

Sock Monkey – 2.25″h

Bear – 2.00″h

Boat – 2.00″h

Jacks – (break apart and size each one to .734w)

Alligator  – 1.50″h



Impact (free) was used for all lettering except for ‘birthday’ and ‘toys’ (I forgot what I used for toys.. Sorry, Charlie!)


Silhouette Cuts:

‘house’ frame – To size this I broke it apart.. then layered the roof over the main house file.. and then sized them to 4.005″h. I deleted the flowers.

Window card – broke it apart and just use the front window part. Cut at 3.50″h. I then trimed out the ‘lines’ through the window.

‘Birthday’ – 4.00″w


That’s it! I didn’t do much embossing, but it works well! I did some inking and stitching! You will probably be seeing a lot of stitching from me since I moved my craft area around and made room for my sewing machine to be out.

To add the monkey and doll to the inside of the toy box, I used 20 gauge jewelry wire and hot glued it in. very easy and looks so cute!

I hope you like my little card.. and wow, this is a LONG post!

*poke…. poke… WHACK* Wake up!! I’m not done yet..

I just wanted to confirm.. for those that have doubts.. or maybe a bit confused.. I am NOT.. I repeat… NOT a hairy man sitting around in undies.. But I do have chips in my chest hairs..

No.. really..



My first Silhouette project!

Happy Saturday!

I got a chance to play around with the Silhouette a bit more! I made a simple card with some cute sea critters from the Silhouette store! Nothing too exciting, but the cuts are super cute! No sentiment or anything.. mainly because I didn’t have a stamp that would work well with this card. Looks like someone needs to go SHOPPING!

Here it is!






It was kind of a rush job.. afterall, my mom is here visiting for the weekend so I didn’t want to sit over here too long ;)

Here are the files I used:



Next time I will keep track of sizes and details to share so you all can replicate something if you’d like! This was simply a post just to share! I have found the Silhouette software very easy to use!


My Silhouette review!

A small review, but I wanted to share!

Love it!

That’s it.. review done! :)

LOL! Seriously though, it’s fabulous! I actually love the Silhouette online store, too! They have some beautiful files to purchase and some very simple one’s.. totally my style! I like simple! Did you know they sell cuts to match Echo Park lines?! How cool is that? I found the Silhouette program VERY easy to use with their files. I haven’t tried any importing and such. I will do that when my new printer gets here and play around a bit with the print and cut.

Details, details! I can see making some gorgeous simple cards with this! The Silhouette cuts fine details really, really well! Circles? Oh, yeah! We’ve got circles, baby! It’s no secret that the Cricut cuts odd shaped circles.. like they are melting or something, lol.

Here are some test cuts I did! The snowflake is cut at 3″.. both doilies are cut at 5″ and the flowers/leaves shape is cut at 4″ at the widest point. All items were cut with American Crafts cardstock. Settings on the Silhouette were Speed – 3 and Pressure – 33 and the pink cap. See the details on the cherry blossoms? The Cricut would have tore that up!




Nice, right? No crumpled up edges on those small corners!

It pulls off the mat pretty clean, too!


As far as the mat goes. I like it! Not overly sticky so things don’t rip when you pull them off. I’ve only done 6 cuts on it so I can’t say much for how long it lasts, but so far it’s just fine! The Silhouette comes with two mats. One for smooth and thin (copy paper, etc.) and one for thicker textured cardstock.

Here are a few more test cuts!




 Size matters! Yup.. sure does! I know I prefer a larger cutting surface for boxes and such. That’s not a deal breaker though! I can still cut my boxes with my other cutter and use the Silhouette for everything else! BUT…! I’ve read that Silhouette is coming out with a 12″ cutter! Not sure how true that is, but I’ve seen it posted on a few blogs and message boards. And you better bet, when/if a 12″ cutter comes out, I’ll be all over it! Still, with the quality it cuts, it’s a total keeper for the smaller stuff!

As much as I LOVE it, I do have one small complaint.. and it’s SMALL.. The noise! Is kinda ‘sings’ and hums a bit. Definitely more annoying than my Cricut. I did a recording so you can hear and see it in action:

That weird clicking from the blade. bleh! Still, not a deal breaker.. I’m just not use to it yet.

All in all.. I love it! I love the quality, the online store and such! And I will be back when I test the print and cut! Hopefully I can get a little card or something made this weekend with it!

I know this isn’t too much of a ‘review’ but it’s my thoughts and I hope you enjoyed them!

Have a great weekend!

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