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Patriotic favors with Little Yellow Bicycle.. and a bean in my belly!

Heeeeeey! How goes it? Did you have a fabulous weekend? I was pretty busy this past week. My mom and kid brother were up (I’ve actually had my brother here for two weeks..) so I was busy trying to entertain them… Lots of singing and dancing going on over here.. lol.. and with everyone here I began realizing we need a bigger house! It gets kinda crowded with 3 kids, a hubby, a grandma, a 14yo brother.. and a pregnant chick. No room for anymore visitors! Not to mention of animals. I need SPACE!

And yeah… you read that right! Pregnant chick.. ME! Holy crud, peeps… I am preggers! Baby #4 is on the way! While I have been in a near pregnancy induced coma, I managed to get some projects done. Anyone who has been pregnant knows how exhausting it is at first. I just want to nap and eat ice and cheese, lol. Now of course I am getting busy with CHA work. It’s gonna be a crazy crafty two weeks for me… and then I plan to take a week long nap. HA! Suuuure. Three kids home for summer? Not happening.

I know.. three kids.. I already complain about having to craft late at night while they are in bed.. oh, hey.. here’s an idea! Let’s have another! lol. I honestly can’t wait to have a wittle cute baby again!

Really though, we are completely excited! All my kids are two years apart.. this one will be 6 years apart from my youngest. Some friends have said, “I can’t believe you want to start all over again”.. puh-lease! I just saw that baby swings now come with plug in adapters! (some of them) That alone is enough to get pregnant, lol. My hubby and I use to always say the baby swing companies must have had some deals with the battery companies because we could never find a ‘plug in’ swing.


So that’s my exciting news of the week! I am hoping when this baby is born to do a ‘Project Life’ type album for the baby’s first year.. I already know I will fail at this, lol.


Alrighty. Moving on to some patriotic favor boxes I made for Little Yellow Bicycle. I used the new Vintage Summer collection.. which is amazing! I think this is my favorite recent LYB collection. I like that you can go patriotic with red, white, and blue.. but not so ‘in your face’ patriotic craziness with fireworks, tons of stars, flags, etc.

So here’s my first favor box, a star shaped box made from the SVG Cuts Stars and Stripes SVG Kit.

I love the chipboard pieces in this collection.. those ‘milk caps’ are fabulous!

And of course ya gotta have the stick pins!


Next up was this square box with star cut outs I found in the Silhouette store. Really simple and easy to assemble.

I always love the paper crafting kits LYB makes… I am a big fan of rosettes!


And whoa.. the 4th of July is almost here! Kinda crazy how fast this year seems to be going by.. I mean.. didn’t we just have Christmas? Better hurry and get our pool up! Before I know it fall will be here.. which excites me! I LOVE the fall.. I am ready to pull out all my pumpkins again!

OK, I will see ya later! Thanks for stopping by!


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A summer photo banner with Carta Bella!

Hello, friends!! Have you been following the Echo Park and Carta Bella blogs to check out all the fabulous projects for our SUMMER CRAFT CAMP? There’s also been some great free printables and a summer photo check list.. check it out!



These photo checklists are great for Project Life and Scrapbooking! Sometimes you get so busy with the summer fun that you might miss something!

And how about this cute printable? Download it HERE.


Now, here’s a recent project that I created for the ‘craft camp’ A summer photo banner using Carta Bella’s ‘Cool Summer’ collection!

Pretty cute, right? I really enjoyed working with this collection.. it’s so beautiful with super cute element stickers! If you’d like to download my step by step instructions, CLICK HERE. This would be a great mantle decoration.. or even tied to an empty photo frame. I used Lori Whitlock’s pennant die cut files with my Silhouette Cameo, but if you do not have an electronic die cutting machine… GET ONE.. lol.. No, really.. you can easily hand cut some pennant shapes. These are 4″ wide.

I thought the little fabric bows were adorable.


Staged photos with perfectly coordinated dress and pink ice cream? You bet! lol. I have no shame!


How do you like it? I totally forgot how much I enjoy making little banners… I might have to make some more! ;) Maybe a fun Halloween one with some Doodlebug Designs.. Yup. I think that will happen! I always start my Halloween projects in July (for CHA) and it gets crazy from there. Halloween crafting is my FAVORITE! What about you?.. What is your favorite crafty time of year?


OK, folks.. see ya later! Now that court is over (I will update you all soon) I can get back into crafty mode. I am so happy too have the stress of ‘what if’ and court off my back. I do not wish custody issues on anyone! It’s for the birds.. really.

Talk to you all soon! Enjoy your weekend! *waves*


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Carta Bella ‘Giddy Up’ Boot! Yee-Haw! (and a little update)

FINALLY! As soon as I saw the preview for the Carta Bella Giddy Up collections I was dreaming up all the projects I wanted to make.. starting with this boot from SVG Cuts! A boot 100% from paper.. whaaaa?… Yes, friends!

I had this pretty little thing made a few weeks ago and have been so excited to share.. it recently went out in an email from Carta Bella, so you might have seen it already… but now you get to see it BIGGER and up close!

Is that NOT sooo cool? It’s amazing to me that it is made from paper… lol. This boot would look fantastic in ANY theme!.. 4th of July, etc.

You can find my 3D star tutorial right here; STAR TUTORIAL.. And I just noticed it has been pinned over 8,000 times! Sheesh!

This boot might not have ‘been made for walkin’…‘ (you know the song, right?..) but who cares when it’s THIS cute!?… and yeah, I MIGHT have tried to stick my foot inside, lol. This is not exactly made for a size 7 foot. Would you like to make your very own boot to try and cram your foot into? You’ll need the SVG Cuts kit, Happy Trails! This is an amazing cutting file kit that would look fabulous done up in either of these Carta Bella Giddy Up collections!


That’s it, friends! HAPPY CRAFTING!!.. as for ‘me’ I am hoping to get back to ‘normal’ soon. As I’ve mentioned a few times now I am in the middle of a custody/move away case right now and it’s just DRAINING me mentally.. very hard stuff, folks. The court date is tomorrow and I am hoping it all goes smoothly.. send some happy thoughts my way.. and coffee.. LOTS of coffee. Court is about 3hrs away and I have to get up around 3:30am and be out the door by 5:00am.. I much rather be going to Disneyland, lol. So many of you have sent me such sweet messages and while I haven’t had a chance to reply to all of you, each and every one of your sweet comments, advice, hugs, etc. means SO much to me! I blog and share pics, act like a weirdo, etc.. and sometimes it’s easy to forget that I put myself out there and people get to ‘know’ me and genuinely care for me. Even a few of you who read my blog and are not ‘commenters’ have taken time to email me and just let me know they are thinking of me.. so sweet! One of you (Natalie R.) even sent me a card.. with a Starbucks gift card in it! Coffee always cheers me up, lol..  Thank you all! *pink fluffy hearts floating around me* .


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I’m one ‘HAPPY CAMPER’….

Ah. Summ-ah tiiiiiiime! I am all too excited for some outdoorsy adventures that are coming up! We found an amazing camp ground about 20 minutes away from my house.. We are already planning our first trip up there soon to do some hiking, have lunch, etc. And if I get brave enough.. pitch a tent and stay the night, but.. I am deathly scared of anything wanting to eat me.. and I gotta say, I look pretty tasty. All this white meat aged for 30 years (does that make me more of a ‘jerky?’).. LOL! Bears, mountain lions.. GAH. Life was so much easier when I was a child and would go camping and not even sleep in a tent.. Pssssh.. Give me a sleeping bag and a 3pk of Twinkies and I was SET… yes, Twinkies. I ALWAYS had to have Twinkies when we went camping, lol. But now I am a mom… and as a mom I realize that the world is a scary place with icky creatures lurking around. Maybe I watch too much Animal Planet… I dunno. But I definitely need to warm up to the idea of sleeping in a tent with my babies….. Trying to coax my hubby into buying an RV is not working too well right now… not even with freshly baked cookies. He’s a tough one, that hubby of mine.

What about you all?… are you brave enough to sleep under the stars.. in a tent?… Or send the family off to camp while you go to a spa vacation? lol.

Even if you’re not an outdoorsy type, something tells me you will still want to get your hands on this fantastic new collection from Echo Park, Happy Camper. The colors and patterns and very cool.. And the element stickers?! Umm, hello cute fox!.. The deer?.. i.die. SO CUTE.. even the bear has a little place in my heart. If only all bears were made of paper and just 1.5″ tall.

Seeing the preview of this collection I knew right away I was going to make this tee-pee from SVG Cuts’ Camp Smore kit!  It came out totally cute with the Happy Camper collection! I made a little ‘scene’ for it.. and now it’s the timeline banner for Echo Park’s Facebook page!

Here it is.. I hope you brought goodies for s’mores.. if not. I will leave you for the bears.

I thought to make a little fire, etc, but that was just getting too crazy. But if YOU are the crazy crafter type, have at it! Add a camper, fire.. a live skunk, etc… Maybe a 3pk of Twinkies.. ha!

The tee-pee is actually a little gift box! I am just a bone head and didn’t take a photo of it with the top off, but you can see it HERE on the SVG Cuts website.

There’s that fox!… After my Twinkies I’m sure!


OK, friends! I’m off! I have a lot of blog posts I am behind on that I need to get up.. hoping SOON. I’ve been very quiet and busy. I am in the middle of a custody case right now and it’s taking it’s toll on me… the most mentally exhausting and emotional thing I’ve been through, really. I’m not going to spill my details all over my blog though…  It’s almost over with so hopefully I will quickly jump back into my happy crafty self soon.

Take it easy!


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Doodlebug ‘insta-life’ album! Tips & Tricks

Hello, everyone! I’m so excited to show you the start of my fun ‘insta-life’ album! Smart phone photography is so quick and easy and so ‘in’ right now along with the popular Instagram app. I love sharing my photos on Instagram (follow me at happylifecraftywife), but sometimes it’s nice to have those photos in print, right? Well, I recently ordered a Canon Selphy CP 900 and it flawlessly prints 4×4″ Instagram photos. The quality is fantastic. Now that I have all these photos in print, I need to do something with them! That’s where the ‘Project Life’ Scrapbooking style comes in. I took my Doodlebug Swimming Pool Storybook 8×8 album and decided to use it just for my Instagram prints! It’s PERFECT!!! The Doodlebug Simply Put journaling cards make this one colorful and cute album.

To personalize this album a bit I created a vinyl decal. I used a free font called ‘Lobster 1.4′. It’s one of my favorite fonts right now. I cut this decal with orange Silhouette vinyl. The vinyl went on to my Storybook album perfectly!

When you open the album you’ll see a small 4×4″ screen shot of my Instagram account. I will probably switch this out every few months and just layer them over one another to document changes in followers, my profile photos, etc.

Behind the profile screenshot I added a divider pocket that I cut with my Silhouette Cameo. Looks awesome in those cute Dooodlebug ‘Take Note’ papers, doesn’t it? The pocket holds a printed Simply Put journaling card. I added a die cut tab to it with a button.

Pull it out and here’s what you see:

(Yes, my kids love instagram, too!) Do you like look of the PRINTED journaling card? I will have a short tutorial at the end of this post to show you how I did it!

When you turn the pocket divider, you’ll come to the first page. This one has 4 pockets that are 4×4″. This is my FAVORITE layout to use. I kept this page simple with a Simply Put card and some photos with a few stickers and a penguin Doodle-Pop. I whipped this up in no time! I love that the pocket pages and Simply Put cards make it SO easy to document everyday life.

The next page is a full 8×8 sleeve. I die cut a big Instagram camera and made it ‘interactive’ by adding a Doodlebug chunky brad to the lens to turn out of the way to expose a super cute picture of my son. Fun, right?

Another turn of the page and there’s a simple divider with the title of my album, ‘insta-life’. Just a touch of Doodlebug washi tape and a homemade flair badge to match.

Now for the last page (for now). I did a little die cutting here and used a Simply Put card. For the bottom 4×6 pocket I added a Doodlebug mini note card to create a simple interactive piece. I adhered the back of the card to my paper, trimmed a small photo to fit, then added some Doodlebug twine to close it. Untie it to see the cute photo! You can do this and add some journaling inside the card. I kept it simple with a sticker.

Here’s a list of the Silhouette cutting files I used:


Now for a quick tutorial to print on your own Simply Put cards!

  • STEP 1: Create a blank page in your editing program sized roughly to the area you will want to print on. This will vary depending on the size of your cards used, graphics on the card, etc. Once you have your text perfect, print it out onto a plain white paper.
  • STEP 2: Use a bit of double sided adhesive to layer your journaling card over the printed text.
  • STEP 3: Showing the journaling card layered over text. *TIP: Holding the paper and journaling card over a light box or window will help in lining it up or you can just eye it.
  • STEP 4: PRINT! Be sure to insert your paper into your printer the correct way so it feeds properly. I may, or may not have, printed on a card upside down the first time..

That’s it! VERY easy! I personally do not care for my writing so I will print on my journaling cards anytime I can… and being I don’t have a typewriter yet, this is the best way to do it. Plus you can change up your fonts and text colors which is really fun.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this ‘insta-life’ post and leave here with several ideas on incorporating your Doodlebug Design products into your own albums!I’d LOVE to hear what you think, if you have any tips to ‘pocket style’ layouts, etc.


See ya!

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Yummy treat ideas for Valentines Day!

Hello there!

What an eventful weekend I had! I mentioned the other day that my hubby was sick.. well he ended up going to the hospital and being admitted! He’s doing much better now and he is home and resting. He should be going back to work tomorrow so that’s good. Needless to say I didn’t have time to fiddle with my blog over the weekend.

Anyhow, today I am sharing TWO delicious Doodlebug treat packaging ideas! The design team has been very busy with the new Lovebirds collection! Hopefully you’ve had time to stop by the BLOG and see them all.. LOTS of inspiration going on over there.

First off I have a darling lollipop treat box. I found these adorable little heart shaped lollipops and knew I just had to make a project with them.. plus I don’t care for suckers, so the chance of me eating them are slim to none! When I buy M&M’s, etc. for ‘projects’…. yeah… ‘projects’…


I wish I had some fake candy that looked REAL. Heck, I would probably still find a way to eat it! lol. Anyhow, back to the lollipop box.. I used the cute ‘glove box’ file from SVG Cuts’ Mother’s Garden kit. I added on a cute scalloped window so you can see the cute lollipops inside. I decorated it and it came together as this:

Back pats to me for the whole photo staging too.. I think it came out super cute! I actually made that heart banner in the back with die cut felt hearts.

I really love the scalloped edges on this box.

For the lollipops I added some washi tape to the stick.. so cute! Yes, Doodlebug has WASHI TAPE now! And it’s awesome!!! The little love notes were perfect tags to add on. With a little twine bow and a small button.. too cute!


Next is this sweet cupcake baggie. This is a cutting file from the Silhouette store. I added on some heart jewels to look like little sprinkles. I can not get over how many embellishments Doodlebug makes. I have it all set up in my Ikea cart and it looks like a miniature candy store with all the COLOR.

So here’s my cute cupcake treat bag:

Looks good enough to eat, right?.. nom-nom-nom.

There’s some more of that cute washi tape! I am a sucker for polka dots!


So what do ya think? Have you snagged yourself some Doodlebug Lovebirds yet? There’s only TEN days left until Valentines day!  My hubby and I don’t really play into the ‘Hallmark holiday’ crap.. BUT I do play it up for my kids! I wasn’t able to do their little ‘love party’ for them this past weekend.. sick hubby.. plus my oldest daughter was with her dad and I don’t want her left out, so.. it’s on for this coming weekend! I will be sure to share pics for those that care to see what we are up to over here.

Alrighty.. see ya next time! (if you missed my layout I posted Friday, be sure to check it out!) Have a great week my crafty friends! See ya!


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Lori Whitlock – Design Team Call!


Check this out! Wanna work with me on the awesome Lori Whitlock’s DESIGN TEAM?!

Lori is looking to form her very first design team! If you are unsure who Lori is, check out her BLOG Or, perhaps you noticed that she is the one who designed those ADORABLE freebie boxes for the challenge we are hosting.. and of course, if you want mroe info on that, please check out my other blog posts! Lori also designs fabric and paper!

Here is a little taste of her SVG/DXF files for you all to see! (this is the collection for the challenge/giveaway)


Here is what Lori is looking for:

  • Looking for 2-3 more crafters.
  • Blog is a MUST
  • Facebook user is a plus.
  • Must be able to provide 2-3 projects a month
  • Sewing is a plus.. but not a requirement
  • Good photo skills, can get clear and properly exposed pictures
  • Willing to participate in blog hops
  • Die cutting is a MUST. You will have to use the majority of Lori’s files in your projects.
  • Open to crafters worldwide!
  • Designers need to commit to 6 months
  • Send your ‘application’ to with 3-4 samples of your work and tell her a bit about yourself!
  • DEADLINE October 19th!
  • New team will be announced the following week.
  • Don’t be shy.. Just APPLY!! :)

Whoo-hoo! Good luck to all that apply!!


Simple boxes made fabulous!


Hey all!

Have you seen the challenge Lori Whitlock and I are hosting this week? You can download the CUTE freebie Halloween goodie box files and decorate them and enter to win! Last night I posted the challenge and showed my version of the cobweb box.. And today I got the ghost done!





Some design details:

  • I used the ghost box.. ‘break apart’ the lid in SCAL or Silhouette Studio and cut the ghost separately. I added a shadow in black to make him stand out a bit!
  • I coiled 20g jewelry wire around a pen to create a ‘spring’.
  • The box has a 4″ round accordian folded rosette on the top (two 11×2″ strips scored and folded every 1/2″) Topped with a circle and scalloped edge backing (which I actually took from a different treat box that Lori designed!)
  •  I used my Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio to make the orange polka dot button.
  • Add some brads, ink edges, etc.
  • Stamp sentiment is from Punkin’ Patch Stamps!
  • Paper is by My Mind’s Eye ‘Blackbird collection’
  • Add a touch of ribbon and/or twine!

See how you can take a simple box and make it pretty cool?!

If you want more details on the challenge and to learn how to get your FREE box files to decorate, check out THIS POST and/or visit

Here’s a peek at the prizes and my project using the cobweb box!


Hope you come play along! Good luck!



Welcome to the Ghoultide Blog Hop!


Hey all! Welcome to the GHOULTIDE BLOG HOP! I am so excited to have you here and share my little project! Please read through the post and find out how you can win a $15.00 giftcard to Two Peas in a Bucket! Awesome, right?! I hope you have LOVED what you have seen so far! This is quite the blog hop and lots of inspiration for all your Halloween crafting! If you have begun here, then you need to hop to Angela’s Blog at first! This is where the awesome hop starts!

Now, let’s get on to my little project! I originally had more planned, but something came up last minute the day before, so I wasn’t able to finish it all.. but, this is still pretty cute, and my girls LOVE it!

I created a little giftbox with cuuuute witch magnets that you can dress up! I guess you can call them, ‘magnet dolls’ lol!







Here are some details on how I made this!

  • The ADORABLE graphics used for the dolls are from Lettering Delights <—– Super cute SVG’s, DXF, PNG files.. fonts, etc! Check it out!!
  • I used my Silhouette SD with the print and cut feature. I opened all the graphics in the Silhouette Studio and sized my dolls to 3.50″ high. To make the clothes ‘fit’ I just sized them down over the witch graphic until it looked right. No real science to it, lol.
  • I used the Silhouette magnet paper. You just print on it like you would do with any PnC job.. very easy!
  • The cute box is from LORI WHITLOCK She sells most of her files in the Silhouette store.. TONS of great files to choose from! She is adding them to her blog as well so keep checking back! She makes super cute files! I did change out the window with a scalloped circle shape. This box is the perfect size for the magnets! (Also, come back on MONDAY.. we are hosting a challenge on my blog! Whoo-hoo!)
  • I used a little twine and ribbon…… inked edges.. that’s about it! I didn’t have a whole lot of time when I started this. I would have liked to include a tag and another box to have a more ‘wow’ project for you all.

Now, the GIVEAWAY! I am giving away a $15.00 giftcard to Two Peas in a Bucket!

All ya have to do is follow my blog (find my Google Reader Friend Connect thingy on my sidebar!) and then leave a comment! Annnd.. I will give ya a virtual high five if you stop by my super cool crafty FACEBOOK PAGE and say hello! I LOVE my Facebook followers!

Leave a comment to this post! I will pick a winner on OCTOBER 3rd!

Also… if you wants more project inspiration for Halloween, I have a special link that will link you up to all my Halloween stuff!! CHECK IT OUT!


Your next stop is #10 — Deborah Anton- HAPPY HOPPING!!! :)


And before ya leave.. Here is the talent filled line up!

1. Angela Holt-   (START HERE)

2. Christine Sawvell-

3. Kristen Koening-

4. Peg Rounds-

5. Jennifer Babcock-

6. Jan-

7. Marie Pease-

8. Cheryl-

9. Tamara Tripodi-  <——————— YOU ARE HERE!

10. Deborah Anton-

11. Patricia-

12. Susie Moore-

13. Chrys Kamps-

14.Keeley Kirwan-

15. Ava Dernandez-

16.  Ashley A Walker-

17. Melissa-

18. Erin Bullock-

19. Debbie Wilson-

20.  Linda Auclair-

21. Gina Torres-

22. Jan Wheatley-

23. Amy Courchaine-

24.  Brynn Flair and Frills Thornburg-

25. Cally Ann Cronwell-

26.  Staci D’s Crafties-

27.  Jamie Lindstrom-


I *heart* Lori Whitlock


Lookie here! It’s NOT a Halloween project share! LOL! *gasp*

So, if you checked out my post sharing my Season’s Greetings project, you might have noticed I mentioned the line being design by Lori Whitlock! (And if you haven’t you’re missing an Echo Park Paper kit giveaway!!) Well, not only is she a fantabulous graphic designer, she also designs and sells cuttable files! *insert crowd cheering, fireworks, and a big ol’ slice of chocolate cake with EXTRA frosting and pink sprinkles here* Awesome, right! And even better? They are SUPER resonably priced! You can view her shop from her blog HERE which has a only few files or, if you are a Silhouette user, search for Lori Whitlock! She has TONS of cute little designs to choose from in the Silhouette store! As in.. 37 pages of cute cut files! Whoo hoo! And don’t forget, Silhouette has a $.75 shape sale going on RIGHT NOW!

Alrighty, crafty peeps.. on to the cuteness! I went for simple and do-able! These would be great for the table setting on Thanksgiving! Switch it up for Halloween if you want! (And if you like Halloween, I’ve got another project I am going to design with her files that I will share soon enough.. probably next week!)







Super cute, right?!

If you want to make some, here’s how:

  • You will need the following files from Lori Whitlock.. Everything shown here can be purchased through her blog - Five Borders . Fall Leaves 1 . Fall Leaves 2 . Pumpkin Box . 6 labels
  • Cut various sizes and colors of leaves. Ink edges if you’d like. These would look great embossed! I scored some of them down the center and gave the a little crease.
  • Cut your pumpkin boxes as sized.. you can also make this much larer (think a batch of pumpkin cookies for a cookie exchange!)
  • Add the tag to the front (I layered two sizes for a shadowed effect) You can still remove and add the lid as long as you do NOT add glue above the eyelets!
  • Stamp on your tag.. or write a name/note
  • Add a wavy trim around the lid. I chose a turquoise blue for a fun pop of color!
  • The cardboard hearts are from Jillibean soup! Love them! I just got them in the other day :)
  • Add button/twine/ribbon/brads, etc.
  • Fill with yummy treats! Even 2-3 cookies would work!

I hope you all like this project and it gets you in the mood for fall crafting! If you’re on Facebook, stop by Lori’s page and click ‘LIKE’ to keep updated on new items, freebie downloads, etc.

Also.. don’t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY from an Echo Park Paper Season’s Greetings kit! CLICK HERE TO SEE MY PROJECT AND ENTER THE GIVEAWAY!

Have a great day, friends! Keep an eye out this weekend.. I have a FUN little project for a blog hop I am in! Whoo-hoo! It’s a BIG hop, too! 27 people… whoo-hoo! I am sure there will be TONS of inspiration and blog candy!


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